Black Sails' Cast and Producers Promise Nudity, Sex and a 'Huge, Big Mess of an Ending'

If bigger is better, Starz’ Treasure Island prequel, Black Sails, oughta be pretty darn see-worthy.

When executive producer Jon Steinberg stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con suite with fellow EP Robert Levine and members of the cast, he teased to Michael Ausiello, “I don’t know that the first [episode’s massive set piece] is even our biggest.” (For one thing, there’s apparently “a huge, big mess of an ending” in store for the season!)

If that isn’t enough, the gang notes that “yar” in for some racy stuff as well.

To find out which actor “offered to do the sex and nudity,” but was rejected, press PLAY below, then hit the comments.

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