The Following Season 2: Kevin Bacon & Co. Tout Fresh Villain ('Or 4'), Tease Ryan's New Family Tie

Can we please get a slow clap going for The Following‘s Joe Carroll?

After all, as series creator Kevin Williamson pointed out to Michael Ausiello during a visit to TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, everything in Season 1 played out according to the killer’s master plan — including his own (dubious) death.

The end of Carroll’s story means a “totally different” Following awaits fans in Season 2, noted Williamson, who sat down for a chat alongside stars Kevin BaconJames Purefoy, Valorie Curry and Shawn Ashmore and executive producer Marcos Siega.

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Chief among the Fox drama’s new developments: the introduction of a niece for Bacon’s Ryan Hardy, less of a focus on the often-fumbling FBI (“We learned a lot,” Williamson noted) and at least one new villain for the good guys to battle (though Williamson jokes — we think — “There’ll be one… or two or three or four”).

Press PLAY on the video below for all the gory details, including on what Emma’s been up to since we last saw her. (We shudder in fear for her new “friends.”)

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