The Fosters Finale Recap: Home Sweet Home?

The Fosters Season 1 Finale RecapFor its summer finale, ABC Family’s The Fosters threw a wedding on Monday — and as favors, fans took home some major cliffhangers.

But before we get to those shockers, let’s discuss the non-surprise: Stef and Lena’s love for each other. Over the course of the first half of its freshman season, the series has proven itself to be surprisingly sweet and thoughtful, and the two partners’ nuptials was no exception.

After a few alarm bells — mainly Stef struggling with her dad’s voice in her head telling her that the entire thing is wrong, which leads to Teri Polo’s best scene yet as she confronts him — the two are legally wed by Lena’s dad (played by 7th Heaven‘s Stephen Collins), who got ordained online for $29.99. (Nice touch, show.)

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Now, onto the twists…

HAUNTED BY THE PAST | Callie is presented with two options by her lawyer (Andrew Leeds, aka Bones‘ Pelant, so you know it’s going to be a bad situation): Tell the truth that Liam raped her and watch him most likely get off scot-free, or lie that the sex was consensual and he’ll probably get jailed for statutory rape because of the age difference. “I don’t know what you’re going through, but I do know a lot about lying,” Mariana tells her foster sis, redeeming herself after a season of not-so-great behavior. “Whatever you decide, you know we’ve got you.” Callie decides she can’t let them take the truth away from her, and it costs her: Liam goes unpunished. Still, she’s thankful for the experience. She didn’t get the justice she wanted, but “I know what I deserve now,” she tells Brandon.

“Do you? Because you do. You deserve to be happy,” he replies, moving in closer. “You’re amazing and kind and smart and beautiful. You deserve to be happy. To have everything that you want. Don’t you?” And what Callie wants is him. The two finally lock lips after 10 episodes of sweet torture.

The Fosters Season 1 Finale Recap KISS AND RUN | Meanwhile, Brandon’s girlfriend Talya comes looking for him, but it’s someone else who interrupts his makeout session with Callie. Jude walks in on them and accuses his sis of being selfish and ruining a good situation; The Fosters want to adopt them, but the brother and sister are a package deal, and this will probably get them both booted to another home. So to protect Jude, Callie sneaks off in the middle of the night and ends up leaving the first real home she’s known in a while. She hitches a ride with Wyatt, who’s leaving to go be with his mom in Indiana.

Since foster siblings can’t date, I was wondering how in the world the series was going to get around the kiss going forward, and this is certainly one solution that provides some interesting story potential. Will the family go looking for Callie? Will Jude feel like he was abandoned? Will the Fosters still adopt him? How will Brandon react? After all, he and Callie never even got a chance to discuss what happened. Bonus: The development keeps Wyatt, who’s become increasingly likable, in the show’s universe — should the producers want/be able to get him back.

BEYOND THE BORDER | Callie’s not the only one leaving town. Lexi’s family is planning to cross the border to visit her sick grandmother, and, unbeknownst to the teen, they’re not coming back since they’re undocumented illegals.

ARMED AND IN TROUBLE | Stef reveals to Mike that the guy he shot actually dropped his gun. However, she tries to convince her partner, the suspect did not put his hands up, meaning Mike acted within protocol. Still, Mike is unsettled and it remains to be seen what’s going to happen to his position as a cop.

Fosters fans, grade the finale below and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the emotional episode!