Emmys 2013: Our Complete List of Dream Nominees -- Who Will Get Lucky Tomorrow?

emmy nominations 2013If ever there was a time to mumble a prayer to the TV gods, today is it: This year’s Primetime Emmy Award nominations are announced tomorrow morning. In anticipation of the big reveal, TVLine has condensed its overviews of the major categories and shone a spotlight on only our dream picks.

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So, rather than bite your nails and watch the clock tick down, why don’t you flip through our eternal optimist’s slideshow, then hit the comments with the answer to this question: What single nomination would make you happiest Thursday morning? (FYI: Get thee to TVLine at 8:30 am EST for complete Emmy nods coverage.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ruby says:

    The only thing that is certain is that the people who TRULY deserve nominations always get overlooked. I gave up on this joke of an awards show years ago. The voters only seem to be aware of ABC, CBS, NBC, and HBO. Oh, and every now and then AMC. Breaking Bad will win for best drama, and Modern Freaking Family will win for best comedy and nothing will change or surprise us. The end.

    • Kathryn says:

      Breaking Bad has NEVER won for best drama. Check your facts.

    • Sam says:

      and if breaking bad does win for best drama by my surprise, it’ll be totally overdue and deserved.

    • JenF says:

      For the drama category, the last five years were Homeland (Showtime), Mad Men (AMC). Last year, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis were very deserving of their awards, despite how very much I wanted Bryan Cranston to win again.

      The comedy awards could definitely stand to improve, though. Too many acting nominations for Modern Family. It used to be great, but it’s kind of on auto-pilot now.

  2. hana says:

    The only thing I’m certain of is that John Noble will get ignored again for the final time, which just makes the Emmys more irrelevant in my mind, since his was one of the *great* TV performances of the decade (and never should have been put into Supporting Actor if you ask me, as he was so clearly the lead). However, not even a nomination is sufficient to make up for all those black marks against Emmy when he failed to be nominated year after year. Nothing less than a win would do – which will never happen.

    • Gwen says:

      I agree completely. For the Emmys to overlook his performance year after year undermines their credibility. I also think the Emmy voters have short memories, and since “Fringe” ended its series run early in the voting period, it will be forgotten. And Emmy voters have never been willing to support a “science fiction” show, but a show full of violence and drugs? Check.

  3. Aleksa says:

    My dream nominee is definitely Michelle Fairley, but I’m betting she’ll be overlooked. Sadly.

  4. marge says:

    YES to…
    *Happy Endings/Parks and Recreation – Comedy Series
    *(Amy Poehler’s nomination goes without saying)
    *Jane Krakowski/Casey Wilson – Supporting Actress Comedy
    *Scandal (Breaking Bad/GOT go without saying) – Drama Series
    But how do you not have Kerry Washington for a Lead Actress nom???
    *Monica Potter – Supporting Actress – And for the win!!!

  5. AIFanatic says:


  6. Xime says:

    NEW GIRL!!!!! This year has been amazing!

  7. Jesse says:

    I’d be happiest to see Jonathan Banks get a Best Supp. Actor, Drama nomination for playing Mike Ehrmantraut on “Breaking Bad.”

    (Runners-up: Carrie Preston for “The Good Wife,” Margo Martindale for “The Americans,” and even though I know it won’t happen, Walton Goggins, Joelle Carter, and Abby Miller for “Justified.”)

    • gregk says:

      Jonathan Banks was indeed terrific, his “polite” mild mannered demeanor was perfect, the polar opposite of e.g. the crazed Tuco. He and Giancarlo Esposito made the last two seasons so memorable. Also loved Walton Goggins for all his roles, especially in The Shield where he was robbed of an Emmy in its final season.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I’d leap up and down if Abby Miller got a nomination. I hope she gets one. Walton Goggins and Jonathan Banks would be great too. You have good taste in nominees.

  8. Tyler says:

    Monica Potter. Monica Potter. Monica Potter.

  9. Julz says:

    It would be an abomination if Modern Family and it’s supporting cast were to take home Emmys AGAIN this year (I think their nominations are in the bag, though). There are so many other great, funny talents and ensembles that should and deserve to be recognized.

    My (ridiculous) hope for the Emmys this year – as is every year – is for the ATAS to spread the wealth and recognize those most deserving.

  10. Jaz Schoone says:

    I would like to see someone from the CW at least be nominated. They have so many fantastic actors which are overlooked every year.

    I think Naya Rivera should be nominated. She was the heartbeat of an otherwise flat season for Glee.

    Also I would like to see some Revenge stars be nominated. Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann and Christa B. Allen were amazing this season.

  11. dsm says:

    Jeff Perry for Supporting Actor (SCANDAL).
    That is all!

  12. shiri says:

    Jennifer Carpenter

  13. Vicky says:

    Can’t do a Kerry Washingtopn nom, wihout a Tony Goldwyn nom. It’s the combimnation that makes the show pop; or Guerillmo Diaz

  14. Adam says:

    Yay! More click-bait. Way to waste our time by not putting your content on one or two pages and instead making us click SIXTY TIMES to get your 2 sentence thoughts.

  15. Tammy says:

    What about Jonny Lee Miller for Elementary?

  16. Amanda says:

    If I heard the name John Noble .

  17. Sandra says:

    BLOWS my mind every year that Sons of Anarchy is left out for best show and their actors.

  18. Peggy says:

    Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits, Suits.

  19. Meg says:

    Jake Johnson. Awesome this year on New Girl…

    Also I hate Lena Dunham.

  20. Lisbeth Slander says:

    It’s downright criminal that Parenthood and Shameless have recived no Emmy love. Emmy Rossum and Monica Potter are relevations in their respective roles.

  21. ingmarhappy says:

    I kind of gave up on the emmy’s as they are rarely given to the shows/people that truly deserve them, or at least deserve a nomination. Ofcourse that’s just my opinion, but it’s just as much worth as any other opinion.

    Shows that I think deserve a nomination for best drama are ”Parenthood”, ”The Good Wife”, and even ”Fringe”. I agree with Homeland being a strong contender, but I always thought some cable shows were/are extremely overrated ( Mad Men, Boardwalk, Breaking Bad ), while strong network shows are passed on.

    As for female starring in a drama I would nominate Julianna Marguiles, Claire Danes, Ellen Pompeo ( heavily underrated for her work on Grey’s ), Emily Deschannel ( same story as Ellen Pompeo, but then on Bones ), and a few others.

    Also, I think Monica Potter deserves the supporting actress win. But a nod would be the least they could give her. Her work was amazing. Same with Lauren Graham by the way. Archie Panjabi is another favorite for her role on The Good Wife.

    Just a few examples.

    • Kathryn says:

      Your characterization of Homeland as “strong” and Breaking Bad as “overrated” takes away any credibility you may have had.

    • Phil says:

      YEP, this was the best season of Parenthood ever! It will be a big shame if Monica Potter does not even get a nod. In fact, I may not even consider watching the show if she doesn’t at least get a nod….she so deserves the win….This is the BEST show on TV so horrible that they have never even been considered as Best Drama

  22. A says:

    Probably no Sons of Anarchy love again this year. Seriously, I don’t understand how they can gloss over Katey Sagal’s role these past five seasons. She is amazing as Gemma. Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff, Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam, All of them are fantastic amazing actors! At least hoping for a nomination for Guest Actor for Walton Goggins. Venus Van Damme was just epic!!

  23. Lalala says:

    Jayma Mays!!! I also think it would be wonderful for Cory to get a nomination but that’s wishful thinking

  24. Ray says:

    Hayden Panettiere !

  25. Andrew says:

    My dream nominees/winners (Drama):
    Hugh Dancy – Hannibal
    Tatiana Maslany – Orphan Black
    Monica Potter – Parenthood
    Michael Cudlitz – Southland
    The Americans – Best Drama

    There were lots of solid shows this year. Sadly, the Emmy voters don’t know real talent in action.

  26. Oliviabensen12 says:

    Hopefully Titana Manslay gets nominated, it will be sweet justice.

  27. courtland says:

    walking dead was far too inconsistent for a nomination…it had the occasional standout episode like clear, but most was average..orphan black deserves its genre show spot to be honest.

  28. Tom Charles says:

    I love how you have a complete lack of the Office Clone Modern Family. About time.

  29. Rachel says:

    What about Robin Wright??? Talk about a tour de force performance in House of Cards (it rivals Vera Farmiga’s as far as I’m concerned).

  30. Dave says:

    I really hope Big Bang Theory doesn’t win anything. It doesn’t even deserve to be nominated in my opinion. The most overrated show on TV. It’s generic and uninspired and it pales in comparison to a slew of other comedies on TV, like Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny, Happy Endings, Archer, and even The Office.

  31. Thisguy says:

    Enough with Enlightened and Bunheads, those shows are not good.

  32. Leah says:

    I hate how I care about this. I am annoyed every year. There are a dozen things that I want to win (that probably won’t)…but most of all my fingers are crossed for Parks. Cast, writing, show, everything.

  33. G says:

    Mostly hoping there’s a lot of love for Parks and Rec, Justified, The Americans, and 30 Rock. I would have thrown in Happy Endings too, but I know there’s pretty much no chance.

  34. Jess says:

    “Awards are stupid. But they would be less stupid if they went to the right people.”
    -Ron Swanson (a character worthy of his own nomination for Nick!)

  35. NotBri says:

    I LOVE the thought of Hugh Dancy getting a nomination… hopefully it’s more than just a nice thought. It would be great to see him recognized for his work. He was incredible this season.

  36. Lizz says:

    Where is Top of the Lake? That was an amazing series – and so much better than Walking Dead. Elisabeth Moss also deserves all the awards for both Top of the Lake and Mad Men.

    • Mel says:

      I think it’s in the miniseries/TV movie category which they didn’t cover! I think it will definitely get nominated.

  37. abbyjo says:

    Suits! The Middle! FRINGE! <– these are among the many shows that are the many reasons I despise the Emmys and Emmy voters.

    Seriously, TVLine, no love for The (freaking) Middle in your comedy dream nominees?!?! Come on! I expect to be let down by the Emmys every year, but you I expect more from.

  38. JenF says:

    When I think of the shows I absolutely have to watch the same night as their air, that list easily includes Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. Thrilling shows. As far as comedies, Parks and Recreation (so underrated) and New Girl.

  39. gregk says:

    Person of interest has been great this season and Michael Emerson should be considered for Supporting Actor.

  40. LuLu says:

    Noel Fisher from Shameless!

  41. Catherine says:

    Tatiana Maslany. ‘Nuff said.

  42. q_dicted says:

    Single nomination that would make me happiest…. Kaley Cuoco for sure – she is the heart of BBT

  43. Lecholls says:

    I will be overjoyed if Jake Johnson and/or New Girl get nominations.

  44. Linderella says:

    Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and Monica Potter for the win in their respective categories. :)

  45. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Single nomination??? I can’t give you just one. I guess I’ll just mention the true longshots. Anything Justified, particularly Timothy Olyphant, Jim Beaver, Ron Eldard, Abby Miller, Walton Goggins, and Patton Oswalt. David Cross , Henry Winkler, and Kristen Wiig for Arrested Development. (I’m sure Will Arnett is a shoo-in). Archer for best comedy. Matt LeBlanc for Episodes. Eden Sher for The Middle. Portlandia. Kyle MachLachlan for Portlandia. David Lynch for Louie. (Please, please, please Emmy gods, make this happen). Josh Gad for New Girl. Shameless and Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy. Kelly MacDonald, Bobby Cannavale, and Jack Huston for Boardwalk Empire. Jennifer Carpenter for Dexter. I don’t think Mandy Patinkin is a longshot, but I’ll mention him just the same. Best not to tempt fate. He has to be nominated. He just has to be. Vincent Kartheiser and Alison Brie for Mad Men. Michael Cudlitz for Southland. Patricia Arquette for SVU. Walton Goggins for Sons of Anarchy. And I do hope Homeland, Louie, and Arrested Development get all their writing and directing nominations they submitted.

  46. Karen says:

    Pretty much rooting for the same ones I always do: Max Greenfield, John Noble, Elizabeth Moss, Braking Bad, Happy Endings. But I’ll add Nikolaj Coster-Waldau this year :)

  47. Kota says:

    Revenge was kind of a mess this season, but Emily VanCamp continuously knocked it out of the part by making her cold leading lady have a believable vulnerable side. Never over the top, always somewhat heartbreaking.
    And I know it isnt even a slight possibility, but Nina Dobrev really does deserve to be recognized with something besides a Teen Choice Award. She’s been amazing at playing two roles for the past couple seasons, but this season she went above and beyond, giving one of the most moving and upsetting performances I’ve ever seen on a teen show.

  48. Phil says:

    So tough, because I really want to say Parenthood for best drama, but I would be equally as ecstatic if Monica Potter was nominated for Outstanding Actress. Heck if Potter, Peter Krause, and Parenthood were all nominated I would be over the moon! Alas, Parenthood never gets any respect from the Emmys :-(

  49. Diane says:

    Michael Cudlitz for the win.