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Supernatural Welcomes Back Jim Beaver's Bobby -- Will He Fall to Earth?

Supernatural Jim BeaverYou can kill Bobby Singer, but you can’t keep him down.

Supernatural will bring back actor Jim Beaver as the Winchesters’ deceased father figure during Season 9.

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The actor tweeted the news of his surprising return Monday night:

Last viewers saw, Sam was transporting Bobby to Heaven. In the season finale, all of the angels upstairs were expelled to Earth, prompting Beaver  — at the Critics Choice TV Awards in June — to give TVLine this (prophetic?) answer about a possible return to the CW series: “Where did this last season end up? Heaven, right? And where’s Bobby… ?”

Beaver’s other recent TV credits include Mike & Molly, Justified and Dexter.

Supernatural returns Oct. 15 in its new time slot, Tuesdays at 9/8c.

Supe fans, are you excited? And do you think Beaver’s shock at the script rules out the fallen theory? Hit the comments!

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  1. yvette says:

    Oh goodness! i love bobby!

  2. tvaddict says:


  3. Elyse says:

    I was so upset when they killed Bobby!! I can’t wait to have Bobby back :)

  4. Hold on. The same would be true of John. He went up to Heaven to. If Bobby was one of those who fell, then why not him?

    Could the season be about that, their quest to find their dad… again?!?

    • rowan77 says:

      When last we heard, Ash had not heard anything on Angel radio about John or Mary being in heaven (he’s fluent in Enochian, remember?), and he’s been actively looking. So we don’t actually know if John Winchester is in Heaven. We saw his soul escape from Hell and save Dean in that graveyard with the Hellmouth, but where it went, no one knows. Cas would have been able to find John easily in heaven, yet he never did, or he would have said something.

      I’d love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan back on the show. It’s been too long, but that has to depend on his shooting schedule for other projects. Let’s cross our fingers. The idea of John, Bobby and even Ellen all bickering up in Heaven would be too fun!

      • Just because Ash couldn’t sense him, doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t in Heaven. He could have been in a blindspot. Somewhere in Heaven cut off from Angel radio. Like the equivalent in Heaven of Bobby’s vault on Earth where they trapped demons.

    • Mark says:

      John fell into 1950s Miami Beach.

  5. Shoukichi says:

    Outstanding, I can’t wait. I love both the character of Bobby Singer and Jom Beaver as an actor, absolutely fantastic news

  6. Steve F. says:

    If memory serves me correctly, Big Daddy Winchester, Mama Winchester, and the Harvells aren’t in Heaven or Hell. So, the question is, where are they? I smell new season plot line…

    • supefan says:

      where are they

    • Drew says:

      I’d love to see this question asked to the producers. It’s never been followed up on. Bobby got a message from Ellen in season 7, and Dean saw Jo when he was on trial that same year, but we don’t know where these people actually ended up.

  7. Sandra says:

    This uterrly sucks. They butchered his character so much.

    • Em says:

      To be fair, at this point in the series both Sam and Dean have been completely butchered too so it’s fitting.

    • Alan says:

      how did they butcher him? he is probably the most consistently written character on the show since everyone else has flip flopped back and forth in terms of characterization.

    • Carrie says:

      How?? Bobby never failed to be awesome.

      • Ruby says:

        I think “butchered his/her character” actually means “wrote something I didn’t completely 100% agree with” on the internets these days.

        • rowan77 says:

          Exactly. They never butchered Bobby’s character. What they did was write a weak episode last season where we got to see him again. But his character was still solid, and still wanting to be in the fight.

  8. Rowan77 says:

    Firstly – YAY!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Jim Beaver! SO HAPPY! SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY!!!

    Now, just a thought (since it’s clear it’s not the return people think it would be), What if Ash found him and since all the angels, but Metatron are on the ground floor (Earth, for the uninitiated), Bobby takes it upon himself (and some deceased familiar faces) to fight the good fight against Metatron UP IN HEAVEN to reopen the gates to the Angels. I think that might be cool and would change how the Angels view human beings. I hope its something like that, ’cause that would be so cool. Thoughts? Concerns? Questions?

  9. Not impressed. The send off for Bobby was so good and powerful in season 7 and the fact that they keep bringing it back is not only undermining how good that episode was but it’s butchering the character and making me hate him. So unless it proves to be critical to the mythology of season 9, it’s just unnecessary and a stupid move.

    • rowan77 says:

      Since you nothing about the Season 9 Season Arc, your opinion about whether it’s stupid or unnecessary or stupid is premature and dumb.

      While the episode last season was rushed, clunky and poorly written, seeing Bobby in hell and sending him to Heaven didn’t undermine anything. He’s still dead. He’s not hanging out with the boys and had no body.

      When we saw Ash and Pam in Heaven, it didn’t tease away from their deaths. You really should not be so pedantic. It’s a TV show called “Supernatural” with Angels and demons and various Monsters, and where our heroes have died and been brought back numerous times. If done right (and most of last season was done right), it could be a great way to see Bobby again.

  10. Melody Paris says:

    The death of Bobby was so painful. I want him back, I just don’t want to go through losing him again in the future.

  11. Deion says:

    While Bobby returning is awesome news, it does bring about an interesting question. Where IS the soul of John Winchester? When Bobby was rescued from hell, it was implied that souls go straight up when freed. Where did John’s go if not straight up? I hope they give us some resolution to that question before the series ends.

    • Miranda says:

      The difference with John is that he clawed his way out of a hell, he wasn’t rescued and released because he technically sold his soul. Maybe that makes a difference.

  12. mamoon1223 says:

    Yay!!! I love Bobby and the boys need him!

  13. A. D. says:


  14. tp says:

    Can’t wait!

  15. Drew says:

    I miss Bobby. I thought that the episode where he was shot was stupid, but the episode where he died was really powerful… and then the whole ghost thing just never should have happened because it turned into a mess and his sendoff was poorly handled.

    I don’t know what this means, but angels falling should not equal human souls falling. They’re not close to the same thing, and the finale made it seem clear that it was the angels who were falling. So I don’t know… Flashback? Visit to Heaven? Evil twin brother, Robby?

    What I do know is that when Carver took over last season, he got the show back on track. He even made the leviathans look cool in purgatory when we saw them, and I never wanted to see those lame-a$$ things again (honestly, my mind glosses right over season 7 when I think back on the show). So whatever the plan is, I am going to expect it to be awesome.

    • Alan says:

      we’ve got to remember naomi had some kind of interest in getting bobby out of hell so who knows what kind of importance he has in the grand scheme of things

  16. hedi says:

    they screwed all the characters in any way they could have. bobby died in that dramatic episode and most of us were ready to say goodbye to him. but guess what? he comes back! first as a ghost, then a revengeful ghost, then he goes to hell then he gets rescued in the most easy way ever and then he goes to heaven and now he comes back!!!! I MEAN REALLY??? while they can bring back Mary or John or even their forever-burning-half-brother ADAM! you’re telling me they love BOBBY more than their PARENTS! ???? this is pointless

    • Drew says:

      I want to see John again, just so he can yell at the guys for completely forgetting their other brother who is in the cage with Michael and Lucifer. It’s one thing to not be able to get him out, but to completely forget that he existed (aside from one episode when Dean was technically dead… did Cas block his memory of Adam?)

      • taran63 says:

        To be fair, John doesn’t have much room to yell at Sam and Dean for forgetting Adam, since John never bothered to tell them that Adam existed. I doubt they even really think of Adam as a brother; just one more victim that got killed over the years.

      • Lauren Kirsch says:

        This is something that I thought was very strange in the show. Sam and Dean have always been raised to protect the innocent and when the choice was between innocent Adam and Sam, Dean doesn’t hesitate to pick Sam. I would have thought that he would at the very least stop and think about it for a while and then spend a lot of time after that trying to figure out a way to get Adam out. It seemed extremely out of character.

        • Drew says:

          My theory has always been that Castiel wiped Dean’s memory of Adam (like he wiped Lisa and Ben’s memories of Dean) because of the guilt involved. As I said, the only time Adam was remembered after his death was when Dean was dead. Even Sam never mentioned Adam, and he would have spent quite a bit of time with Adam in the cage… like hundreds of years.

        • kate says:

          Interesting. I hold the opposite view: I don’t think it’s out of character much at all. John’s marching orders to Dean from Day 1 were, “Protect Sam.” Dean’s a good soldier, and he’s been following those orders ever since. Everything Dean does is about Sam. Sam is his major motivation for everything. People don’t seem to like this (not you specifically, but a lot of people), and they say a lot of stuff like, “Dean should go off on his own and leave Sam behind, since Sam doesn’t feel that same devotion.” But Sam’s behavior is irrelevant because Dean can’t do that. “Protect Sam” is how he’s programmed now – it’s a defining trait of who he is. Dean “choosing” between Adam and Sam isn’t really a choice at all: he’ll pick Sam every time. Everyone else is ultimately expendable. Sam is not.

          • Drew says:

            I agree about Dean being protective of Sam and have no problem with that. I just think that when it comes to family in general, Dean is very loyal and protective (unless they turn evil). And on top of that, he promised Adam that he would help him. He didn’t disown Adam or not care about him. He pretty much accepted that Adam was his brother and then failed him miserably. He should feel that.

            Sam should too.

    • kate says:

      forgetting that the actors/actresses are busy/don’t want to come back may be why their characters don’t return, why is it unbelievable that Dean and Sam love Bobby more than their parents at this point? Sam never even knew his mother, Dean didn’t know her THAT well, both of them had issues with their father, and Bobby has apparently spent a very long time being a surrogate father to them (even doing it when they were kids, playing ball with them and reminding John that they were, in fact, kids). I don’t think it’s THAT unrealistic.

  17. Jenna Harris says:

    Why? I love Bobby, I miss him lots, and admittedly would love to see a hug with him and his boys, but why? Not counting Sam and Dean, we’ve seen Bobby die or be near death multiple times, are they ever going to let him go? The writers better do him justice coming back – not some shoddy ‘oh I’ve magically returned from Heaven’. If they do, that will make no sense whatsoever – how come we haven’t see Mary, John, Ash, Pamela etc. Then again I have to take into account what Jim said ‘Whatever you think it is — it ain’t.’ I hope this will be a good sign that he is going to be given a proper plot.

    Bobby finally sacrificing himself in season 7 was fitting and the best, then they brought him back in season 8 – which again was beyond stupid, how could we magically have found a way into Hell if it was so easy, how come we didn’t do it in previous seasons.

    Ah well, I am hoping that with new writers that we will have a good season if not, then we’re s*****d I guess

  18. Katie says:

    I love Bobby so much, but I don’t really want him to return. I think that it’s *right* for Sam and Dean to handle hunting without a parental figure and his send off in season 7 so beautiful that it even made Jared Padalecki cry. I love the actor, and Bobby was so incredible, but I hope this is not a long-term resurrection.

  19. Ramona says:

    Another white man, resurrected from the dead!


    • Alan says:

      yay lets bring race into it, woohoo.

    • kate says:

      too bad Supernatural can’t write in Trayvon Martin! [/trolling]

    • Have you watched the show? The only ‘non-white’ guys that had steady parts in the show were Rufus (who didn’t get along with anybody), the FBI guy (sorry if I forgot his name, but that was seasons 2-4 I think) (and by the way he was killed and came back several seasons later when Dean was on trial), the master vampire, the hunter who turned into a vampire and tried to kill Sam, the arch angel that tried to take over heaven (Rafael), and little Asian kid Kevin Tran. In 8 seasons, a large percentage of the people killed had red blood, except for the leviathans, the dragons (for people that actually know the show), and the d’jin. There was also the psychic Memphis when Sam was first getting his future visions, but she was only in 1 episode.

      Point is, watch the show.

    • Y in the name of god would u have a problem with it bein a white man if u got a problem with it bein white man watch a show with black man if it makes u feel better u r sickening people like u make me SICK

  20. John says:

    As much as I like Supernatural, I hate it when death becomes meaningless on any show. Sam and Dean have each died multiple times and come back. Castiel has died multiple times and come back. Now Bobby. When death means nothing, what are the stakes?

    • Miranda says:

      Never seeing your loved ones again in the afterlife, maybe? Losing everyone around you? The ultimate question of, if you could become immortal, would you, if it meant you’d constantly lose everyone around you?

  21. Kay says:

    This news does not fill me with excitement for Season 9. Also, this makes the episode in Season 8 where we saw Sam stroll into Hell through Purgatory, casually pick Bobby up and return him to heaven, even more meaningless.
    Now, can we get some news about Benny coming back? That would be interesting!

  22. Duby says:

    Thank God !! its about freaking time !!!!! He is one of the most beloved characters on the show (besides the boys of course ;) and there was such outrage when they killed him off. So happy to hear they’re planning to bring him back. yippeeeee !!!!!!

  23. Kristina says:

    Yes!!! I know a lot of people don’t like when they bring back characters from the dead, but I love getting to see them again!

  24. Lisa says:

    I’m getting really tired of them trying to un-do their plot-messes and missteps. They shouldn’t have killed Bobby in the first place. When they did kill him, he should have stayed dead. Bobby was too good a hunter to come back as a ghost – he would have known to move on. Bringing him back as a vengeful ghost simply negated what the character stood for and served no purpose plot-wise. Having him go to Hell? Even stupider – and the easiest rescue ever – no episode has stepped on canon more than that episode. And Bobby bouncing around like Sam’s puppy – “hey, put me back to work” – with a goofy grin? And fyi? Bobby’s body is still ash… I don’t even want to think how they are going to bring him back this time. Maybe he was an angel all along? Maybe Bobby was actually God? If they want to make seasons 6,7, and 8 a dream? I’d be ok with that…

  25. Dj says:

    Maybe Bobby is still in heaven. The only ones cast out were angels the other souls would still be there. They could easily have his plot line be trying to figure things out up in heaven.

  26. MB says:

    Screw this. There are plenty of other viable characters that we could check in. Bobby’s had his day in the sun and he’s completely worn out. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

  27. M says:

    YAY Bobby! I was so upset when they killed him off that I still complain about it to this day! Now I don’t have to anymore! YAY! :)

  28. Caro says:

    Hooray! I love Bobby! So thrilled he is coming back! Cas and Bobby help balance the Sam and Dean relationship which we need. Plus, Bobby is a key part of the Supernatual mythology and the show hasn’t been the same without him! Can’t wait for the first mention of “idjits”! Plus, maybe has an update on Jo and Ellen – I wish they’d bring Jo back too! She and Dean need a chance!

  29. Whatever says:

    Great News !
    I don’t care how they bring Jim Beaver back to Supernatural I’m just happy that he’s back.

  30. Christine says:

    He’s going to handle the counter attack upstairs since all the angels fell.

  31. I love Booby & Jim Beaver but at some point (even on a show about ghosts, demons and [uggg] angels) dead needs to mean dead. As in gone, bye-byes, not coming back.

  32. tia says:

    Don’t care about Bobby coming back-They shouldn’t have killed him off in the first place. He should have been a prisoner of the Leviathins . Not killed. I love Bobby but his time is done. Bring back Benny, and give us a DARN Dean Arc for a change. Strictly Dean story not Dean and _insert name here. Not looking forward to S9-infact I may bow out after the season premier if they set this season up as The Angel Show-starring cas.

  33. kate says:

    this is good news. whenever Jim Beaver’s on Supernatural, it’s good news. Bobby’s the only one on the show with any sense half the time, and I never liked killing him off to begin with. I love Dean and Sam, but sometimes I feel like I’m watching chickens with their heads cut off.

  34. CBWBDK1 says:


  35. Ana says:

    I figure the Winchesters are going to have to raid heaven to get Castiel’s essence and grace back and along the way they’ll find Bobby and then some (Meg?). Other theories I have are: Garth is a Trickster (I mean how is he still alive? :) There’s more to Daphne than we glimpsed when she found Cas/Emmanuel – God sent her after all; we’ll see Chuck again, we’ll revisit purgatory to retrieve Benny, and the demon trials will be completed during season 2 by Sam and Cass. Sam completed the first two, and Cass “cured Meg” as she loved him and sacrificed her life protecting him and the angel tablet from Crowley. So if they pull the trick to a certain extent or something similar to what Dean and Benny did to get Benny out of purgatory, then Cass dies and takes the express up to heaven (where will be joined by Sam, Dean etc… who go through the back door to heaven that the reapers know to help Cass retrieve his grace & essence. Just my theories.

  36. Michelle says:

    YES!!!! So excited!!! Love me some Bobby!

  37. Shade thrower says:

    Bobby, to me, had worn out his welcome before he died, when he evolved into the hunting yoda/exposition fairy Mary Sue who had to lead the boys around by their noses while calling them idgits for not being as wonderful as he was. They almost had me feeling sad for his loss at Death’s Door, but they’ve thoroughly obliterated that with the ghost!Bobby arc and last year’s appearance in the train wreck that was Taxi Driver (though if they’re trying to make up for that mess, I might understand it). Sam and Dean have the MoL and can do their own research–it’s time to let them stand alone as hunters. To me, the only acceptable option is the one where Bobby stays in heaven and fights Metatron from the inside or a flashback. If they have him fall to heaven because he became an angel in the time span of 6 episodes, my eyes might fall out of my head from the rolling at sheer amount of contrivance.

  38. Carrie says:


  39. Deana says:

    So happy to have Bobby back!

  40. Rachel says:

    *does snoopy happy dance*

  41. tvdiva says:

    You can have the Sam, Dean and Cas – gimme Bobby! I love his character. I hope he is back as a regular or semi-regular, and not a one shot deal.

  42. dan f says:


  43. Ruby says:

    I love this man, both character and actor, with my whole heart, and I don’t care what excuse they use to bring him back as long as I get to see his face on that show again.

  44. Divya says:

    Instead of bobby,they could bring Henry Winchester back who knew about Men of letters very well..and he is an awesome character too..It would be interesting to see Sammy learning about MOL from his grandpa..Season 8 has not explored MOL much..

  45. Ella says:

    I’m personally NOT thrilled about this. Bobby’s death was devastating and poignant and meaningful. To bring him back as a spirit, then a trial trapped in hell and now AGAIN diminishes it.

  46. joe n judy says:

    Wow! What if Bobby has the power of an angel on earth n He is the the one who cures Sam of his illness!?! That would be a super “wow” moment huh?! I mean Cast was stripped of his power. The Other angels were just cast out of heaven but as far as I know, they are Still with power like cast Used to be. Be a sweet twist*

  47. Nancy says:

    I guess Jimbo couldn’t find another job that paid enough. Well in that case, they have to bring Richard Speight Jr. back too because he hasn’t been seen since he left SPN either!!

  48. Sonya Benson says:

    I CAN NOT wait for Bobby to come back. I just hope it’s for the season and not just one episode. I am very curious to see how it’s handled. I am wondering, like many others, why not bring back John, Mary, Ellen, Jo and Ash?? All these characters were family to Sam and Dean and helped them in many ways. But since we’re bringing back the dead, there’s a few angel’s I would love to see again, Gabreil and Beltizar. Maybe, hopefully this season will explain more and give us true fans some closer on what happened to all our beloved character, such as, where they actually went, why didnt Ash know that Ellen and Jo were dead, will Sam and Dean figure out a way to save Adam. So many things that have just kinda of been left hanging that I felt really had no ending. I just accepted that’s the way it is when you’re a hunter.

  49. LadyK says:

    I’m Loving How Things are Playing Out In Supernatural … Keep Me Curious Makes It More Interesting