Disney Channel's Shake It Up! Is Shutting Down

Shake It Up CancelledDisney Channel’s dance-themed Shake It Up! is shuffling off to Buffalo, wrapping its run after this, its third season.

Per our sister site Deadline, the series will sign off after producing 78 episodes, the last of which is to air this fall.

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The news comes six weeks after it was announced that sister series Good Luck Charlie is calling it quits, airing its final episodes in early 2014.

Shake It Up! co-lead and recent Dancing With the Stars competitor Zendaya is set to headline a Disney Channel movie based on the book Boys Are Dogs, starting production in August.

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Disney Channel recently (and strongly) premiered one new series, Liv and Maddie, and has two others, Girls Meets World (you may have heard of it) and I Didn’t Do It, set to launch in 2014.

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  1. merp says:

    good god,the show was awful…just like every other Disney show or movie.

  2. Ayana says:

    Man my kids are going to be so sad!

  3. Claudia says:

    Disney used to be cool. Even Hannah Montana was cool back in the day.
    Those HSM days are over, and I still feel like a kid when I listen their songs. :)

  4. Sam says:

    Then can we please get Gravity Falls on a regular schedule for its second season?!

  5. Avery says:

    Shake it Up was a cute series but I agree that it’s ran out of story to tell at this point. The ratings still seem to be very good so im glad it’s atleast going out on a high note.

  6. Brock says:

    Everything on this network is so female-centric. I don’t mind female shows, I loved Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire back in the day. But try and, wait for it, shake it up a little bit. Oh, and kill the laugh tracks

    • Marie says:

      Disney XD is more boy centric in my opinion so it evens out. (Lab Rats, Kickin’ It, Crash and Bernstein)

      • Nicole says:

        I like Disney channel much better than Disney XD because Disney XD is a channel for boys. The only shows that I hate on Disney channel are Phineas & Ferb Mission Marbel,Wonder over Yonder,the Mickey Mouse shorts & the new show with Calthum Worthy. I hate these shows because they are also for boys. The shows that I hate on Disney channel should’ve been on Disney XD only.

    • MrMank says:

      But then…but then…how would we know if something was funny?? We need laugh tracks to tell us that! That’s why no one laughed at 30 Rock. :-)

  7. tiffany says:

    This stuck

  8. Jo says:

    These kids should pre-purchase their rehab stays now to lock in the rate.

    • Patrick says:

      I think Bella Thorne’s headlong run towards Lohan-dom may be partially responsible for this cancelation. She does not act like a 16 year old.

  9. Don’t know what the future holds for its remaining Disney Channel shows like Austin & Ally, Jessie, A.N.T. Farm and Dog with a Blog.

  10. Ashley says:

    Good riddance, bad rubbish.

  11. Cory says:

    Does anyone remember when Disney was cool and had programs that were still family friendly, but all ages could enjoy? Anyone remember So Weird? The Famous Jett Jackson? In a Heartbeat?

    Disney Channel is such a joke.

    • Rachel says:

      I loved In A Heartbeat!! And The Famous Jett Jackson! I just went on YouTube to watch BugJuice, the summer real life camp show. Disney was ahead of the times.

      • it doesn't come in a jar; it comes from who you are says:

        Thanks Rachel! Now I’ll have that theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the night…

      • mo says:

        This! All of this! I was just thinking about Kim Possible and Jett Jackson! It’s a shame that’s not what our kids have to grow up on. Can’t Disney have an Old School channel?

    • Dede says:

      So Weird was my favorite Disney Channel show back in that time. I realize now that some of the themes (like Molly’s problems, spirits after Fi, her father) were quite mature for the average Disney Channel viewer (well, the first two seasons anyway–stopped watching after that).

    • mandypanda says:

      YES! Also The Jersey & Flash Forward!! Zoog Disney was awesome :)

      The DCOMs were pretty good too… Zenon, Smart House, The Color of Friendship, The Luck of the Irish, etc. If anyone stays up late night, they sometimes show the old school ones at 2am!

  12. nini says:

    thank god it’s over now wait for a.n.t farm to be canceled and dog with a blog
    i mean really most of the Disney channel shows are so unoriginal and rubbish

  13. dude says:

    i loved the old Disney with movie surfers/the fun original movies back in the late ninties early 2000s, the Jersey and others. i feel bad for the kids who watch nu Disney

  14. AMCPress says:

    Gravity Falls has to be one of my favorite series on Disney Channel.

  15. dude says:

    oh and the concerts they used to have

  16. CJS says:

    Shake it Up wasn’t a bad show per se. The thing is that it shared the same traits as the majority of today’s Disney shows have: a.) not being funny, b.) annoying cast, and c.) chasing stardom as a predominant storyline. As I said response to an earlier post, if I had the ability to, I would cancel the rest of the shows similar to Shake it Up ( Dog With a Blog, Jessie, Austin and Ally, and ESPECIALLY A.N.T Farm) and just start fresh by building a new schedule around the shows people enjoy (like Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb)

    • Connar says:

      I wouldn’t cancel Austin and Ally or Jessie. If anything I would renew both of those for 4th seasons. Those 2 shows are somewhat family friendly in my opinion (especially Jessie). I agree with cancelling Shake it Up, Dog with a Blog, and A.N.T. Farm. I think Disney should also cancel all their animated shows except Gravity Falls. Animation is not Disney Channels strength. I would start airing a lot of reruns of their former series (Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life on Deck, and Kim Possible) if I were in charge of Disney Channel.

      • Quan Millz says:

        You’d be a bad director LOL!
        I wouldn’t want you to be in charge of disney channel, You’d want to cancel a great show like Shake it up, and wizards of waverly place CANNOT come back because the whole cast is all grown up especially selena gomez.
        including all them other old shows that was on Nick, Them kids are all grown up and doing other things in life like movies etc.

  17. Kathy says:

    I didn’t like Shake It Up, A.N.T. Farm, Dog With Blog,or Austin and Ally. My favorite is Good Luck Charlie. I will miss that one, not Shake It Up.

    • Quan Millz says:

      Good luck charlie wasn’t even all that good actually.
      Shake it up will ALWAYS be the best show on disney channel & ANT FARM.
      Whether you like it or not :)

      • Kristen says:

        That is an opinion…u can’t sayoh nth is is the best show and if u don’t like it ur wrong. U probs only like it bc u grew up with it. In my opinion I hate all FO those how’s bc they came later. My fav shows were like zack and cody and lizzy miquire amhanna Montana. But that is my opinion. In my opinion shake it up was terrible put together and lacked meaning but that’s just my opinion it doesn’t make it a fact.

  18. Bonnie says:

    Good luck Charlie best show on tv. Think could do few more years! What a loss! Show family can watch together.

  19. Youdontneedtoknow says:

    Honestly I think gravity falls is the worst. It’s dumb there isn’t a point to it. I used to love watching lizzy McGuire, Hannah Montana, that so raven, Kim possible, and the suite life of zack and Cody. Now they are canceling their one good show (good luck Charlie) and another of the two shows I can tolerate (shake it up) I’m done with Disney.

  20. Amina says:

    Wait i know its canceled but is it still on Disney as in the shows old episodes still come on??

    • Quan Millz says:

      Nope, The TV Show is removed from ON DEMAND.
      When you visit the disney channel section, you won’t see the show there.
      Because it’s replaced by the new series show called *I didn’t do it*

  21. Marie says:

    To be honest I thought good luck Charlie was bad and wasent even funny, I think Disney channel was trying to bring a family show on but didn’t do it any justice. I think it not the cast it just the creators, like shake it up Disney channel is just trying to make every on famous and was just trying to find the next Selena’s Gomez and Miley Cyrus, instead of caring about if the show was actually entertaining and funny. Disney channel just so weak now know of the show on lie austin and ally, ant farm, dog with a blog, or any other crap on their is actually funny or good. I think the last decent show on Disney channel was wizards of Waverly place, because it was actually funny and original like the other past shows Disney channel use to make. I think Disney channel should cancel all their show cause their just boring and bad and or meaning less, and they lack comedic style. I really hope girl meets world isn’t bad boring because the original boy meets world was a great show, and it will be sad to see Disney channel just make it stupid and boring, I think it shouldn’t be on Disney channel, because the oringal wasn’t, Disney channel just aired reruns of it. I just hope it as it as bad as the shows they give today, wow who would have known Disney channel would stuck so much, Disney channel you need to stop trying to make everyone that comes along a star and worry about making the shows good, because without a good show, how can you make a star like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. A thank god Demi lovato left Disney channel because her show was bad and the spinoff also so Radom was very bad, Demi made a good move there. So Disney channel make better shows if all you want to is make super stars, because without good decent funny shows, all your stars would be nobody’s after their shows end. That’s my advice to you Disney stop with the crap!!!!!!

  22. i think good luck charlie was a great show n shake it up wasnt that bad n disney is really blowing it

  23. Rebecca says:

    Dog with a Blog needs to go. Every Epsisodes Dilema doesnt make sence to me

  24. Jenny says:

    GLC gets cancelled and crappy shows like Jessie are still on? What?! That show is no better than SLOD

  25. agir says:

    Why are they shuting shake it up down i mean if it wasnt for them i woudnt have danced so much bring them back

  26. Shelley says:

    Shake it up was ruined when they took the character Gunther off the show it became stupid. Before it was really cute to see the dynamics of the group of kids playing on the show. I left Tinka just standing there with her finger up her nose.
    Also Good Luck Charlie is the last show on Disney that is any good the rest are stupid. No more iCarly no more Victorious the one with the talking dog is just so stupid I can’t even turn the TV on. Disney stop worrying about having a show with same sex couples and try to save your channel it stinks….. That younger brother in Shake it u is great but they work well TOGETHER not alone. Sam and Kat my god was someone DRUNK when they came up with that show so stupid…
    YOu must have lost your leaders and good writers.

  27. Shelley says:

    SOMEONE please get those Kardashians off television PLEASE they are just an embarrassment to American’s

  28. Dug says:

    Brandy and Mr.wiskers was a great serie

  29. Hi u guys Shake it up is okay it’s good just be clam not be mean

  30. Tashenae says:

    Stop being mean it is a relly relly relly good thing to look at

  31. effil says:

    I love good luck Charlie they cant met it go

  32. Nicole says:

    I think Good luck Charlie’s a cute show because it has a toddler & a baby on the show

  33. Nicole says:

    I’m going to miss Shake it up very much. It’s good that they only have a few more episodes left.

  34. Chi-Chi says:

    dog with a blog really has to go. But come on Austin and ally, shake it up and good luck Charlie are actually really good. BTW not looking forward to mission marvel, so stupid and lame. Why does shake it up and good luck Charlie have to end so soon! WHY!!!!!

  35. Kevin. says:

    I Like the Shows Good Luck Charlie, and Shake it up, And Dog with a Blog. If You are going to Cancel a Show Please cancel Austin and Ally, Gravity Falls, and Phineas and Ferb. those Shows are Boring.

    • Mabel says:

      They aren’t going to be canceling Gravity Falls anytime soon. The show got renewed for a second season, and its not coming out until 2014, so we are getting some Gravity Falls shorts (like the Mickey Mouse ones) next month so it will keep us entertained while Gravity Falls is on hiatus. The show also attracts plenty of viewers, my whole family watches the show including every single kid in my school. It’s saving Disney. Think about it. If Gravity Falls hadn’t aired, these shows would have gotten canceled MONTHS ago. By the way, Gravity Falls is becoming more mature. The rating is changing from a 7+ rating to I think a 10+ PG rating because of certain jokes.

    • Quan Millz says:

      They should cancell GLC & Phineas and ferb.
      And keep Austin & Ally including Shake it up.

  36. mumedad says:

    Really miss Suite Life, but like a few of the new ones, Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Ally, but none of the “cartoons”.. Certainly do NOTlike the new disney cartoons. Mickey isn’t the cute little mouse he is intended to be. He looks scary now!

  37. Lizzy says:

    I luv shake it up pleaze dont cancel it my baby sister cried when i said that pleaze keep it on air. And pleaze stop replaying old episodes 8 times a day noone payed money to watch the same thing over and over agian.!!… !!!!!….!!!..!!!.!!!.!..!.!!.!..!.!!!!!

  38. lynn says:

    Oh give me a break people…seems like everyone who is complaining about the shows on disney outgrew the channel long ago and are too old to even care. I for one am greatful that there is still a channel I can leave the TV on and leave the room without worrying about what inappropriate commercial or show is about to pop on!!! Great shows sad to see them go!

  39. AccaliaKerlis says:

    Thank god! That show was stupid after they crossed over with Good Luck Charlie.


  41. Lauren says:

    NO!!! IT CAN’T END! That is my fav disney channel show…:(

  42. Lauren says:

    Oh… Sorry! I was talking about good luck Charlie…this is my third fav tv show…

  43. Noybeanna says:

    The show was soo much better when Gunter and Tinka were regulars and Gary hosted the dance show. Zendaya (I’m too good for a last name) annoys the heck out of me! The show has gotten progressively worse. It should be cancelled.

  44. Jackson Johnson says:

    I’m sooooo glad disney is ending shake it up I thought it would never end that show was just stupid and annoying.
    Now all I have to hope for is for disney to end ant farm,jessie, austin and ally, and dog with a blog.

    • Quan Millz says:

      Shake It up should stay on disney, & Austin & Ally.
      Ant Farm should remain on disney channel as well, I LOVE JESSIE.
      They all should stay except for Dog with a blog.
      You’re crazy for saying them shows should be cancelled. Are you retarded?

  45. Huma says:

    It’s really no surprise ”Shake it Up” is getting cancelled, I mean the show was starting to become pretty annoying as the two main characters have changed to much. At the begining Rocky was a slightly shy, over achiever, friendly girl. Now Rocky is the overly sarcastic girl, that always looks bored, and who’s nails seem to grow an inch every few seconds. And Cece has just changed from being a confident, trouble maker to a ”princess” who’s main goal in life is to have more tan 50 boyfriends in a year. Also, since Gunther left, Tinka seems lost, as if she didn’t know who she was. And the part that I hated the most about Shake it Up, is not only the fact that Gary got replaced by Ty, but that Cece and Rocky were suppoused to be the background dancers of the show ”Shake it Up: Chicago” yet they where at the front of every single dance. Another Disney show that I found entertaining was ”Jessie” but much like Shake it Up, it has changed since the middle of season 2. Jessie seems disconnected from the kids and spends all of her time besides Bertram (and sometimes Zuri.) Emma just seems like a dumb blonde now, Ravi keeps on pretending that he’s perfect and has disconnected from Mrs.Kippling… ALOT, Zuri is just too sassy now, and Luke is just way too interested into dating any girl he sees. Overall I will miss most episodes of both series’ but right now it’s either change them back to how they were or cancel the whole show all-together.

  46. Bob says:

    Disney Channel died in 2006 when Hannah Montanna first aired. Cheap jokes, horrible acting, bad role models, cheesy songs and overall, aimed at 12 year olds and tweens who screamed and beat up their parents to buy the latest merchandise. Disney Channel has slowly been getting worse and worse. Hannah Montana, Jonas, ANT Farm, Dog with a Blog, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, Suite Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jessie and all those other shows that produce a laugh track every 5 seconds are what killed this generation. And Cartoons they show now are so lifeless. Phineas and Ferb is flat and the style is overall horrible. There are no details in any of the designs, the characters are ridiculously deformed and they produce the same jokes every single time. It’s just like with those live action shows making jokes with words ” Poop, Fart and Pee ” which seems to make kids laugh these days. These ” Pop Stars ” think they can sing when they just rely on Auto Tune. If you heard them sing live, You would see how out of harmony and tune their vocals are. Look at Miley Cyrus. She can’t sing and she is now nothing more but a dirty stripper and drug addict. The Jonas brothers have just disappeared and so will most of these tweens when they are older. Disney only cares about money now and will keep forcing out talentless, spoiled kids every second to earn a quick buck.

  47. brittney says:

    Good luck charlie, liv and maddie, and dog with a blog r the only good current sitcom shows on at this point they need to get rid of ant farm austin and ally, and tht stupid stupid new show wilfblood tht shows looks like some ridiculos spinoff of my babysitter is a vampire wich was as well corny they need to get these shows chekd by kids and teens who watch disney channel

  48. brittney says:

    I believe good luck charlie is the only show with a live audienc

  49. lilyanna says: