Sherlock @ Comic-Con: Will Season 3 End With Another Brutal Cliffhanger?

Sherlock Comic-Con 2013 Season 3 SpoilersSherlock producers Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue hit Comic-Con on Thursday to dish their titular character’s great (literal) fall at the end of Season 2, dissect the bromance between Sherlock and John and drop clues about what’s coming in Season 3. Read on to find out what they had to say:

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RESURRECTION ROAD | The producers knew the Season 2 finale was going to rile up fans when they created it, thinking, “This is going to be ridiculous,” shared Moffat. “People are going to be so cross. That’s when it got really fun.” Added Gatiss, describing a live screening party: “Actually, approaching the last 20 minutes, it was incredible. As soon as it finished, everyone’s phones went crazy.” So how will the writers resolve Sherlock’s shocking plummet from the rooftop? “There really are only a few ways you can fall off a roof and survive,” replied Gatiss, while Moffat added that the “showstopper” of the Season 3 premiere is actually when John and Sherlock meet again. “That moment is electrifying,” he said. “And it goes on and on. That lengthy sequence is my favorite moment of Sherlock that we’ve made.”

HOBBIT BREAK | While stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman weren’t at the panel, they did send along a video message. The latter actor greeted fans in full Hobbit gear as he shoots The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, while Cumberbatch revealed that the stars will get back to work on Episode 3 of Season 3 this month — after “Martin puts his sweaty prosthetic feet back on.”

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RIP MORIARTY | Sorry, the bad guy is definitely dead, confirmed Vertue, although his portrayer Andrew Scott will return since it’s “cheaper to get him back than to get a mannequin,” said Moffat.

WEDDING BELLS | Episode 2 of the new season will feature the wedding of John to Mary, but the most touching moment during a special sneak peek belonged to John and Sherlock — as the former broaches the subject of a best man for the big day. Sherlock offers up several suggestions, until Watson snaps back, “But he’s not my best friend.” As the realization finally hits Sherlock, he goes absolutely still. “I’m…your…best friend,” he lets out slowly, to which John responds, “Of course you are.”

BROTHERLY BONDS | Gatiss couldn’t reveal how much his Mycroft will be around without spilling too much. He did, however, hint that unlike in the original stories, everything will not just be forgiven and that the producers “wanted to explore how [the disappearance] affected all of his friends and family.”

PREMIERE HOMAGE | The Season 3 premiere, titled “The Empty Hearse,” is “based on The Empty House, but only a little,” said Gatiss. It’s got a different plot. The enormously important thing is the impact Sherlock’s return has on John Watson.”

EVEN MORE SHERLOCK? | Talking about the stars’ Tweets that Season 4 is on the way, Moffat joked, “If [Cumberbatch] has commissioned another series, well done. He didn’t know he had comissioning power.” But in all seriousness, Vertue confirmed that the cast is “optioned for the fourth series. We just haven’t figured out when we can do it.”

HANG ON TIGHT | Prepare yourself for another nailbiting ender. The upcoming Season 3 finale will have a cliffhanger, too. “You’ll be watching the end of the last episode thinking, ‘They wouldn’t stop it there?!'” teased Moffat. “‘They wouldn’t stop it there?! Oh my God, they wouldn’t stop it there?!'”

BIG SCREEN ADVENTURE | Asked if they’d ever do a Sherlock movie, Moffat replied, “It’s an interesting thought. They take ages to set up because are really slow compared to television. And we’d never want to do anything to reduce the quantity [of episodes] that we’re doing even further.”

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