Food Network Star: Mind Your Pilafs & Cues

Food Network Star RecapWe’re down to four contestants on Season 9 Food Network Star, and amazingly enough, one of them is a dude who’s only intelligible on every third word — and whose main dish this week looked like a sloughed-off hunk of forearm.

I know I’ve been saying for weeks now that it’s a three-woman race, but I’m starting to worry that the most paranoid TVLine comments-section posters have been on to something with their terrifying theories: Is it possible someone behind the Food Network curtain sees a Guy Fieri 2.0 in guitar-playing Rodney, a man prone to yelling “Pi Sty!” — translation: “Pie Style!” — and ignoring Alton, Giada and Bobby’s advice at nearly every turn? How else to explain him surviving another week despite Giada’s verrrry damning comment that, “we’ve seen glimmers of cooking chops from Rodney”? I mean, she certainly couldn’t have seen a glimmer of anything (other than possibly food poisoning) in Rodney’s deep-fried chicken cacciatore pie this week — part of a Restaurant: Impossible challenge where the five finalists tried to update and revamp an outdated dish from a restaurant called Phil Trani’s. “I like dough,” said Alton, describing the shell of Rodney’s dish, “But I don’t like it raw.”

Rodney keeps repeating that “‘Pie Style’ is basically a way of life,” but over the last nine weeks, it’s looked like the way of life of someone who doesn’t have the culinary chops to warrant a cooking segment on his local cable access channel, let alone to share a (TV) home with the Barefoot Contessa and Bobby Flay.

OK, to be fair, this week’s evictee, Nikki, sealed her death sentence by serving a rice pilaf to the panel, then drawing a blank when they asked her for the definition of the dish, and all she could do was ditzily mutter, “Rice pilaf is a rice that has stuff in it.” Later, in the confessional, she tried to brush it off: “Plenty of people don’t know what makes something a pilaf!” The problem is, none of those people have their own show on the Food Network, either.

Nevertheless, while Nikki may not always come off like a total authority, at least the judges found her salmon over broccoli cakes to be a tasty — if not pretty — update on the original recipe. And girlfriend doesn’t even like salmon! How the heck did she get eliminated again?

Given Rodney’s ineptitude — and the fact that the audience will decide the winner this year — I think it comes down to Damaris (my personal pick), Stacey (who’s got culinary chops, but no real point-of-view and a slight whiff of entitlement) and Russell (an inconsistent chef at best whose speaks in a way that you can never tell where his sentences begin and end).

Heck, the judges found Damaris’ steak and potatoes to be all too average this week, but her jokes to guest judge Robert Irvine about being from New York — despite her clear Kentucky accent — and her “Just kidding! I don’t fist bump!” riff were 10 times funnier than anything that came out of Rodney’s mouth. Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t understand a word Rodney is saying!

What did you think of Nikki’s ouster this week? Does Rodney have any chance at the finals, or are the judges about to regain their sanity and give him the axe next week? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. SyntheticPaper says:

    Rodney is going to get a show. Not a cooking show, but one of those “go around and eat at places” shows. There is no way they would keep him around this long and make all those comments about how “friendly” and “likeable” he is if they didn’t have that in mind the whole time.

    • 3dhouseofmagic says:

      Totally can see this happening, but that doesn’t mean he has to be the winner here…they can always give him his own show after the fact and let someone deserving win this competition. Even though I am rooting for Damaris and would probably watch Russell’s POV show, I think Nikki got hosed here, Rodney should have been out after serving a hot pocket.

      • It was a bad choice I think , Rodney has been a mess all season with almost none of his dishes actually working or being edible,
        Is it not important that the next Food Network Star be able to sell his Brand with not just energy but also Dishes people would want to eat?

        As for Niki , I think she killed herself this week by serving an Appetizer size portion of Salmon, If she wanted to modernize the dish she could have served a larger portion of Salmon with a pilaf that had a healthy mix in of passion fruit, red onions, sweet peppers, and cilantro.
        That would have given the dish some other notes and color.
        Also the fish could have been served leaning on the serving of rice and not lost in the middle of it like some strange desert.

      • Johnny Utah says:

        I totally agree. I don’t like the name “nikki dinki”, but she was more consistent with cooking than the two guys. I’d rather see a cooking show that has good recipes and the people cooking than an annoying show where they go places.

    • Bhmarc says:

      I also had the feeling that something behind the scenes was at work in this weeks selection. Nikki ws off her game, but not nearly as bad as the judges made it seem. Similarly, Rodney was a little better than usual, but didn’t seem to deserve the rave reviews. It looked like an effort to nudge the show in preordained direction.

    • Bettie Field says:

      I think Rodney has had his day and now, needs to take a hike!

  2. JoMarch says:

    The public at large has shown themselves when voting for reality show contestants to often times be idiots, so I’m guessing Rodney for the win. While he may make a good host for a TV show about cars, or trailer parks, or something like that, I wouldn’t watch him on the Food Network.

  3. Joel says:

    Damaris is going to be the one that the network totes. After Ousting Paula Deen Damaris is the Deen 2.0 they need. No one needs a Guy Fieri 2.0.

    • Kathleen says:

      I completely agree! I thought this as soon as Paula Deen was released – they need another “y’all” factor without the tainted racist background.

    • Adam says:

      I noticed last night that she is being referred to much more in the newest episodes as the southern contestant, before she was a cooking school instructor and such but now all I hear the judges say is “our southern cook…” So I assume this will happen, they knew Paula was gone and need to replace and update her

  4. KJ says:

    Rodney is awful, but Giada seems to really like him. He’s been going on and on about “pie style” for weeks now but has yet to actually define what it is. If we’re this far into the competition and you haven’t adequately explained your POV, why are you still here?

  5. Ed says:

    Nikki got hosed. Rodney should have been cut. Stacy comes off as sorts snobbish. I would like to go back and watch her episode of Kitchen Impossible.

    • dan says:

      Contestants have been hosed week after week while Rodney stays in this thing. Lovely was sent packing twice, each time after having been paired in a group with Rodney and he was as bad as she was (and I’m not a Lovely fan). I think Chris and Chad may have also been sent home when Rodney was equally bad or worse. His food has been gross to look at and seldom receives good reviews from the judges/mentors. Even the guest judges both this week and last week made less than kind comments about Rodney, but Giada thinks he has a personality that the viewers will love (when a guest judge says “he’s interesting” that isn’t a good thing). I hope Bob and Suzie get rid of Rodney next week because only three of the four get to make pilot episodes. Unfortunately, I think the fix is in and Rodney will get a pilot so they can show what a great personality he has even if he doesn’t ultimately win the viewers’ vote.

      • Kloum1952 says:

        Rodney made some comment at the end of the episode about – well here we are the finale four lets get on with it- or something like that. Seemed a bit all knowing from him. Is there something going on behind all of this?? There has to be, how can you explain all that has happened and all the instant insanity?? Ok, we’ll soon there will be something else to fill their spot on Sunday nights!!! Yes, The Walking Dead..:-)

  6. Mel31602 says:

    I sti don’t get why the judges fawned over Russell this week. His whole POV is bacon and other fattening goodness so I thought for sure they would slam him for going totally against that this week. His dish was likely good enough to keep him in the running but I don’t know if he deserved the win. He is already getting the most improved edit which makes me think he will make the finals.

    I do think Alton made a good point that it is hard to make pie in an hr, which could explain Rodney’s ineptitude in the kitchen. However it does not excuse his failures on other dishes or his inability to talk slowly until this week.

    I didn’t get the food authority complaints about Nicki (is it really that big a deal if she can’t describe a pilaf off the top of her head) so I was sorry to see her go. Barring another shocking elim next week I think it is Damaris competition to kose

    • dan says:

      I think both Russell and Demaris have received the “improved over time” edit which means they’ll both be in the final three. The question: can Stacey’s “fake” personality overcome Rodney’s “over the top” personality to make it in the final three? I think Stacey has received a similar edit to Chad: started strong and then stalled or got worse, which means she could be cut before the pilots are made.

    • Jono says:

      The reality is she did define pilaf. Maybe not well, but she did. Look in the dictionary(Merriam Webster) and pilaf is defined as “a dish made of seasoned rice and often meat”. No where did I see where it had to be sauteed. Look in the Food Network recipes under Pilaf and there are pilafs made with rice. quinoa, lentils and bulgar wheat, among other things. She was railroaded. Rodney probably can’t even spell pie let alone describe what pilaf is. If I were the judges, I would be embarrassed to have let Rodney into the finals. He is boring, has no screen prescence and is not funny or interesting in any way. And. oh yeah, I almost forgot, he can’t cook. They keep saying that Stacy does not connect. She does with me, way more than Rodney the goof ball.

  7. Go Damaris!! She’s been my favorite from the beginning and I hope that she can get the votes she needs in the end. Enough with Rodney already – he must have energy and likeability in person because I don’t see it. If Nikki isn’t considered a food authority, then neither is Rodney. He makes pies and for the “pie guy,” that can be a little iffy sometimes.

  8. Babybop says:

    Damaris is my only hope now. I like Stacey enough, but I don’t think I’d watch her show (whatever her show is actually going to be, I’m not sure). Nikki was my pick to win the entire thing… Russell and Rodney should not even be there!

  9. LindseyD says:

    I look forward to this recap every week. So funny! The fact that Rodney has made it to the final four is a black mark on the judges. He’s made like, what, one good pie? And I don’t find him likable enough to watch as a host. I do not get what they see in Rodney. If I were them, I’d be very embarrassed to present the Pie Man as a contender to Bob and Susie next week!

  10. AntoineDoinel says:

    Oh, but I do loathe Rodney, and have nightmares in which Food Network executives develop a show for him called “Life of Pie.” His appeal is completely lost on me. He’s not funny. He apparently has limited culinary skills. He’s not eye candy (and I write this as someone with a fondness for daddies and bears — still missing that cute cub, Chris), and I don’t see a Mensa membership in his future. I’m surprised that Alton hasn’t been gunning for him because, when you think about it, Rodney is the anti-Alton.

    • Babybop says:

      I’m dying laughing at your first sentence!

    • Louie says:

      I often make snap judgments of reality contestants on first impressions and first words out of their mouth. When I saw Rodney with that stupid cocked hat and yelling “Pie Style!”, I immediately detested him. Nothing he’s done has changed that… except for the worst. And I don’t understand what bizarro world the judges live in where his personality is anything but grating and so affected.
      This pretty much guarantees that he will win

  11. sebaroni says:

    The set-up this season apparently is to send out Bobby, Giada and Alton to find the Next Food Network Star and present him/her to Bob and Susie for contention. If I am in that position and you give me your best four, as an aging hipster who mumbles on unintelligibly, a rambling annoying “underground chef” with no real POV, a too rehearsed California girl with no connect to the viewer and a slightly, crazy Southern gal with no real direction, you are all fired! I have watched every season of FNS and this is by far the worst. Who is really making these decisions? If Rodney was on the show MTV “Next” he would have been gone three words into his greeting to Nikki on Episode One. NEXT!

    I like Damaris, I think she could be groomed to fill the spot left by Paula Deen. But come on, how can I ever take this as a serious search for talent, when Justin never even got a chance for a show and the two lamest contestants EVER have made the finals? Makes me wish they had brought back a cast-off from a previous season, instead of Lovely. “My name is Michael Salmon, like the fish,” anyone???

    PS: You need to correct this sentence: …an inconsistent chef at best whose speaks in a way… to read “who speaks”

    • Batman says:

      Think about it! Earlier this year, LOTS of people were majorly turned-OFF by Danushka because of her dull, nearly-blank stare into the camera and her monotone voice–and yet–the stupid public voted for Justin last year even though he did the very same things! Last year, the battle-cry was outside-the-box at all costs. He was SO “original” that there is no demand for his point of view. Total backfire. Nobody would serve or do what he does with food. Maybe the network finally came to their senses. I think he is the biggest 400-lb. elephant in the room the network has had to date. I don’t think they know what to do with him.

  12. Pat says:

    I still don’t understand how Nikki has excelled for the past few weeks, did a fantastic job on screen last week and bam! now she’s out. Rodney and Russell have been hanging by a thread for weeks. There’s some unequal slack being cut for them. I agree with that poster. I won’t be surprised if One Note Rodney gets a Pie Man show no one will watch.

  13. Iakovos says:

    Weakest season ever. And where is last year’s winner? He seemed like a watchable enough young man to take a chance on. I hope Damaris takes it. The guys are awful and I am not sure what the appeal is for Rodney. At all! I miss the food/cooking challenges of past years. I know camera performance is key, but I miss the culinary focus. And Bob and Susie week to week.

    • dan says:

      Last year’s winner, Justin, had a one-episode special that aired a few months ago. Alledgedly he and Alton (who was supposed to produce his show) did not see eye-to-eye on what his show should be so Alton bolted. This is based on things I’ve read on other sites. I have no idea how true it is, but apparently it was a personality conflict and Justin’s days at FN may be numbered (who knows if he’ll show up again?).

  14. Cory says:

    Personally, I think these men are still in the competition to stave off any discrimination shouts. Think about it – you’ve got Russell, the black guy and you have Rodney the male version of Paula D. Cut either of them and the network – already nervous from Paula fallout – could start hearing whispers. Also, I think you are going to have at least one of the men in the final 2 (or 3 if they do it like last year), my guess being Russell and Damaris(with Staci thrown in as the 3rd if needed). Honestly I don’t think any of the contestants have a snowball’s chance in Hades to keep a viewer’s interest for more than 2 1/2 minutes, let alone an entire show.

    • dan says:

      These episodes were filmed earlier this year, before the whole Paula Deen thing happened.

    • James says:

      If you are right, then the choice is easy: Damaris all the way! She has never bombed-out five time like Russell (how can they possibly say that is star-worthy?) has and her food all along has been consistently better than Russell’s. Also, Russell comes off as serious with nowhere near the warm smile Damaris has.

  15. Chablis says:

    I like Damaris think she can be groomed. Think this show may be in its last legs. It lost its way as a culinary show.

  16. PJ says:

    I don’t get saving Rodney, week after week. Here’s a guy who acts like pie is some sort of exotic culinary style. Every time he talks about pie, I want to scream – dude we’ve all had pie!! He should talk about pie like an old friend not the fancy new thing in town. Plus, I haven’t seen he make an edible looking pie. ridiculous POV + little evidence of culinary talent = should have been cut weeks ago.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      plus it seems all his pies are pretty standard fare…shouldn’t a pie guy be able to wow us with an incredible palette for the strange and exotic executed as an avant garde culinary adventure instead of Mrs Smith’s 2.0?

  17. Jono says:

    I have watched every show and do not understand, or care, what “Pie Style” is. What a crock. Deep fried chicken cacciatore!!! You have to be kidding. That was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Did any of the judges even taste it? Giada looked like she went into shock after looking at it. Get her some smelling salts. If Rodney the goof lands a show, I will not be watching. Since he can’t cook maybe he can play the guitar with unintellible lyrics. I am still liking Stacy. I do not see the “fake” criticism she keeps getting. I see a lot of personality. Demaris is second and could pull it off if she can keep under control. Rodney and Russell are just plain bores. Can you imagine them trying fill a half hour show?? They are lucky if they can manage a complete sentence. Come on, it is the Next Food Network Star and you have two contestants who cannot complete a thought or sentence. I did not think so at first, but I am beginning to think the fix is in.

  18. Morgen says:

    On paper, I think Nikki had one of the strongest concepts for a Food Network show. I don’t know why she got cut instead of mumbles, but I totally agree with the Guy 2.0 analogy.

  19. Mike R. says:

    I think this Damariss game to lose, and I think she’ll win, Stacey should make it to finale, and frankly I like her, but she doesn’t have the fanbase to win with a vote, but I expect well see her somewhere on Food Network, and I think Damaris show will be the most successful.

  20. kim says:

    Nikki gone??? what a disappointment! I was looking forward to her show because of her POV. She was the most natural in front of the camera and very relatable. I don’t understand Elton’s opinion, but even if she needed work on “food authority”, that can be learned: camera presence and likeability can not. Being memorable isn’t always good, as in the case of the Pie Man. He hasn’t demonstrated that he can cook yet and you can’t understand him. I doubt mumbling is a valuable quality for a cooking show host! I agree with most of the feedback on Stacy; she appears fake. I know it is frustrating for her, and she is trying, but I doubt she will improve.. You are either relatable or not. I have watched every season and I think that this is the weakest group of contestants to date. Nikki was the only person I felt would absolutely make it to the finals!. –

  21. Aliciee says:

    Nikki going home was crazy! Rodney should have been gone weeks ago. Nikki was the only one whose show I would have watched. Damaris would be 2nd choice and Stacey is just annoying and far too fake. Ill find Nikki and her show on the internet.

  22. neenie says:

    So upset that Nikki has been eliminated!!!!!! She had such presence and charm and I loved her “Meat on the side” idea. Someone help me please—-WHY IS RODNEY STILL ON THE SHOW???????

  23. Vicki says:

    I cannot believe how Rodney is on and Nikki off. Rodney’s food looks horrible and often tastes the same. He is unintelligible. Why do the judges like him?? Ridiculous!! I will never watch his show if he wins.

  24. Kris says:

    Actually forgot to watch and just saw this scrolling through this site. Really? Rodney should have been gone 2nd or 3rd week! What a joke this show is.

  25. Ann says:

    And I’m done. I’ve been frustrated at Russell and especially Rodney getting by week after week. I’d far rather watch any of the three women than either of the two Rs.

    The sad thing is I stopped watching this show a few years ago and came back because I thought (stupid me) that the audience choice might make a difference. So farewell, Food Network Star. I won’t be back.

  26. Bob says:

    Of course the final outcome is “rigged”. Food Network has seen too many failures come out of this show, so someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Do you really think the viewers will “pick” the winner? Get real.

  27. Beth T says:

    Joining the chorus of “Why is Rodney still here?” . They must do one hell of an edit on him, taking out all the “entertaining” Alton, Giada and Bobby keep seeing. All I get is “annoying” and “inconprehensible”. And his food looks awful.
    I don’t understand why Staci comes off as fake to so many. I think she is very personable and I’m always interested in the stories she weaves around her dishes. That said, I am pulling for Demaris for the win. :)
    Oh and Russel – I will grudgingly give him this one good week. I did think he did the best job cooking in this challenge, but his rambling bores me.

  28. Jono says:

    I agree on Stacy. I do not see the “fake” that so many people seems to see. Well rounded and personable, though sometimes she needs to tone it down. Rodney is the mystery. Why is he still there? His clothes were covered in flour when he presented his awful deep fried chicken cacciatore. Everyone else is clean and presentable. Why he gets a pass is beyond me. Damaris is OK and, I agree, Russell is a mumbling and rambling bore.

    • acommenter says:

      I think a large part of the Fake–is some of those facial expressions she makes and the forced uber-smile that ends up looking more like a grimace or as if she’s in pain. Or it looks like Giada and too many teeth. Does she even know she’s doing this? Re-watch the episode when she goes to the donut shop. I’m not sure if there are other reasons besides some of the these faces. But it’s so noticeable and glaring that other good characteristics the audience might see, don’t register. It’s all the audience can remember.

  29. Todd says:

    Nikki getting cut is absolute crap. She stood out from the beginning and was a consistent and charismatic leader throughout the season. Her POV would have been a a refreshing look that Food Network needs. I think that the judges were far too hard on her and were simply looking for ways to bash her. She certainly did not come across to me as lacking authority or knowledge of food. In fact, I always saw her as polished and radiant. Nevertheless, Rodney and Russell barely scrape by and the judges overlook their mistakes, complementing their outstanding “personalities” instead. As a matter of fact, I think Rodney’s the one who lacks culinary knowledge. All in all, I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad or sad to see a contestant go. The Food Network doesn’t know a good thing when they see it. You just keep it up Nikki, I’m still rooting for you.

  30. Jonathan Shanes says:

    This season has been a bust from the start. I find it hard to believe with all of the talent in this country that the 12 finalists were the best they had to offer. I think the fix was in from the start as quite a few of them including the big phony, and goon, Chris Hodgson, Stacey, Viet, & Danushka all had prior “experience” tv contests. was this really a competition from the start? It really doesn’t matter because after the pilot none of them is destined for a real future with FN. I also agree that this show has run it’s course.

  31. Crouton40 says:

    Nikki had it over Rodney every day of the week! Out of those who are left, Damaris is the network’s best hope, by far. If you “didn’t know her from adam” and saw her for the very first time like she was in the Donut Shop, she’s immediately likeable! Confident, bubbly, clear communication. Russell can’t say that. Damaris would *not* burn-out-in-6-months like some trendy-fad. She has broad food knowledge and I would rather be taught from her than any of the others. Everyone else has had more “flops” with their food than she has. And I thought it was cute and funny in an episode where she talked to her food. Nikki was my 2nd favorite, but now that she’s gone, Damaris is the only other one I’d want to watch. I think she could be very good for years to come.

  32. Well, I do not think I would enjoy watching a program hosted by Rodney or Russell.. Stacey might have a special ‘type’ of program designed for her that would allow her to shine since I believe she truly can and I can totally see Damaris having and handling her own show (done right and playing heavily off of her teacher chops). That having been said, I do NOT agree with Nikki being chopped and had that not happened, I am certain she would have made the top 3 if for no other reason, than her brilliant POV

  33. James says:

    Damaris is best. If Russell wins we get bourbon and bacon. If Stacey wins, I’m npot sure what we get. Average restaurant food, I guess. If Rodney wins, I wonder if we’ll even get a good pie. Damaris has a broad knowledge of food. Judges say her food tastes good and looks nice. People love her personality. So why do I get this sinking feeling they may give it to Stacey? The viewer outcry would be huge. Why should Bob T., and Susie F. be opposed to so many viewers who post their not wanting Stacey? But, perhaps they agree with the majority of messages online. There’s no reason they cant. It’s anyone’s guess but Food Network would have a much happier audience with Damaris.

  34. BeachEick says:

    FN fans, including those who read and comment on this blog, have the power to help the network get this one right. I am with you re Rodney: didn’t like his smarmy comment that it was “good” early this season when Damaris did something the mentors advised against. And sure enough, he can’t cook either.

    As Michael pointed out above, I was rolling on the floor laughing when Damaris stopped Robert Irvine not once but twice with a) “You must be from the South” and b) “I don’t fist bump”. He was speechless,

    Each of you has The Vote. The network can’t rig that. There is only one person who has both the culinary chops AND the winning personality that will make for a long lasting TV run. And you will some day say: “I helped put her there.”


  35. Nancy says:

    I was very sad to see Nikki go.. what a shock…why is Russel still in there. He nor Rodney are impressive at all..kinda greasy looking. Stacy seemed to have an advantage having known Irvine…something doesnt feel right..Don’t really care to watch it anymore. Probably fixed.

  36. neenie says:

    Just watched Food Network Star and I must say I think they came close to getting it right tonight.I knew that Stacy had to go, but I really thought Rodney would go before her. I adore Damaris and I think she could give Food Network another great show. she is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  37. Malia says:

    Disgusted that Rodney and Russell are in the top three – one appears to have an inflated view of his culinary chops (Giada herself said earlier this season something to the effect of ” Russell may not be as good a cook as he thinks he is…”) as well as all the warmth and charm of cardboard and the other comes off as a rambling egoist who’s cooking expertise is nothing more than serving up re-vamped Hot Pockets and dishes that resemble what I made with Play-Doh during arts & crafts in Kindergarten (and according to the judges would seem to taste just as awful). Stacey may not have been the strongest, but she was certainly a better choice than these two hacks. I really hope Damaris wins. A show by either Rodney or Russell would absolutely SUCK IMHO.

    • Jono says:

      Let’s see. I have a choice of learning how to make a sandwich into a pie, how to make bacon bourbon ice cream or how to make a pork sandwich for some love sick puppy’s girlfriend. I will pass and tune into Ice Road Truckers. What a disaster.

  38. Diane Collier says:

    Demaris – the BEST!! Rodney – incomprehensible, a mystery. Russell – mumbling & rambling….. Hope Demaris gets the votes & the show…

  39. Crouton40 says:

    Hoping for a Damaris Win! But I also prefer her more as a Chef in the kitchen, than the dating thing. Still, even that way, I’d prefer her over Rodney (Mr. 1-note) and Russell and his “sins” (which would get old after 3 episodes). Look at some of Damaris’s Pictures on her Facebook page. The one of her in a red top and black apron serving food to another blonde lady–Perfect! She looks like an authoritative (and happy) Chef who puts out top-notch food! One small critique–lose the red lipstick. And eye lashes are good but eye-liner goes a long way. She has also looked pretty in a dark green top,, plum/purple and dark blue. And Camera-presence: at the Donut shop, and at the Auction, she nailed it! Warm and upbeat without bein’ too cutesy. I want that blend of “authoritative yet informal”. If Food Network lets her get away, they are crazy! She can teach! A Damaris Cookbook “50 Recipes to Love All Year” would be fabulous! The “Lady from Louisville” can really do it all. :) Vote! -Crouton40

  40. Johnny Utah says:

    I originally wanted Viet and I don’t know why they got rid of him so soon. He was a lot better and could have worked better than pie freak and porn name Russell. My second choice, and who I am voting for, is Demaris by far. She is charming, witty, and proves that she can cook. I dont have a facebook, but I called 10 times every day lol.
    Go Demaris!