Big Bang Cast, Producers Talk Season 7 Time Jump, Raj Fallout, Howard/Bernadette Baby -- Plus: Kaley's Marriage-Saving Smooch Exposed!

big bang theory season 7 spoilersWhen Big Bang Theory producers Bill Prady and Steven Molaro stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con suite with co-stars Johnny Galecki and Melissa Rauch, they dropped spoilers like they were confetti!

Besides revealing that Season 7 (which kicks off Sept. 26) picks up about four months after the Season 6 finale – in other words, in real time – Molaro told Michael Ausiello that, just because Raj can now speak to women without being tipsy “doesn’t mean he’s very good at it.”

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Plus, Rauch predicted with a shudder the cries of a baby with “Wolowitz’ lungs and Bernadette’s voice.” And Prady opened up about how a single smooch from Kaley Cuoco just might have saved him from divorce court. (“She’s that good a kisser!” he notes.)

Press PLAY below to savor the foursome’s “professionalism.”