True Blood Cast Teases Pam-Vs.-Eric Victor, Alcide Story Switch, 'Gamechanger' of a Finale

True Blood Season 6 SpoilersWhen last we left True Blood, Pam and Eric were engaged in a Newlin-approved vamp death match. So when the HBO drama’s Joe Manganiello, Kristin Bauer, Deborah Ann Woll, Anna Camp and Michael McMillian stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, there was no way Michael Ausiello was going to let them leave without revealing how the throwdown ends, right?

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Not exactly. Those bloodsuckers (and the wolf) are quite cagey. But he did get them to dish about whether we’ll learn who turned Steve, whether “grumpy” Pam has any plans to be sweeter to Tara and whether we’ll ever see a bunch of scrapped Alcide-Jackson scenes. Plus, McMillian and Manganiello offer up their unique takes on Season 6’s final, storyline-unifying hour — and crack up their colleagues while doing so.

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