So You Think You Can Dance Recap: And Then There Were Twelve... [Updated]

SYTYCD Alan Malece SalsaIt’s a mystery as perplexing as Mary Murphy’s mystical “gold leaf” upholstery dress, and as troubling as the sea of blank-eyed Nigel Lythgoe masks shown during the “National Dance Day” segment, but I feel oddly detached from Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance (aka My Reliable Summer Reality Addiction).

Has it been one Sonya Tayeh relationship piece too many? Is it a case of runaway front-runners (Amy and Fik-Shun, obvi) who somehow seem above serious criticism — and beyond catching by their competitors? Do we need a Russian Folk Dance or some Disco or a Waacking exhibition to refuel the tank? Perhaps I just need a guarantee that Dancing With the Stars has already hired my beloved Alan Bersten for their fall lineup (the better to relieve tension when he keeps winding up in the Bottom 3)?

I can’t put either of my left feet on it, but how about this radical suggestion to shake up the next couple weeks of competition? First, a Top 12 Week in which Uncle Nigel employs only new choreographers. (Heck, to make it even more interesting, why not draw from a pool made entirely of former contestants?) And second, take a cue from American Idol and give us one — but only one — theme night, where all of the remaining dancers must perform in the same style (say, Hip-Hop or Ballroom or maybe even Bollywood). It might give us a chance for serious head-to-head comparison before we’re down to just eight or ten hoofers — and basking in the glow of the All-Stars.

Anyway, maybe that’s just my vicious summer cold speaking — I’ve now progressed to the “fever with chills” portion of this infection. And because I seriously need to sleep for like 72 hours straight, let’s cut to the Top 16 results and a rundown of the week’s routines:

(What the what? I ranked Makenzie and Jasmine among last week’s Top 3 routines!)


NOT DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES (Nigel said they’d seen enough…though the lack of voting info for Curtis after Hayley performed was definite foreshadowing)
Curtis (benched due to injury)

Alexis: A routine that lacked content at the start, but gained momentum with some nifty en pointe work before finishing out a little sloppy

Jasmine: An explosive, very sensual piece set to a swampy Dianne Reeves blues jam. This gal might have a future as a choreographer — if female contestants ever got invited back as choreographers, that is.

Curtis & Alexis

And now my quick take on the night’s eight competitive routines.

BEST OF THE NIGHT | Jasmine H & Aaron (Justin Giles, Contemporary) A really intriguing piece of choreography danced to absolute perfection. Jasmine’s vulnerability as she offered her final apple to Aaron was mesmerizing, and I love how he played out a range of moods — aggressive, hypnotized and ultimately dismissive in the final heartbreaking scene.

BEST OF THE NIGHT (RUNNER-UP) | Hayley & Leonardo, subbing for injured Curtis (Miriam and Leonardo, Argentine Tango) Could this chick become a front-runner paired with someone other than Curtis? ALSO: How hot would it be to see her partner with Alan?

WORST OF THE NIGHT | Jenna & Tucker (Luther Brown, Hip-Hop) Luther’s giggles from the audience at the end of the piece said it all. The duo certainly didn’t own the hard-hitting style, and it’s a stretch to say they borrowed or rented it, either. Tucker looked almost mortified by the booty-slap sequence, and while Jenna got a little more down and dirty, her perky facial expression was all wrong.

WORST OF THE NIGHT (RUNNER-UP) | Makenizie & Paul (Sonya Tayeh, Jazz) I know the judges loved it, but to my eyes there was almost no sexual chemistry happening in what was a rather salacious routine. A serious step backwards for the pair I’d been thinking was Most Likely to Pull Off an Upset Over Amy and Fik-Shun.

WIDEST GAP BETWEEN PARTNERS | Malece & Alan (Jonathan Platero, Salsa) Sorry, judges, but Alan DOMINATED that! His physical strength on those lifts was awesome, and he handled the speed and hip action in a way that looked effortless. Seeing how Nigel and Mary called out Alan for not keeping up with Malece in Hip-Hop last week, I felt they should’ve done the same (in reverse) on this salsa. But nope, Nigel loves his pixies, so it’s never gonna happen.

MOST IMPROVED| Alexis & Nico (Sonya Tayeh, Contemporary) There was a lot of fire and maturity from these two that we haven’t seen previously — and a new sense of elegance from Alexis. That said, it was still her time to go.

MOST IN NEED OF A NEW SHTICK (EVEN IF IT’S NOT ENTIRELY THEIR FAULT) | Amy & Fik-Shun (Christopher Scott, Hip-Hop) I know Amy and Fik-Shun aren’t responsible for choreographing their own work — and therefore can’t really be faulted for an overabundance of adorableness week in and week out. But might I point out that, for a dance set to “Let’s Get It On,” there was still a bit of brother-sister vibe and a lack of adult sexiness. And that can’t all be put on Christopher Scott’s shoulders.

Jenna, Makenzie, Malece, Tucker, Paul, Fik-Shun

Jenna, Makenzie, Malece, Tucker, Alan, Nico

What did you think of this week’s SYTYCD? Who was best in show? Who will and should be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Chablis says:

    I have loved this show but was so very bored tonight. Can’t put my finger on it. Really needs to be shaken up or some thing . Maybe they should change partners every week? I don’t know grasping at straws.0

    • Tammy says:

      The choreography was boring actually. The music choices too. Even the costumes were boring! It was easy to pick out who was going too since they didn’t ask but two people to dance for their lives. I think they only did that so Jasmine could show the voters why she shouldn’t be in the bottom three. I found myself fast forwarding through more last night than ever before. It just didn’t hold my attention.

    • Lu says:

      I’ve been a bit bored too.
      I think they should do different partner setups. 2 girls, 2 guys, 3 groups, like they do in the top 20 reveal or maybe a couple of solos.
      Also, I think it would be cool if the contestants booted off could come back for a few group performances–I just like the dancing not really the competition aspect.
      I second the new choreographers. And new music– the choreographers have been using the same type of music. No surprise or wow factor. OK-sometimes there still is. And I would never suggest getting rid of them entirely– just make them All-Star Choreographers ; )
      I agree that the costumes have been hit or miss– like the quickstep one was strangely serious for what appeared to be an upbeat dance. Maybe on a budget??

      Ok- I still enjoy the show– but boy do they need to get out of the rut. And there is a nugget of cool routines every once in a while. I liked that they did small groups this week.

      To SYTYCD: Grow, change, adapt–take a risk– like these amazing dancers do.

    • Lana says:

      Remember when Cat said Twitch and Allison were newly engaged? Did she mean to each other or just that they both had just gotten engaged but to different partners? I meant to ask this hours and hours ago and hope someone will still read this and know the answer as I don’t know how to find out. I love them both.

  2. Wesley says:

    I really didn’t like Makenzie and Paul’s dance, but only because the track for the dance was the same one my sexy ballroom queen Witney used for her best DFYL solo of last season.

  3. GTS says:

    I hate when the competition has too many dancers to dance twice, so all the judging moves a little slower, or is filled with Dance Day info, or recaps of last week. This week’s guest judge was OK. She gave decent reviews on emotions, and was funny, but I want a week with the hilarious and amazing Jesse Tyler Ferguson, then real choreographers, or dancers who know how to really judge.
    I like Amy and Fik-Shun, but they’ve had too many fun, goofy pieces. They had a couple powerful ones, but I’m waiting for a really emotional contemporary. Kudos to Amy for the nice recovery after the slip on the water, spilt from Fik-Shun’s pitcher.
    Alan was great this week. He did have a style close to his own, but how many times do contemporary dancers get contemporary week after week? His footwork was stellar. Last week he didn’t keep up to Malece, this time she fell behind (especially towards the end).

    • hmmn says:

      I also noticed that Alan didn’t get the praise he deserved. Nigel’s comment on more (hip?) movement was off–Alan has the salsa movements just right, and maintained his energy for the whole dance, despite having to do all the lifting. Malece actually looked awkward in a few spots.

      Agree that Amy and Fik-Shun need something meaty–seems the coreographers just can’t pass up tapping into their cuteness…

      Jesse Tyler Ferguson for permanent judge!!!

    • duranmom says:

      There is something about Malece that I just don’t like. She’s a great dancer, but not the best. Nigel HEAPS praise on her like she is the second coming of Bob Fosse and IGNORES how AMAZING Alan is. Grrrrrrrr. Like Michael, I too have already casted Alan in DWTS. :)

    • cherry says:

      I didn’t realize it was water she slipped on. I thought it was the napkin. In the future they should pretend to pour liquids. She could have been really hurt.

      • KevyB says:

        The judging has become more and more unfair every season. I almost did something horrible in my pants when Nigel and Mary bothered to say something unflattering about Fik-Shun. I’ve been saying for weeks that everybody else has to dance like adults and those two never do, except for week 1. And I think it’s doing a real disservice to Amy, who proved she can dance beyond her age in their first week. That said, I think Fik-Shun’s emotional performance in the bully routine was his most adult, even though they keep hiding him behind everyone else in most of the group dances.

        And I think that may be the problem this year is that mostly everyone is SO young and few of them are very good at dancing maturely. Eliana, last year’s winner, was older than EVERY SINGLE GIRL this season! And the guys who dance the most mature are actually the most mature guys: Aaron is 25, Tucker is 23 and Paul is 21. The others? 18 and 19. Maybe for future seasons, if there area any, they should raise the age limit to 20. Yeah, some 19-year-olds have won this, but those seasons were more interesting because 90% of the cast wasn’t 19! Honestly, can you imagine if this show this season if it didn’t have Aaron, who didn’t actually make the Top 20? Ugh.

        • Rob Olivier says:

          You are so right about the age thing. This was and is part of the problem with American Idol. Nigel, I believe is to blame for that. His thinking is the young and too young contestants are the only ones who can generate interest in getting people to vote and we all know that little girls probably do the most texting. But if a show is to maintain integrity, you should always go for talent and reduce the who is cutest award. I think an age range of 21-32 would be ideal. Then these artist may have some seasoning behind them and the level of competition could really elevate. Imagine what the choreographers could come up with, if their talent pool were seasoned.

          • Kari says:

            Couldn’t agree more, this season is so immature – read boring. They didn’t even choose the oldest dancer (Aaron) at first. My absolute favorite season was Season 5 where they had Melissa who was late 20’s and several older contestants. 18 year olds just don’t bring much to the table. I’m hoping it’s because all the older dancers are employed elsewhere and cant do SYTYCD.

          • Rob Olivier says:

            You know what’s funny is Season 5 was the one that got me started watching in the first place. I dismissed the show because I never liked American Idol and I thought this was the exact same thing, but dancers. Season 5 showed that even though it is America’s favorite dancers, the talent and certain level of maturity would override the teenie boppers liking the “cutest”. I really think Nigel may be the problem as producer of the show; he is fine as a judge, but as a producer he keeps trying to duplicate American Idol when SYTYCD should be it’s own.

    • Lannie says:

      Amy and FikShun have had two “not cutsey” pieces. The Sonya contemporary was quite somber. They were fine technically, particularly Amy, but I felt they still read too young to quite pull off the gravitas of it. The paso doble was supposed to be fierce and aggressive, but they didn’t really pull that off at all, imo. So they’ve had at least two chances to show a little more range, with somewhat moderate success at that.

  4. Rissa says:

    I think the problem this season is in the partnering. I feel like in most cases it’s been really unbalanced. After week one I was ready for people to switch partners. I thought it would get better as people developed connections but I don’t feel like anyone has except Jenna and Tucker. I got curious this week and looked at their Twitter accounts. None of the couples even tweet each other except for Jenna and Tucker. It’s a love fest for those two. I’m so ready for AllStars or a shake up in partnering so people can really connect.

    • Ashley says:

      I noticed that too. Jenna and Tucker are always hugging and he’s always kissing her head. Everyone else just seems to tolerate each other.

      • Nigel Is Pervy says:

        Nigel judging hip hop is so laughable. Hip Hop might not be Tucker’s forte, but he at least has more “swag” than Nigel ever will. Also, that dance day segment with the sea of Nigel cardboard faces made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Otherwise, I love this show! Just less Nigel please.

      • Lana says:

        Not so with Aaron and Jasmine, they hug each other and he was very upset when she was on the bottom three. In fact I think they are the best couple there and their lines are gorgeous and they dance so sensual even when its not sensual, its a pairing from heaven. I too felt Alan was awesome and moved those hips like crazy and Malece was just waiting to be picked up, I didn’t see much hip action from her so I was floored when Nigel called Alan out. I thought he was going to comment on how Alan stood out this week versus last. So sad and very obvious, Nigel.

        • Rissa says:

          I’ll have to pay closer attention to Aaron and Jasmine. I agree they are the best couple there! I’m worried for Alan that he’s going home next week :(

          • Rob Olivier says:

            I think Alan should definitely be safe next week. If anyone were to go, I think Nico is probably most vulnerable, then depending on the routines and if the all-stars are introduced, maybe Tucker or Fik-shun.

  5. Rissa says:

    And for the record Nigel Eliana was only in the bottom 3 once. She figured out a way to connect with Cyrus despite feeling like he was dragging her down. Something that no one on this season can seem to be able to do. I know Makenzie is brilliant but I get absolutely nothing from her. No connection at all. Paul either for that matter…

  6. CJ says:

    LOVED Anna as a judge. She cracked me up! The dancing…it was okay. My favorite was probably the tango, but that was probably because of the intensity Leonardo brought to the stage. Did anyone else notice that Maluce’s tiny size was a hindrance to Alan’s partnering? He OWNED her in that dance! A little disappointed no one acknowledged that fact.

    • MA says:

      Oh, me too! I wish Anna were on every week. She seemed a little nervous at the start, but got into a groove pretty quickly. “Sincerity isn’t my strong suit.” Ha! Yeah, we know. ;)

  7. Teen for Nico says:

    OMG, Nico is safe! He is 2 kewt. Vote 4 Nico everyone!

  8. Babybop says:

    I’m so sick of Sonya! All of her dances look the same. I’m with you, we need a whole new pool of choreographers.

    The group routines were amazing tonight, though. Mackenzie dominated in the pool hall one, and Amy dominated in the Bullying one.

  9. SW says:

    First of all, I was shocked and baffled by Jasmine being in the bottom tonight. I couldn’t believe it. Then I thought for sure they’d send her back to safety first because it was outrageous, but then they didn’t, and I was baffled yet again. She did not deserve to be there at all. I don’t know if it’s that people thought she was safe and they didn’t need to vote for her, or what. I really thought she and Aaron were one of this season’s most popular couples, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Secondly, I agree about not feeling connected to this season. There are dancers I love, but I’m not even feeling very connected to them, either. I don’t know what’s happening this season. Part of it, I believe, is the uninspired choreography that’s been happening all season long. All of it feels like it’s been done again and again. They really do need to bring in some new, fresh choreographers – more than one new one every week, at least. I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite performances this season have been choreographed by the new choreographers instead of the old ones. Even Travis’ numbers, ones I usually always adore, haven’t been doing it for me.

    And lastly, while I do love Amy and Fik-Shun, they really do need to be given some new material and choreography. I want to see them do a serious contemporary or jazz piece before they’re separated when the all-stars are brought in. I don’t need to see them do yet another hip-hop routine where they’re playing the same characters.

    • Rob Olivier says:

      I agree whole-heartedly with the fact that Jasmine should not have been in the bottom three, but I will admit to see her solo should put her back near the top. Maybe it will be a good thing. Also, I hate to say it, but Curtis’ injury was the best thing for Haley. She was amazing and I realized what’s missing this season; pure connection and top skill dancers. Remember when Malece was paired with Marko. I think it’s time for the all-stars to elevate and re-energize the show and contestants.

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        Putting on my tinfoil hat here, but could you imagine Curtis pulling off that tango? I had the thought that maybe the “shoulder” thing was just an excuse. It’s funny, last week he had “bad shoulders” and this week only one, but that was worse for him.

    • Tammy says:

      I think the only reason they had two girls dance for their life was so the viewing audience could see Jasmine and remember why she is not bottom 3 material. It would have been awkward to let just her dance so they wanted to remind us why it was time for Alexis to go.

  10. Jeanie breall says:

    What is the guest judges name? And what has she appeared in,either tv or stage?

    • Babybop says:

      Anna Kendrick. She was in Pitch Perfect… I’m not sure if she has done Broadway or anything.

      • MA says:

        Whuuuut?? Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony at the age of 12 (or maybe 13) and an Oscar at 22 (or maybe 23). She sings, acts, dances a little (though that’s not what she’s known for), and is funny as hell. She was really tame tonight, though. Usually her sense of humor involves more cursing and dirty jokes.

        • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

          Fritzi! I fell in love with her in “Camp” and I’ve been following her career ever since. Her Oscar nomination was for “Up In The Air” opposite George Clooney.

    • ELovesSpoby says:

      Anna Kendrick, AKA Jessica in the Twilight saga and Beca in Pitch Perfect.

      • LC says:

        She will also be playing Cinderella in the big screen version of Into the Woods that’s currently in the works!

  11. Cassie says:

    Something about this season just seems a bit off for me – maybe because the show is stayed the same format (relatively speaking) for a while now? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just seems a bit stale.

    • Rob Olivier says:

      Something has been off the whole season. First, the set-up of the show with the All-Stars Baseball break throws things off, plus the chemistry between some of the contestants is non-existant and the guest judges are trying with Nigel really overdoing it. It’s time to mix things up. Shake up the pairings, choreographers and BRING ON THE ALL-STARS!

  12. A says:

    My top 10:
    1. Amy
    2. Jasmine
    3. Hayley
    4. Jenna
    5. Makenzie
    6. Fik-Shun
    7. Aaron
    8. Tucker
    9. Alan
    10. Paul
    *Honestly I’m not getting the love for Malece. She always is overly-praised, and Nico, although he is a great dancer, people are only voting for him because he’s cute. To me he seems really forgettable.

  13. Julie says:

    I don’t get the constant hate for Tucker. I’ve gotten something from him every week. Yes he was week in the hip hop, but I was blown away by him in the bullying routine.

    I do hope that the choreographers take the note and give Fik-Shun and Amy a different character (not fun and smiley) next week.

    How the )(*^%$$^&*() was Jasmine in the bottom 3? She and Aaron have been in the top 2-3 routines every single week! This week was yet another example of how amazing she is!

    First week I have 100% agreed with who was eliminated.

    • Rob Olivier says:

      I’m sorry to say, but I think the problem with Tucker is that he doesn’t have chemistry with his partner. In the group or if he were on his own, he is an amazing dancer, but he’s coming across too soft for the numbers he’s been given. Also, Jasmine should not have been in the bottom, but I did love her solo. BRING ON THE ALL-STARS!

  14. Shannon says:

    I completely agree about this season. I don’t know what it is but no one dancer really grabs me. I’ve been a fan of this show since Season 1 and this is the least excited I’ve been about a season ever. I almost forgot it was on tonight. I’m hoping once we get to the Top 10 someone will grab me and I’ll have a dancer to root for.

    Also, this is going to sound mean, but I’m so tired of the “message” dances. As soon as the sob story starts I immediately lose interest, and even watching the dance I didn’t think it was that great but I knew because of the subject matter the judges would gush over it. These dances seem less genuine and more self serving lately.

    • Carolyn says:

      I agree with Shannon on everything. I always DVR the show (I never watch ANYTHING live anymore because of all of the commercials), and this week and last I almost erased them without watching because I feel so-so about it anymore. And I’ve been an enormous fan in the past. It makes me sad to feel this way. I think that if there was any other host of the show but Cat, I would have stopped watching altogether. She is so wonderful and I hope, hope, hope, she wins the Emmy. I’m tired of the message dances as well. They are over hyped and over praised.

  15. Laura says:

    Super annoyed that they didn’t give Alan and Nico the props they deserved on the Pool Hall group number. I didn’t notice the choreographer dancing heads and shoulders above them at all. In fact, I thought that was the most evenly danced, in-sync routine.

    And Alan’s ballroom? Wow!

    • Lana says:

      Laura, I totally agree with you, in fact I didn’t realize that the pro was dancing as all the guys were great and when all the judges went on about only being able to watch Spencer I had to watch it again to see if I missed some really spectacular dancing, and nope Alan and Nico were just as good and I didn’t notice a big difference. Talk about apple polishing.

    • Lana says:

      Laura, I agree with you I didn’t notice there was a pro dancing with them until the judges whacked Alan and Nico over the head with it, so I watched it again. Nope, I still couldn’t see the difference between Spencer’s dancing and Alan and Nico’s they all danced the routine great no one better than the other. Talk about apple polishing. I wrote this before but I didn’t see it so I’m writing it again and if it does double. sorry about that.

      • Corinthia says:

        I agree, I didn’t see that huge gap between Spencer and the other dancers either.

        But I’m not thinking apple polishing, if the judges wanted to suck up then they likely just would have gushed about Spencer without bothering to disparage the others. I’m thinking a couple of other causes may be more likely…

        Could be that the judges really didn’t get an impact from the other dancers because they were excited to see Spencer dance so they only watched him.

        It’s also possible that there truly was a huge gap in rehearsal, with Spencer blowing it out of the park even then but the others not quite “there” yet, but got their stuff together by time of actual performance. I have often had this suspicion the judges watch the rehearsal and write much of their commentary then, which is why sometimes it doesn’t seem to match what we actually see when we watch the real performances…

  16. The last couple weeks have been quite boring, maybe because the judges continue to keep dancers (Mackenzie, Alan) who will undoubtedly be the first to go when the top 10 hits or because Amy, Fik Shun, Jasmine H., and Aaron all seem poised to be going to the top 4.

    • Rob Olivier says:

      How can you say that when Jasmine was not only in the bottom, but they made her DFYL. Luckily, she had a great solo and excellent routine and should be alright next week. Now is the time to BRING ON THE ALL-STARS!

  17. Lauren says:

    Is there something wrong with my browser or are there not any quick takes of the routines under the pictures?

  18. d says:

    Does anyone know what kind of shirt/tank with the exposed back Nico was wearing in their routine? That was awesome!

  19. Claire says:

    I’m not seeing them either (thought maybe it was just me, so thanks for posting).

  20. Jennifer says:

    No quick takes here either!! Please fix as I so look forward to them every Wednesday!

  21. Ayanna says:

    Out of all I think that hayley was the best
    I was bord I want them to change it up like switch partners still I loved 💛💙💜💚❤💗 all the dances

  22. sarah says:

    I really like Anna Kendrick and she was such a great judge, I hope they have her on again!
    I was shocked that Jasmine was in the bottom 3 woman.
    My favorite dances of the night were the last 2.
    I really like MacKenzie but if she danced with anyone other than Leonardo it would not have been that good, she was great but she may not have been able to do some of the moves that well with someone not as great as Leonardo.
    I predict that Alan or Nico will got next week and of the girls that are left I would prefer to see Malece go!

  23. Midori says:

    This show is a mess!

    They talk about how great one of the girl’s are and how she is always in the bottom, so they save her. Yet they keep other dancers who they think America likes but can’t dance as well. You either need to keep good dancers America doesn’t like, or the bad ones America likes, you can’t keep both.

  24. MSD says:

    I’ve been an Aaron gal since he first made the Top 20— but color me surprised that Paul is coming out of the woodwork as a favorite, too. The constrast between his “No Day But Today” contemporary and 1930’s hip hop make him such a contender. There hasn’t been a ballroom guy who is this strong outside is genre in a LONG time. Pumped for him (and Mackenzie- hope she cracks the Top 10)

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      I thought for the first time last week that he could win it all, as Niles said.

    • Kate says:

      I really love Paul – he stretches into everything, his movements are so fluid – i would sure love to dance with him!

    • Lannie says:

      Why would anyone be surprised that Paul is doing well outside his genre? He won another country’s version of the show which means he would have had weeks of experience partnering outside his wheelhouse. He also has had a season of practice with the urgency of learning choreography quickly and getting used to different partners. It’s all a re-run for him while it is brand new for everyone else. I actually have higher expectations for him over all the other contestants.

  25. loretta says:

    I did not enjoy the harsh comments made to Tucker and Jenna by Nigel. (It reminded me of the harsh comments once made by Mia. Then the public spoke out.


  26. Tammy says:

    I like the idea of making them all do the same style of dance for one show….. hip hop, bollywood, etc. Something that will make a splash. I appreciate all the various styles and the variety but when you get down to 12 or 10 people…. have one style for one show before you bring some all-stars back to dance with them.
    The music last night bored me too. It’s hard to get invested into a dance number if you can’t get invested into the music. It doesn’t have to be Top 40 but some of the songs need to be familiar. If you are going to do a variety of styles, do a variety of music too. BUT if you noticed last night there wasn’t a broadway number or an experimental style (like when they did bollywood, russian dance, african dance, etc.) Normally a Tango is fun to watch but I didn’t enjoy last night’s. The Salsa reminded me of the disco numbers, all stunts, little dance. Lots of contempory, jazz and light hip hop. That’s why it was boring last night….. lots of grey, black, white, beige, etc. costumes….. we got a splash of pink, green, red. The lighting was dull even in some numbers. There was no pop. Even Amy/Fik-shun were kind of dull compared to past numbers…. it was cute and playful. (BTW never use real water as a prop, Amy could have been hurt when that chair slipped)

  27. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    I’m not bored, or rather I should say I am not particularly more or less bored this season than usual. What is bothering me is that the judges have clearly picked their favorites (Amy & Fik-Shun, Malece) and give them a tongue bath each week whether they deserve it or not. Then they fail to see or acknowledge when others really rise to the occasion. It makes the viewer feel defeated and not really invested in the results.

    The only time they change their script is when someone they like ends up in the bottom three. The time to speak up is the week before, not the week they are in the bottom three.

    I would say that Paul & Makenzie have become my favorites as this has gone on with Aaron & Jasmine in second place and that was not at all how they were in my mind at the beginning. That shows a lot of growth and progress but there is no mention of it.

  28. Grace says:

    I don’t get all the “America doesn’t understand” stuff. There is a reason if some girls and some boys are always in the bottom 3, even if they’re gorgeous dancers. Just 2 weeks ago, Nigel talked about personality and that could be a great asset for a dancer in a tv show. So, is it so difficult to understand that maybe some dancer are brilliant, but that America prefers other dancers with less technique and more personality?
    I think that it’s a bit insulting to the audience and to the safe dancers to say this thing ALL the time.

    • Midori says:


      There is such a double standard. If it’s someone the judges think is an amazing dancer they will just go “I don’t get it why America doesn’t vote for you!” and then they tell others that they need to increase their personality in order to win.

      It’s past time that the contestants should be based on how America votes and the judges have no say in it.

  29. Sareds says:

    I think having new choreographers would be wonderful! The older shows had amazing sets and routines that were artistic and introduced people to concepts that people would have never thought of for dance. Today’s show is, as the article put it about one piece “salacious.” Anna Kendrick actually gave kudos to Hayley for stepping beyond how the show was trying to portray her as the “sexy girl” or having “sexy style.” Every single routine (contemp. , hip hop or even broadway) seems to be about a couple in love, or falling out of love, or in a fight or ….well you get the idea. They are going beyond artistic into salacious and graphic.
    Also I have to ask if they have a new director this year. The camera work has been crazy and some of the routines (at least in my area I don’t know about others) had a couple of blackouts in the first few seconds that looked like anything other than planned. The lighting used to highlight the dancers and now it just looks like flashing lights everywhere and at times, they shine directly into the cameras blocking views. It doesn’t help when some of the best parts of the routines are missed for viewers because the cameras are flashing from one to another. Shouldn’t all of this be worked out in rehearsal?
    Lastly, Does anyone else want to mess up Paul’s hair? How is it that the girls have mussed hair in some routines but his hair remains coiffed and perfect?

  30. Sareds says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention Malece. She is kind of a mean partner. If you listen to the partner parts before the dances, it seems like she is always faking it to say something nice about her partner or she doesn’t even hold it back. Last week she said “we are dancing a totally different dance, me and Alan and I don’t know how it is going to work” or something like that. This week she said something before she said “I know he won’t let me fall” but it wasn’t really a complement.
    She struggled in that dance and her partner tried his best to make her look good and help her through it. Unlike what she did last week. She seems like the type of person who would say “this is a one person competition and only one person can win” so she will not try to bring her partner to her level or help them in anyway…To her this seems like it isn’t a partner game at this or any point.

  31. Shaun says:

    Luther Brown choreo’d a cruddy routine.I was watching a saying wth to that routine.Jenna and Tucker were bojangled!

  32. Mel says:

    Too much Sonya for sure. Where is Mia Michaels? She is the missing link to a really dynamic season. I’m so BORED this year! I’m having trouble connecting emotionally to pretty much everything, maybe 1-2 dances a week I would deem worthy. At least this week the guest judge, Anna Kendrick, was head over heels better than the travesty of last weeks’ Carly Rae Jepsen -now that was a train wreck and very embarrassing for SYTYCD..

  33. Lisa says:

    It may just be me, but it seems like a lot of the contestants this year (save for Aaron) are very young — 18 or 19. Has that ever happened before? I’m not trying to generalize that all 18 year-olds are boring. But I know that I was a bit more interesting after a few years of college/supporting myself/working on my own. If dance is really a storytelling form, maybe this batch just doesn’t have enough life experiences to bring that extra level to these sometimes emotionally demanding dances. Just a thought.

  34. fiona says:

    My top three right now are Jasmine, Aaron and Paul. I’m so surprised that Jasmine was in the bottom. I do agree about the cuts, it was Alexis and Curtis’ time. I really think that if Mackenzie is in the bottom again she needs to be cut purely because there is no connection with the at-home audience.

    Jasmine and Aaron’s routine was beautiful. Leonardp just made that tango sexy and smoulderingly good. I find Fikshun and Amy to cute and I can just never connect with them because of that. Fikshun is like a Cyrus to me (albiet a much better all around dancer than Cyrus).

    Hmmm.. This year they really need to try “new” types of dances like what they used to do once upon a time. I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALLSTARS!!!! (ie Katie, Twitch, Marko, Melanie, Neil, Lauren, Alison, Alex, Cole(? YES!), D-trix, Mark and many more I’ve lost count!)

  35. Rebecca A. Ito says:

    About halfway through the show, I could not stand it anymore, and I removed it from my DVR. I just do not care about these people this year. I have not connected with a single person, and no one is as good as previous dancers. There is no chemistry between the contestants and they need new choreographers. I used to absolutely love this show.

  36. jjcav says:

    Why don’t you ever add the initial group routine to the voting poll?

  37. MsPetey says:

    Leonardo Tango: Did anyone watch the girl, except in the magnificent poses when Leonardo held her in a still pose. Just watching them pose before the music, he was so powerful & overpowered any observation of the girl. Same at ending pose; I had to force myself to try & watch her; couldn’t except for the poses. Still his compliment ! ! !

  38. ajg says:

    I don’t agree with the age comments simply because the lack of motivation and work ethic in young adults these days spreads like a plague. So I give credit to the younger more so than the elder simply because they know better. To be18 years old and to display the work ethic that some adultsd don’t even in every day work life is admirable and shouldn’t go unrecognized great job to all.

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