Is Newsroom Duo Irresistible? Fosters' Mane Attraction? Wrecked Parks Heroine? More Qs!

The Newsroom Hope DavisWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Parks and Recreation, Devious Maids, The Bridge and Rookie Blue!

1 | We know Will and Mack are The Newsroom‘s endgame, but doesn’t Hope Davis make you want to see him try to make a go of it with shifty gossip columnist Nina? And are you as much of a sucker for the show’s physical comedy — like Don falling over in his tiny desk chair — as we are? Also, when is Jim coming home?!

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2 | Now that Devious Maids‘ Rosie is engaged in a torrid affair with her employer Spence, isn’t it time she stopped putting “Mr.” in front of his Christian name?

3 | How did Russell manage to win Food Network Star‘s “Restaurant: Impossible” challenge while abandoning his “Seven Deadly Sins” point of view, while Damaris was criticized for failing to stick with her typical southern-style recipe? Could Giada’s pretty obvious mini-crush on the former finalist have helped his cause?

4 | What’s going to cause The Voice‘s demise faster: NBC’s insistence on two cycles per year, or the show’s judges maintaining at the TCA press tour this week that its main purpose isn’t to discover and launch the careers of future singing stars?

5 | How is it that everything that Switched at Birth‘s Jace does just makes us dislike him more? Case in point: What should have been a dig at Chef Jeff – he never learned sign language, but Jace did – just came off as arrogant, right?

The Fosters6 | How refreshing was it to see Wyatt on The Fosters not act like a jealous boyfriend and instead tell Callie to follow her heart? And shouldn’t that mane of his have its own billing by now?

7 | Which Breaking Pointe visual was more disturbing: last week’s shot of Ronnie’s festering incision or this week’s look at Allison’s busted toe?

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8 | Is it possible that Michelle Fairley is more of a ballbuster on Suits than the mighty Game of Thrones?

9 | How did the judge manage to fault Alan’s absolutely effortless salsa on So You Think You Can Dance, while barely criticizing his partner Malece for her lack of hip action and stamina? And is it just us, or is there a general lack of chemistry among almost all the partners this season?

10 | Doesn’t the success of any Capture team in large part depend on the stealthiness of the camera man who is accompanying them? Also, how overproduced-yet-chintzy looking is the elimination/voting ritual?

11 | How in the world is Leslie Knope going to survive without Ann Perkins?!

12 | What fan-desired project has a better chance of getting made: the long-talked-about Friday Night Lights movie or the Buffy movie Sarah Michelle Gellar (very lightly) floated this week?

The Bridge13 | Dear The Bridge: Are we really supposed to believe there’s a newspaper in America that would run a live video feed of a kidnapped woman dying of dehydration in an isolated desert location?

14 | Big Brother‘s Jessie might not have been a nominee this week, but couldn’t we just evict her for that awkward, tearful speech she gave to Howard shortly after the nomination ceremony?

15 | Doesn’t the world seem a little more right now that Mary Lynn Rajskub is officially bringing Chloe to 24: Live Another Day?

16 | Who’s finding ABC’s Motive the perfect summer procedural — not so complicated that it taxes the brain, but smart enough that its various twists and turns always wrap in satisfying fashion?

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17 | Is Rookie Blue‘s Gail about to switch teams?! There was a spark between her and “Brennan,” right?

18 | How did Project Runway get all the way from Yoplait to an unconventional Coney Island materials challenge?

19 | Haven’t John Oliver and The Daily Show writing staff been on fire with their coverage of Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner? (And shouldn’t the show thank the heavens that Oliver’s had such made-to-be-mocked news events happen during his time in Jon Stewart’s chair?)

20 | In light of all the Saturday Night Live cast departures, which “Weekend Update” character are you more excited to see get more airtime next season: Drunk Uncle, or The Girl You Shouldn’t Have Started a Conversation With at a Party?

21 | Anyone else find themselves mildly obsessed with the Double Divas Season 2 promo set to Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock’s “It Takes Two”?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!