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Grimm Cast Talks Season 3's 'Cinematically Big' Start, Wesen Wedding & Renard in a BabyBjorn

Grimm Season 3 PreviewNBC’s Grimm has barely begun filming its third season, and “We are already tired,” Reggie Lee told TVLine when the cast stopped by our Comic-Con suite.

His castmates David GiuntoliSilas Weir MitchellBitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz, Bree Turner and Russell Hornsby laughed and nodded in agreement. The exhaustion sounds like it’s worth it, though;  Mitchell added that Episodes 1 and 2 — which pick up right where Season 2 left off — are “cinematically big” and feature “rock-em, sock-em zombie fightin’ times.”

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Press PLAY on the video below to hear the Grimm guys and gals dish about Nick’s rescue, the “long and winding road” to Monroe and Rosalee’s nuptials, what Lee wants most for his on-screen alter ego and why Capt. Renard might sport a BabyBjorn around the precinct before the season’s up. (Roiz is joking on that last one, but the visual it creates is too good not to share, no?)

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