Food Network Star Recap: No Return Policy

Food-Network-Star-RecapI’m not gonna lie to you: I’ve carefully watched every second of Season 9 of Food Network Star, but to steal a line from Aretha Franklin, there “ain’t no way” I was going to get lured into the online spin-off Star Salvation.

To be fair, the stakes off the latter series were fairly high, with evicted contestants battling for a second chance to reboard the mothership. But I’d have preferred if the Star Salvation winner was rewarded with a chance to compete on next year’s Food Network Star, rather than a free pass to potentially knock out a rival who’d already ejected him or her from the current competition.

To make matters worse, it’s not even like any of the Season 9 eliminations have been egregious or unfair. So when the studio doors opened and Lovely (!) strutted into the room with minimal fanfare, it was the equivalent of Bobby Flay coming to your table in the midst of a five-course meal and declaring, “Here’s a plate of Saltines that nobody asked for!”

Unfortunately for Lovely, our esteemed judging panel seemed to suffer from similar feelings — none of which changed when Lovely failed to cook up a vivid description of a pasta dish in the opening challenge, then went splat like a Thanksgiving turkey sliding off a platter during a segment where she interviewed diners at a pizza joint and started to turn her back before the dudes could mutter a couple of unenthusiastic comments. (Anyone else also find themselves bothered by Lovely declaring the pizza had a “crispy crust” as it drooped in the middle like a wet Brawny paper towel holding up some baby potatoes?)

Yes, as casually as Bobby shrugging his shoulders after saying the word “fetuccini” in front of Giada, Lovely got the axe (again!) before she’d even brought her water to a boil, so to speak. Naturally, this led to the glam caterer speaking in the third person: “Either you take Lovely exactly as she is or not at all.” [Insert your own punch line there.]

With Lovely’s re-entry and re-exit, the competitive momentum stalled a bit, but not before Russell and Rodney — who teamed up with Lovely to write, produce and deliver an “out-in-the-field” segment from Vito’s Pizzeria — got another chance to grace the Bottom 3, and somehow escape elimination. As the judges noted, neither dude shared any intel on the owner’s 500-year-old yeast concoction, choosing instead to randomly insert their respective “seven deadly sins” and “pie style!” slogans to absolutely useless effect. Sure, everybody chuckles when Rodney’s on the screen — but as Giada so damningly put it, “Your inability to demonstrate food authority is catching up with you.”

On the flip side, Damaris, Nikki and Stacey put together a lively, fun segment from Mr. Donut — although the judges were well within their rights to ping the latter contestant for steamrolling the bakery owner during their in-the-kitchen segment (even if dude did seem to be a tad retiring on camera). At this point, I’m wondering if the producers brought back Lovely just to ensure there wouldn’t be a streak of five consecutive dudes getting sent to the guillotine.

Any way you slice it — even pie style! — it’s a three-horse race among the ladies, no? That said, Stacey lost a few points with her crying spell and her contention that “every week I’ve worked so hard to be here.” Um…hasn’t everyone else? Yeah, it’s pressure to be a front-runner, but it beats being a perpetual bottom dweller!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Lovely deserve to go, or should it have been Rodney someone else? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. MEL31602 says:

    I didn’t get the judges critique of Russell inserting his “culinary sins” line into his intro. After all, if this segment was going to be part of his show, he would have had to tie it back to his POV somehow, right? And it’s kind of hypocritical that the judges focus so much on POV and then criticize people for using it.

    I do agree that Stacy drew the short straw in this challenge, as the donut guy was much more reserved than the pizza owner. But the other team got the quieter customers for the last segment so it kind of averaged out.

    I never really understood why people think Nicki is not enough of a food authority. She was the clear star of the ep for me, and her POV is a unique one that could do well on the network.

    • Dr. Bombay says:

      Yes but he just kind of shoehorned it in. And I don’t think yeast is one of his sins…liquor, bacon and something else. Regardless, the guy is a huge dud and I can’t figure out how he’s lasted this long.

      • Mel31602 says:

        He wasn’t saying that yeast in general is sinful but that centuries old yeast is. Not quite sure if that’s true but I would’ve given him credit for trying

  2. Sarah says:

    I didnt like any of the three, they all need to go, because in the end, it is a race between the last 3 standing ladies. If a man gets it, I’d be quite surprised. These ladies are too good and quite entertaining. Stacey is my least favorite out of the three.

    • susan dodge says:

      I agree about Stacey, what is it about her? She just seems fake. When she was on ‘Restaurant Impossible’, she didn’t want to do a dinner service because she wanted to spend more time with her kids. Now she wants to be a Food Network Star…. that won’t get her more time with the kids. Now the only time she talks about them, it’s when it serves her purpose. “My son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at birth”… OK, he is Lactose Intolerant, so are LOTS of people. She made it sound like he was gravely ill to prove her point. Maybe I am wrong but she just doesn’t have anything likable or unique about her. OK, I feel better!

  3. Lily L says:

    The first season I had a favorite. Last year Justin was my favorite. This year there is no one who I think has the knowledge and charisma to be on TV. At first I thought it might be Chad, but he kept going down hill. So at this point, I’m watching but I don’t really care who wins, any more than I care who wins on Hell’s Kitchen or Master Chef. They’re running out of contestants.

    • Mark says:

      I agree with your conclusion: there is no one this season who has any potential of becoming a star. This show has a very poor record of producing genuine stars, but this season it is a foregone conclusion that not one of these contestants has any business sniffing the inside of a television studio. I expect Stacy or Nicki to win, but are either of them capable of putting on an entertaining and informative show? I don’t think so.

  4. Tammy says:

    well they stole salvation kitchen or whatever it was called from Top Chef. Considering Top Chef is a real cooking competition (vs who can do a camera challenge) it makes sense to have a sub-cooking cookoff for a contestant to reenter the competition. Plus why watch the web series… each week they would show who the two were and it was always Lovely and whoever got the cut that week. The thing is each year I watch both Food Network Star and HGTV Star but I never watch the winners show. Both shows have had one big winner and the rest were kind of flat.

    • KJ says:

      Completely agree with you on why Last Chance Kitchen works on Top Chef, but failed here as Star Salvation. It could have worked if there were also camera challenges incorporated. I’m honestly not sure why they completely ignored that aspect of the competition, as all of the eliminated contestants had major problems with camera challenges (though Chad had a few OK weeks before he flamed out.)

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        thought it was unfair Lovely got bumped for her camera challenges as she wasn’t given the opportunity to get more experience at Star Salvation…and Rodney and Russell haven’t grown very much or at all with all their extra opportunities…and since Lovely won a succession of cooking challenges she probably could cook rings around Rodney and Russell who haven’t really been very inspiring cooks and it made me curious to get reacquainted with her food

  5. erin says:

    Until last night, I thought it was a two horse race between Damaris & Stacey for the win, but I think Nicki is actually going to take it and I LOVE that. I’d absolutely watch her show.

    • Pat Palmer says:

      Speaking of Stacy. Is she the one that received a $10,000 makeover for her restaurant on
      Restaurant Impossible? Looks like her. And then she’s a contestant on Food Network Star?
      How does that happen?

      • Jessica says:

        Yes, I recognize her from Restaurant Impossible as well, but her restaurant was far better than any other ones featured on that show.

      • erin says:

        Yeah, she was on Restaurant Impossible. It sounds like a handful of people on this season were on previous Food Network shows (Chris, Viet, Danushka, Russell & Rodney), but she’s the only one that was on a non-competition show. If I remember correctly, I think she had taken over a restaurant from her dad and it was in shambles when she got it? Not 100% sure though.

        • Pat Palmer says:

          If they have to go to previous Food Network shows to find contestants and this is what they
          come up with, it’s time to push the ‘cancel’ button.

  6. Chablis says:

    So glad Lovely is gone. Rodney should be next.

    • Mary says:

      Amen! Someone on Twitter called him “Pie Fieri” (HA!!) which is SO appropriate because he IS like a mumbly, less authoritative, pie-style version of Guy (whose shows I avoid like the plague). Honestly I think Damaris would be great if they would let her do an interview-style show. She is HI-larious! I also like Nikki’s POV – meat on the side – I’d like to get some better ideas of ways to make the veggies more prominent in my meals. It’s easy to make steak taste good.

  7. suncitysandy says:

    I think this cast of “next foodnetwork stars” is the absolute worst! I wouldn’t watch a show with either Rodney or Russel. I think Nikki will take it. Unfortunately, this show is going downhill fast as I don’t think the producers know what the public really wants to see.

  8. Yeahcanwe says:

    It really seems like this season is missing *something*. I cant quite put my finger on it, but since the very first episode this seasons oemthing was off. The pace and tone is gone, the urgency is gone, the competitors dont seem as into it, and neither do the mentors. Everyone just kind of seems like theyre going through the motions. It’s really bland to watch and I find myself doing other things while its on.

    They took a bunch of risks last year and switched up the format drastically. Not all of it worked, but at least it took a significant risk and the energy felt fresh (although I hated that room they’d go into). This year just feels very…been-there, done-that.

  9. John Wilson says:

    do hope Food Network does realize that trying to replicate Last Chance Kitchen (Top Chef) with Star Salvation is a miserable failure that should never be replicated.

    You have a choice between three people. One that actually did ok but not great that week (Russell) – why he refers to himself as Chef Russell Jackson I don’t realize understand – Rodney “Pie Man, Giada’s favorite” or the person that they felt wasn’t better than not only the remaining 5 but a few people that got eliminated after her.

    As for Stacey, she had to try to put 5 minutes of information into less than 1 minute. Yes, she jumped over him but it was her eagerness to get the job done. As for the crying, if they had lost, she was gone. Nikki had won the first challenge hands down. Demaris had been on the upswing last couple of weeks and did a good job in this challenge. And for some reason the woman of no spontaneity Giada (who I love by the way) has been asking Stacey to be more spontaneous and less rehearsed.

    The most interesting POVs that would make a good TV show has always been Russell (sins glad he finally dropped the other stupid part), Rodney (although he annoys me), Stacey (great look and personality), and Nikki (an interesting take on more veggies).

    Stacey has been my favorite but I have always thought it was Nikki’s to lose.

    I predict Demaris or Rodney next. Then Stacey so they will have Nikki and Russell in the finale so America can choose Nikki. Just like they got rid of Anne on HGTV star right before the finale so their choice of Tiffany was easy.

    • Dyna says:

      The only ones that I even have a slight interest in watching are Demaris and Nikki (in that order). Nikki’s POV is interesting, but she is boring — vanilla ice cream.

      Stacey comes across as FAKE and pretentious. She was my favorite, but is now just annoying. Unfortunately, I believe that their pick is Rodney (as bad as he is), which is why they keep trying to pick any good points they can possibly make on him. They made absolutely no mention of the panel’s inability to even understand him. He’ll be on a show.

  10. Dr. Bombay says:

    Rodney and Russell are just terrible…I don’t know how they’ve lasted this long. I think Chris was better than either of them.

  11. RRRRachael says:

    I think what failed from the top chef redemption spin off is that the Next Food Network star is not just about cooking great food, which is all Robert Irvine judged in salvation. Each week the contestants are learning and having Lovely jump back in was a total disadvantage to the learning opportunities such as using more descriptive words to describe food. It was a total waste of an episode in that regard.

    • dan says:

      Agreed! Lovely was set up for failure and it was easy for the Judges to eliminate her again. Just last week the contestants had to describe Bobby’s plate of salmon, but Lovely wasn’t there to participate so she was at a disadvantage from the beginning. Then she got stuck making the promo with Rodney again, just like the movie trailer episode (which was the first time she was eliminated). And once again the judges dissed Rodney on his ability to speak in coherent sentences, yet they eliminated Lovely who was too polished. Even the guest judes from the Hollywood Reporter were negative about Rodney (“He makes an impression” wasn’t a compliment). I’m not saying that Lovely should’ve stayed, but to eliminate her on the first episode back after the Salvation series made the whole twist meaningless. And do they seriously think Rodney has an audience who wants to watch him? Ugh! Clearly “The Network” (you know Bob and Susie are pulling the strings backstage) knows that Demaris, Stacey and Nikki are their strongest contenders at this point, yet they’ll figure out a way to have Rodney in the final three (probably costing Demaris a shot at the win even though she is so much better than Rodney). I hated last year’s team concept, but it was far better than this year has turned out.

      • Dyna says:

        If you noticed, the judges NEVER critiqued Rodney for his inability to speak, which is evident in everything he does. Gilda’s only complaint was that his lack of food authority is catching up to him.

        They are never critical with him, although he only made one good dish — a pie. I believe that he’s their pick of #1 or 2, where they will try to make him their next Guy Fiera. I noticed that Rodney stated that he wanted to go around and talk to people about food in his show……sound familiar (diners, drive-ins and dives)

        • mary says:

          Actually they did a lot in the beginning(critique Rodney on his speaking ability).
          I wish the show would concentrate more on making/cooking/baking the food. Too much is put on how well they react on camera with very little prep time. Most of the “chefs” on FN do not tape live. I wonder how many “takes” it takes the judges and others on FN to record an episode..

      • Mark says:

        They do this almost every season. The push someone who obviously has no business being in front of a camera because they think that person has a huge personality or fits a demographic where they are underrepresented. They did it with “Big Daddy”, who couldn’t speak a sentence without tripping over his words. They did it with “Vic Vegas”, who didn’t complete a single dish in any of the first four challenges. This year it’s Rodney, who can’t talk about food in a meaningful way to save his life. It’s hard to make a case that anyone who was eliminated should still be in the competition, but it’s a joke that they continue to keep their favorites around even though they demonstrate a total inability to cook and entertain at the same time.

  12. JoMarch says:

    I am so over Russell; his inserting his sin line was ridiculous; the segment if standing on its own would have people wondering what the heck he was talking about. And how is yeast a sin???? However, I really, really want Rodney to go. I find him unwatchable and unlikeable. His “schtick” is a turn-off for me; he’s low class and not in a good “one of the guys” ways; just low class with overuse of slang. I wouldn’t hang with someone like him, so I wouldn’t invite him into my home via my TV. I really like Nikki, but I’m a carnivore, and her “meat on the side” menus wouldn’t appeal to me on a long-term basis. I’m sure there’s a large group of people this WOULD appeal to.

  13. PJ says:

    What seems off to me this season is the lack of focus on the food. There’s not much commentary on the food the contestants make. Does it taste good? Did the judges even taste the pasta dishes from last night? Some of them looked tasty but who knows. Most of the contestants can’t seem to talk about food in anyway, let alone the way the judges want them to. I like cooking competitions because I usually learn something about food and/or cooking while watching, either from the judges or the contestants. But in this season of Next Food Network Star, not so much.

    • Dyna says:

      If you noticed Food Network doesn’t have many cooking shows anymore — even they are going with reality shows, so cooking is not that important (sad). As I flip to the guide for that channel, I see 7 episodes of diners, drive-ins and Dives (in a row), followed by Private chefs of Beverly Hills. Think about it: restaurant impossible, restaurant stakeout, mystery diners, food court wars, sweet genius, cupcake wars,chopped, extreme chef…..and the list goes on

      • syb says:

        Yeah, I like some of the contests, but the DD&D saturation has to end some time doesn’t it? I don’t get it. I know exactly one person who likes that show and he’s 12.

      • Maryanne says:

        I agree. I want to see cooking shows and the same with HGTV star. They run the same shows over and over

  14. waffles says:

    None of the contestants have the charisma of a sleeping Alton Brown but I still can’t stop watching the show. I hope the two guys go next. I don’t understand what the judges from Hollywood Reporter saw in Rodney. He’s a trainwreck on screen.

    • Joseph says:

      Rodney though has potential if he can find a way to channel his energy in such a manner that his message is understandable and not just entertaining , even if you do not really understand what he is trying to say , I think he will fail though because he does not seem to get that he is in need of a great deal of growth / change

  15. Nick says:

    I prefer Rodney to leave…

  16. Joseph says:

    At the moment its Stacey game to lose.
    She has a marketable point of view, speaks well on camera, and has good cooking skills

    I think that her biggest competition could have been Russell Jackson, BUT, he does not always do well at communicating his point of view which is indulgence. Its really some of the same things that made Paula Dean a star with her counter trend cooking style.

    That said , I would be very surprised of Russell gets the growth needed before the end of the show.

  17. Megan Hughes says:

    I’m glad so many other people feel the same I way I do. I feel like FNS is becoming a meat grinder for Food Network – throw a dozen people in, if someone rises to the top fine, if they don’t, that’s okay because FN won’t really support them any how. Look at last season – Justin wins … and gets a 1-time show, Alton Brown backs of producing it so he can (hey, go figure) do this season of FNS, and now has dropped completely out of sight.

    The contestants are becoming ratings cannon fodder. I find the hosts to be stale, jaded, and demonstrating some lack of knowledge on their own, the challenges are old, and the twist of bringing back Lovely … hunties please. RuPaul did that 2 seasons ago in Drag Race (twice in consecutive seasons), and even SHE realized after the 2nd time it was a useless contrivance (it’s always the one who comes back who gets the re-boot).

    I haven’t seen a winner worth watching since Aartie Sequiera. I think I’m done.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      so what is the story on Justin??? really liked the guy and looked forward to seeing his show and he just disappeared…

  18. syb says:

    Out of all of the eliminated contestants, “Lovely” was the one I least wanted to ever see again. Everything about her from her name to her demeanor is annoying, and apparently she never made anything edible on her run on the show. Glad her return was shortlived.

    I’d be happy if either Nikki or Demaris won. I do find Stacy a little phony and plastic. The guys are just trying too hard and aren’t authentic. Rodney thinks he’s the second coming of Guy Fieri, and God knows we don’t need another one of those–we didn’t even need the first one. Russell, he comes off as a poseur.

    • Dyna says:

      You are so right about Stacey and the Guy Fieri remark is dead-on, except I think that’s the networks’s thoughts. This totally explains why they continue to push Rodney as so wonderful when he is obviously, painfully horrible

  19. Smithy says:

    Usually, by this time in the season, there’s a clear winner. Someone who is so charming that their mistakes or flaws can be forgiven. Guy Fieri was his season’s most obvious winner, but people like Justin, or Melissa d’Arabian, or Aarti were clearly in the lead by now. The Sandwich King and Aaron McCargo came from years where someone slowly took the lead–kind of like this one. I think Nikki is slowly coming into her own. The others are likeable enough, but seem one-note when it comes to food. I want someone to teach me new things, and vintage food or pie is not going to do it. The remaining contestants remind me too much of the year where Amy won and then did nothing with it. I agree with the others who say this year is missing something, and I think it’s missing exciting talent.

  20. Jono says:

    Without a doubt, Lovely deserved to go. It was a total shock that she came back. What a windbag. All she does is say over and over how she is going to destroy the competition and then proceeds to lay another egg. Rodney is a windbag, but at least has good things to say about the other contestants, when you can understand him. I agree one of the three women is going to win. I thought Stacy was the front runner, if for no other reason than she has been consistent This week though, Nikki and Demaris hit their stride. Stacy was not as bad as the judges said, but she needs to tone it down. She was still better than all three of the Vito’s team. Rodney’s pie schtick is getting old fast. He has not cooked anything good yet. Well that one fruit pie. The only reason he is still on is that, incredibly, there have been worse contestents than he is. To me Russell is boring with constantly harping about food sins that nobody understands or cares about. He has no screen presence and just fumbles around and never says anything.
    My Ranking:
    1. Stacy. She has the strongest mix of cooking and communication skills. She did show vulnerability this week and needs to slow down and tone down.

    2. Nikki. If she could find a way to better combine the two skills, cooking and communication, she could be right there. The closing of the Donut Man segment was a delight.
    3. Demaris. Most improved. If she could control herself, as she did in the Donut Man segment, she could surprise.

    • Dyna says:

      Your # 3 is my #1
      Your # 2 is my #2
      Your #1 is annoying as hell to me. Lol!! She was my favorite, but now I find her FAKE and pretentious. I think we seen the real Stacey at the donut shop. Self serving.

      • Jono says:

        Even though Stacy dropped some after the last show, I still have her #1 due to her consitentcy. Both Demaris and Nikki have struggled, but both excelled in the Donut Man segment. After watching them, I wanted to fly to LA to get one of those donuts. If you look at the intro, you can see they all have personality to spare. This is not about the best chef. It is about the chef who can fill a half hour telling how they cook and keep viewers interested. I think this was a wakeup call for Stacy and a turning point for Demaris and Nikki. Next week will tell who can really break out. A competition between the three would be great to watch. Just hope the puppet masters do not let one of the goof balls knock one of these three out for ratings.

  21. Garnet074 says:

    The return of Lovely was just stupid There’s a reason people get chopped from contest reality shows and when they’re skill based? I prefer you leave them gone. As for who needs to go next, it’s Rodney. I’m tired of his schtick. I’m tired of him ignoring the judges instructions and advice. I’m tired of him talking (or singing) about anything and everything when he’s supposed to be talking about his food. He comes across as a doofus. Russel goes next. After that, it’s a strong race with odds favoring Nikki at this point, I think, but it’s a close race. Any of those women could win.

    • Dyna says:

      The more I see Rodney, the more I don’t like him. He is absolutely horrible and talks like he has a mouthful of crap…..however, I still think that he will be this season’s winner. Either the winner or number two. He will have a show on food network. Notice how he stated that he wants a show wHere he can go around and talk to people – sound familiar?? I’m telling you —- they are going to try to make him their next Guy Fiera.

      It’s funny seeing the judges continue to try to compliment and make him a favorite when it’s painfully obvious that he SUCKS. It’s getting comical. He said he had the panel laughing, but it was at his own expense. They were laughing AT HIM, but he’s too stupid to know that.

  22. Beth T says:

    The most interesting thing to me is the “this year you decide” mantra. That’s actually the way the winner was selected the first three seasons, as I recall. Since they really haven’t had a “star” since Guy was voted the winner in season 2 (S3 Amy declined to continue her show after 6 episodes for her own reasons), it’s high time they went back to the concept that the viewers might have a better idea of who they want to watch every week than the producers. ;)
    Personally, Stacy was my original favorite, but now I think both Demaris and Nikki edge her out. I’d be happy if either of them won.

    • syb says:

      Except that this means that the actual quality of the cooking is immaterial since the voters won’t have actually tasted anything these folks cooked.

    • Dyna says:

      I don’t understand how the viewers can actually believe that they are choosing the winners of any of the reality shows. There is no way these shows will give up that kind of power, especially when u think of the high cost they invest. That’s why they pay big bucks to their marketers and other “talent” scouts. But, must admit, it keeps the audience invested and watching.

  23. Hellcougar says:

    I miss Bob & Susie.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah, where ARE Bob and Susie?? I am certain that they would have tossed Rodney by now.

      • Dyna says:

        Trust and believe that Bob & Susie’s voices are being heard. Its not about cooking anymore, which is why that stupid “pie style” crap is still going strong. This is the 2nd week in a row that he has talked about goiing across America talking about it b/c he damn sure can’t cook. Their next Guy Fiera — although they will have to give him some speech lessons. He’s their next “star”

  24. john h says:

    Did you see the way Stacey face lit up when she learned the reopters from that hollywood reporter would be present. She’s fake, only thing she’s concerned with is being a star ANYWHERE.

    She was on restaurant impossible. What restaurant is closed for dinner service? Answer a restaurant that is going out of business.
    She reminds me way too much of Kate Gossling from john and kate plus 8.

    She’s pushy, she’s an overtalker,always has an excuse, or some hardship. So your child is allergic to milk. WOW! How blind you are to the audience watching. There are people out there that have autistic and handicapped children that approach everyday knowing their children’s limitations and trying to help them in any way we can.

    So your child can’t drink milk. Big flipping deal There are sooo options now rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, or lactose removed skim milk.

    I can’t stand Rodney or Russell have NO idea what they are talking about. When I hear them talk at all I think I’m watching worst cooks!

    I honestly think Stacey should be the next. Although she’ll just end up on chopped or hell’s kitchen or just get recycled through every food network reality show. I just wish her 15 minutes of fame were OVER!

    Maybe next we can see her on the apprentice with the Donald. No wait I’ll save that Stacey.” You’re Fired!”

  25. mo says:

    I just got done watching the July 28th episode and I just have to sound off. I am so irritated at Stacy, I could scream. When she gave Nikki the “salmon” to redo, I decided then and there that she was a b$tch and I wouldn’t watch her show. She does come across as fake, and even though I originally liked her, I can’t stand her now. I would never watch her show.

  26. Patti says:

    This season is soooooo bad! Now that Nikki is gone, who would you ever watch!!! Rodney can’t even cook!!! And what’s his name is scary and never should have his own show!!! Stacy just gets on everyone’s nerves…so that leaves Demaris…. Really? Who picked these people ?? Food network should be ashamed!!!

  27. Jono says:

    I have to agree this is a really weak group of contestants. But I do not see Stacy as “FAKE”. This is just been planted by the puppet masters in the viewers minds. She has the most personality of any of the remaining cooks by far. Rodney is a total disaster. The pie thing is totally ridiculous. Sending Nikki home and not him, smacks of total manipulation of the outcome.

    • Dyna says:

      I so disagree about Stacy. To me, she reminds me of an actress who studies and knows her lines. She is not genuine at all and that pushes me away. She was my favorite episode 1 and 2, but she has worn on me so much.

      The only one I see with a personality at all (from the entire group) is Demaris. They keep pushing that Rodney has one, but I’ve yet to see it and He CAN’T COOK. This will probably be My last season.

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