Beauty and the Beast Duo Talk Season 2: What's In? What's Out? Will VinCat Reunite? Who Cries?

While many a show passes through the San Diego Comic-Con halls once and only once, The CW’s Beauty and the Beast is back — and better than before?

“We’re in really good hands going into Season 2,” series star Jay Ryan told Michael Ausiello in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, crediting a “fresh bunch of creatives” with the promising future.

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What’s in for the sophomore run? “A very rich mythology,” says star Kristen Kreuk. Out, meanwhile, is the whole procedural aspect that stymied the early episodes.

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Press PLAY on our video Q&A below to get more from the pair, including scoop on the time jump, who’s been crying, Cat’s mysterious bio-dad, the secret Heather is holding onto and what it’ll take for VinCat to undo the season finale’s tragic separation. (As Kreuk says, “They’ve gotta earn their love” this time around.)