Siberia Exclusive Preview Video: Huntress Irene Becomes the Terrified Prey

To paraphrase an old Elvis Presley lyric, “She’s caught in a trap. She can’t walk out.”

That certainly describes the predicament faced by Irene on next Monday’s installment of Siberia (10/9c on NBC) — the spooky scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition going horribly wrong.

Last week, the castaways confirmed there’s at least some producer manipulation going on thanks to Carolina admitting she’d been in cahoots with producers to burn down the food shed and blame Johnny in the process. But could the men behind the curtain really responsible for the horror that befalls Irene (aka the only contestant who’s capable of using the bow and arrow to hunt for food)?

Press play below for a sneak peek at Irene’s crisis — and how her comrades handle the situation, then share your thoughts.

Is someone other than the producers tormenting the players? Will Irene make it out of Siberia alive? Sound off in the comments!

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