John Barrowman Fleshes Out His Idea for Female Doctor Who, Ducks the Big Arrow Question

Paying his latest of many visits to Comic-Con, John Barrowman stopped by TVLine’s interview suite to share his very specific ideas for a female Doctor Who, as speculation continues to swirl about who will play the Twelfth Time Lord.

Reiterating his previously expressed stance that it’s time for a woman to helm the TARDIS, the Who/Torchwood alum opined to Michael Ausiello, “Let’s try something different.”

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After suggesting one existing Whoniverse denizen to ostensibly fill the role, Barrowman said that if the BBC America series goes with a new face, it should be someone “who’s real” — and then he elaborates on that.

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Also in this video Q&A, Barrowman does his best to duck Arrow resurrection Qs, raves about taking in the Comic-Con freely as a geek boy himself — “The fans are really great with me” — and talks up his Torchwood and Hollow Earth novels, teasing possible casting ideas for a TV adaptation of the latter (which he pens with his sister).