Bob's Burgers Serves Up Breaking Badassery, All-Star Holidays and a Surprise Coming Out!

Bob's Burgers Cast Comic-Con 2013You’d think it would be impossible to beat TVLine’s Bob’s Burgers interview from Comic-Con 2012 – half of it was Michael Ausiello and the gang defining sharting, for Pete’s sake! But surprise, surprise – the knuckleheads managed to pull it off!

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Not only do the cast and producers fess up about which holiday episodes will feature everyone from Molly Shannon to Bobcat Goldthwait, but they also tease the plot twist that’ll make Louise Belcher look like Walter White.

And did we mention that a castmember comes out of the closet in the middle of the Q&A? The reveal is so big, in fact, that “Cher just crawls out of my mangina,” says… well, you’ll have to click below to find out who says it.

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