Sons of Anarchy @ Comic-Con: SAMCRO's New VP Revealed! Plus: Jax's Journey, Clay's Resolve

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 SpoilersThe Sons of Anarchy cast and creator Kurt Sutter closed out Comic-Con Sunday night with a panel highlighted by a rapid-fire glimpse at the FX drama’s upcoming Season 6. The major takeaway from the teaser: SAMCRO’s new VP!

Replacing Bobby as Jax’s right-hand man at the table is none other than… Chibs. What does the newly promoted veep bring to the president’s term? “Maybe some conscience,” portrayer Tommy Flanagan teased. “He has a blind loyalty toward Jax in a lot of ways.” Adds Charlie Hunnam: “Tommy’s like my big brother in real-life, so that dynamic’s been coming through a lot this season.”

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Here’s everything else we learned during Sons‘ Comic-Con session:

DADDY DEAREST | Sutter reveals that “we begin Season 6 a few days after Season 5. The [story] continues to be Jax’s journey in terms of, can he be the leader of this outlaw organization and still be a loving father and a devoted husband? Can he take the club and lead them into a more legit line of work and still be an outlaw organization?” The question of “what kind of father is Jax destined to become” will also still play a huge part in the story.

LOCKDOWN | Now behind bars, Clay realizes that “there’s no more leveraging,” Ron Perlman shared. “There’s just this bounty that’s on his head and he’s no longer in control of how many minutes he has left.” As for a what the character’s journey is while in the clink, the actor noted,”I didn’t know what [it was] until I saw a tweet the other day [where Sutter described Clay’s journey this year as] ‘redemption.’”

AFTER THE AFTERMATH | Jax in Season 6 will let the tragic loss of Opie “inform him in a more positive way,” shared Hunnam. “He’ll try to let it inspire him to turn this club into what [his father] John Teller wanted it to be. “

SHORT HAIR, DON’T CARE | A newly jailed Tara (Maggie Siff) is rocking a spiffy new ‘do in Season 6. Added bonus: The promo revealed that she’s kicking major inmate ass behind bars.

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SERIES FINALE SCOOP | What will Sons’ likely series finale in Season 7 consist of? “A big pool of blood,” Sutter joked. More seriously, the showrunner said he “has a sense of what I want the last scene of the show to be. How we’re going to get there and what that looks like, I’m not sure. I come into each season knowing what I want the season to be… and the looser I grip those [ideas], the better the season is.”

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