Revolution Team Previews the Aftermath of Explosive Finale, Unmasks Evil 'Mr. President'

Spoiler alert! NBC’s Revolution literally dropped a few bombshells even before its cast and creatives stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con suite to let loose with Season 2 scoop.

Showrunner Eric Kripke was quick to share with Michael Ausiello that as the post-apocalyptic drama’s sophomore run opens, three months have passed since the missiles that Randall launched in the finale landed, destroying two major American cities — leaving the characters “dealing with the aftermath.”

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Not that everyone is still banded together. Though by and large congregated in Texas, Billy Burke said that Miles et al have claimed “their own pocket of the world,” resulting in some instances of “shocking character combinations,” added EP Rockne S. O’Bannon.

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Also in this video QA&: Kripke sheds light on the finale’s big reveal, that a “president” of the United States is organizing something from Guantanamo Bay; Giancarlo Esposito promises a “much more intense” season, as the characters deal with “even deeper desperation” in the wake of the nuclear attack; and everyone attests that the new Wednesdays-at-8 time slot will dial down the show’s violence not a bit.

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  1. dlferriola says:

    Sounds really interesting. Cannot wait to see how their story unfolds. seems they will eventually band together to fight the evil leaders that are plotting a government that is a tyranny & not a free state elected govt.

  2. Revolution may get the upper hand in the 8 p.m. Wednesday night time slot come September 25th. Hope they don’t cast Gregory Itzin as the “president” in Season 2. The gray haired actor played an evil Prez before on 24 so let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    I find this show to be so interesting. I dont mean the plot or stories, i mean what has happen to it on TV. It has been three different types of shows in two seasons. First it was the Charlie adventure of finding and rescuing her brother with the help of the badass uncle. Then they realized from criticism that the show couldnt fall so heavily on the shoulders of such an annoying, naive, whiny character as Charlie, and that the brother was just as whiny and annoying so they adjusted, and went for big action with a ensemble cast. Which last convention they praised as “a big change, we are really changing things up from the first half of the season, a lot more action and characters”…but they just changed what people were criticizing. They added Rachel as a main character but she was just as annoying and whiny (and that ANNOYING soft speaking voice). And the story was going so fast, learning so much so soon that it didnt feel fun, it was like if Lost answered 75% of the questions you had in the second half of their first season.

    So now…they come to SDCC and say “we changed it all again! its a totally different show!”. Im not convinced that this new show will be any better if they have the same writers. The characters are shallow, annoying, their actions in certain episodes contradict the characters actions/code in previous episodes and overall they just arent written well. You can tell the premise of the show was what sold the show (JJ Abrhams no electricity) but the characters where written second to that and not by great writers. (Remind you of another popular show right now? Under the Dome? Big premise and Stephen King name but the characters are poorly written, and poorly acted (especially the teen actors/actresses).

    I think proof of bad writers is when they can take great actors/actresses, not only great in previous roles but you enjoy them so much in interviews and on talk shows, and make them SO annoying that you cant help but dislike them. This strongly applies to Elizabeth Mitchell who on Lost was fantastic and in interviews is such a genuine sweet heart, and on the show is an annoying selfish quiet talking woman, and Tracy Spiridakos who I have enjoyed in Being Human and she is gorgeous and in interviews (like this one) seems so sweet and down to earth and normal, and im a fan cause shes a Video-Gamer…but on the show they managed to make me want her dead..she is so naive, so annoying, the faces she makes (big puppy dog eyes and stuff) are SO annoying…iv never disliked a character more and dis-liked an actress less at the same time.

    • Plum says:

      I gotta watch the show for what it is (a loopy thrill seeking joy ride) and not for what it could be (Lost, X-Files, Fringe). I totally agree about the many course corrections that show has taken but it and Under the Dome are both silly fun, and I appreciate that both shows have quite a bit of self-deprecating humor. Again, totally agree, and I was so frustrated with the show early on but the fact that they were really to off a lame character just to do right be the fans means they are willing to take big risks.

      It took awhile but the show kinda found it’s niche as an action-dramedy-mystery mashup.

  4. M3rc Nate says:

    Oh, and i think it says something about your show/actors/actresses/writers etc when you have to change the feel and direction of the show three times in two seasons, and also when at things like SDCC, you have to tell SO GD MUCH. I mean jeez, where other (good quality) shows hold back and dont want to spoil, the Revolution show runner gushes information. Why? Because they know the show wasnt good before, and they have changed so much and they want people who are like “wow Revolution wasnt that good” to hear a lot about whats changed, if they just said “its 3 months later, and anything else is a spoiler so we are keeping it tight lip[ed” people would be like “probably more of the same Revolution, i’ll pass”.

    I bet if this premise/show had been on USA Network and had their team of writers/showrunner working on it, it would have been great out of the gate. USA gets that characters come first, and make characters real, deep, multi-layered. Especially when you are trying to have a show that kills off characters, because with basically all of the characters killed on Revolution it seems most people didnt care, and were not emotionally effected at all. Why? Because there was no connection to the characters, we weren’t emotionally attached to them. People only cared about Nora’s death because she was the best character on the show, but that’s like saying she was the least burnt cookie of the batch.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Some people, including myself, actually like that the plot moves and it doesn’t take 6 weeks to get one answer that results in 20 new questions.
      I hate to fall back on the tired, “if you don’t like it, don’t watch” but you’re spending an awful lot of time and bytes on a show you don’t like.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol people always say that like it took me a full day to type what i say out. It took me 5 minutes, and i didnt say i dont enjoy the show on some level. Same with The Walking Dead, i enjoy watching but i have a lot of issues that stem from bad writing and bad acting and bad decisions my the show runner(s). I didnt say it should go super slow in its progression of questions-answers ratio. Im saying in one season they fully answered why the lights are out and turned them back on….considering that was the whole premise of the show, that is very very very soon. Their original promos of the show were “the lights went out….what is life like with no electricity? and why did the lights go out?”.

        • Plum says:

          I’m glad that the show is moving through these plot points quickly; if they’d have left the lights off for another six years they would have lost the audience. That was one thing that tripped up Lost and Heroes, people migrated away when questions weren’t answered quickly enough, and in the case of Heroes having such a huge cast and having to streeeetch every arc out meant that nothing would happen for weeks just to keep from revealing too much.

          I think the writers on Revolution have discovered that they can actually get more creative by going quicker and not feeling they have to adhere to some imaginary time table about when you can kill of a Big Bad or finish a big arc.

    • dmac says:

      The problem, judging by your post is that you think waaay too much about this show and what has gone wrong. If you watched the Comic Con panel, the creator of the show addressed the problems head on (yes, they listened to fans etc.) and are willing to fix it. However, instead of being satisfied that the writers and producers were willing to listen to the criticism from their viewers and adjust accordingly we get a novel on what is wrong with it. Plain and simple If you don’t like it, don’t watch. I for one plan on giving it a chance and going in with an open mind. It is so easy to be arm chair critic, but no show is perfect including those on your beloved USA (what the hell happened to The Burn Notice…ugh) If you hate it so much change the channel to The USA Network and be done with it.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol all critics are arm chair critics, where do you think professional critics review movies and tv shows from? Their computer chair just like i just did. I am saying yes they are adjusting to the criticisms which is great, but they thats the second time they have done that, the first time (second half of season one) and they got it wrong again then…it they have the same writers, how much can they really improve? Its like having bad chefs and the result being a crappy dinner, they can change the recipe around but at the end of the day, it probably wont ever be that good cause they are bad chefs.

        A novel? Up your reading and writing standards, it took me 5 minutes to type, like we see “if you dont like it, dont read it”, also this is a comments forum section of a TV critics website, a place for real discussion, if you want little one sentence “i love this show!!” comments fine, but thats not all that has to be here. Its not my fault your intimidated by three paragraphs of writing.

        No show is perfect, but a lot, especially many on cable and paid tv are getting really really close, the critics, show runners, writers, actors and actresses agree, just listen to interviews and panels, they talk about how such amazing content and writing is happening on cable tv/paid tv/internet (like Netflix, Hulu), and that its a new age for Television. Yes Burn Notice had some issues in the past 1-3 seasons but its wrapping up great, USA is widely acknowledged to have some of the best shows, characters, and ratings on Cable TV.

        Not every comment has to be a raving positive review, just like the creator of TVline has made a website where he questions, critiques, raves about, and reviews TV shows, our comments can be just as diverse. I just figured you didnt want to read another 3 paragraphs of positive thoughts that balance out my Revolution opinion.

  5. Geo says:

    Nuclear destruction of major cities; insidious government plot; ragtag bands of survivors. So essentially “Revolution” is trying to morph into “Jericho”?

  6. azu says:

    Stop criticizing other people’s hardwork so much. If you don’t like the shows then stop watching. Or better still get off your butts and go write your own story lines that you’d enjoy or learn how to act. Jeez stop spoiling this for those of us that enjoy the show. It may not be perfect but I still think its pretty amazing!!

  7. A says:

    Kinda bummed that my 2 favorite characters just sat there and did not say anything

  8. queerbec says:

    Revolution started out with such promise but right from the start it came off as a mess when they started killing off characters and recasting because Q ratings weren’t high enough and the only chemistry was between Billy Burke and his nemesis. The teens had no chemistry with each other and poor Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) got defanged early on as Monroe and his cohorts took more power. Poor Elizabeth Mitchell tries to play a noble character who’s anything but…and that nerdy professor type serves no purpose except to slow them down or stand aside when the action starts. What a thankless role for that poor actor, who is quite an excellent performer in other roles. The show seems run by committee (which no doubt includes more than its share of NBC executives who were responsible for such great programming last year when they showed us that they also knew how to nurture shows with potential –yes I know there were too many Deceptions and Dr. Jekyll rip offs that weren’t worth nurturing) or else by one of Nate Silver’s statistical/demographic configurations. Kabletown picked better shows when they ran 30 Rock.

  9. Alia says:

    I have a ton of respect and appreciation for Kripke, but I’d have loved to hear what the actors have to say.

  10. Devin says:

    More…videos…please…. :)

  11. Cora Hall says:

    I find the show very entertaining and if I don,t like a show I don,t watch it and leave it for those that do like it….

  12. z says:

    I thought this show was cancelled???

  13. ninamags says:

    Eh, I like it enough to keep watching. So long as they give us more Miles/Monroe interaction.


  14. Detheater says:

    Billy Burke (Miles) and Giancarlo Esposito (Neville) are amazing (both as characters and actors), Monroe is just the right amount of unbalanced to make him a pretty awesome loose cannon villain/ally (when it suits him). Charlie could be cool (I like Tracy Spiridakos) if they toughen her up a bit by killing off her last bit of primary family (love Elizabeth Mitchell but hate Rachel) and the loss of Nora (which sucks because I really liked her). Turn her into a good version of Monroe, hell bent on revenge, where Miles has to calm HER down. If not kille her at the very least they have to do something with the Rachel character.

    I like that the story moves along at a good pace… Hate it when a show gets bogged down and you have no ‘ah’ moments from week to week. This show has the makings of a great show and they listen to their fans (as indicated by the changes they have made over time). I really hope they don’t backpedal and turn the power back off though and that they let Atlanta and Philly be destroyed.

    My biggest concern right now is that it will be opposite Arrow and if they don’t make good changes it won’t be able to compete.

  15. shamallah says:

    I lov it

  16. trudy trombley says:

    Wish they were still filming in Wilmington NC

  17. N Mulhern says:

    I find it funny when people complain about a show’s problems, then when TPTB actually listen to the critics and address those problems the same people bitch about that as well. If the problems weren’t addressed the same people would be bitching that they don’t listen to the fans. You just can’t win with some people.

    I thought the preview of season 2 sounded quite promising and fixes a lot of the show’s issues. Charlie already wasn’t nearly as annoying in the second half of the first season as she was in the first, which was my biggest issue with the first season, and it sounds like she will contine to move away from the annoyingly naive, sanctimonious character she started as.

    As long as Miles and Monroe have interesting stories, I’ll continue to enjoy the show. And I like the idea of everyone having to band together to deal with a bigger villain.

    If people are so over the show they don’t care anymore and won’t give the second season a chance, why waste your time writing ridiculously large posts ripping the show. If you still care enough to take that time, you might as well take the time to give the second season a chance before writing the show off for good.

    With great actors like Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito and David Lyons as their raw material, and the promising preview of upcoming stories, I, for one, am willing to give the second season a real chance.

  18. Jay says:

    I love this SHOWW!! <3333333333