Intelligence's Josh Holloway, Marg Helgenberger on the Script That Lured Them Back to Television

Josh Holloway grew up with three brothers acting out James Bond and Mission Impossible fantasies, so it’s not a big surprise that he chose CBS’ Intelligence — in which he plays an agent enhanced with a microchip that allows him to access the entire electromagnetic spectrum — as his first major TV role after six seasons on Lost.

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Holloway — along with costars Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time) — sat down with Michael Ausiello in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite to talk about the sweeping scope of their new series and the way it grapples with questions about technology and the the ethics of intelligence-gathering in the modern world.

Oh, and as a bonus, you get to hear Holloway use the adjective “quaalude-slow.”

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