Bones Exclusive: David Boreanaz Promises a Radically Different Booth in Season 9, Teases a Blast from the Past 'That May Hurt Him'

David Boreanaz was pressed for time when he dropped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite on Friday morning, so we dispensed with the pleasantries and cut right to the scoop on Bones Season 9.

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Among the provocative pieces of intel the actor unloaded during our rapid-fire, lightning-fast Q&A: The new season (premiering Monday, Sept. 16) will introduce a “surprising” new Booth to viewers (“Some people are going to like it, some people won’t,” he says); and someone from Booth’s past, whom we have never met before, will resurface and “somewhat help him, and may hurt him.”

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Boreanaz also weighs in on the show’s future beyond Season 9, and its new (though not necessarily guaranteed..?) Friday time slot come November.

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