Star-Crossed Stars Talk Civil-Rights Issues, Crazy Fashion and Three-Way (!) 'Shipper Names

The CW‘s midseason drama Star-Crossed is one part District 9 and one part Romeo and Juliet — with perhaps a dash of Project Runway thrown in for good measure. At least that was the take-home message when series stars Aimee Teegarden, Matt Lanter and Grey Damon sat down with Meg Masters in TVLine’s Con-Con interview suite.

The futuristic drama, in which the government begins to integrate a society of aliens with a group of humans, explores themes that The CW has perhaps never done before, Lanter suggests. And Teegarden adds that while the subject matter couldn’t be further from her breakout role on Friday Night Lights, the heart of the show is still about relationships.

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Then again, this being The CW, there’s also a love triangle brewing among Teegarden, Lanter and Damon’s characters. Have they cooked up ‘shipper names for the potential relationship permutations? And is it possible to have a ‘shipper troika? Press play below for the answers to these burning questions and more!

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