Zachary Levi Details the Plan for a Chuck Movie, Previews His Role in 'Arthouse' Thor Sequel

If entertainment “mogul” Zachary Levi has anything to say about it, Chuck absolutely will hit the big screen — but by specific fundraising means, at a certain time and in a way that benefits the NBC spy comedy’s longtime fans best.

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“I want it to happen,” Levi shared with Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite. But rather than go the Kickstarter route (à la Veronica Mars), Levi has his own, detailed thoughts on how to usher the cult series into a Cineplex near you. Also, it won’t happen for a couple of years yet, he says (at the 5:00 mark), though for the most noble of reasons.

Also in this video Q&A: Levi opens up about his charitable goals for the Nerd HQ “empire” over which he lords, raves about having a dream come true with his Broadway debut in First Date (which “graciously” let him out of this week’s previews to keep his ‘Con commitment), and talks about playing a “very different” role than he ever has, taking over for Once Upon a Time‘s Josh Dallas as Fandral the Dashing in Thor: The Dark World (in theaters Nov. 8).

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