Showtime Renews Ray Donovan for Season 2

ray donovan renewedShowtime has renewed rookie drama Ray Donovan for a second season.

Ray Donovan is on track to be our biggest Season 1 show ever,” said network president David Nevins in a statement. “[Series creator] Ann Biderman and the extraordinarily talented creative team, coupled with the brilliant ensemble cast led by Liev Schreiber, have produced one of the hottest new dramas of the year. We are proud and excited to pick up another season.”

The series, which stars Schreiber as a Hollywood fixer, made history last month as Showtime’s best series launch to date. Even more impressive, the show grew 15 percent in its second week to 2.2 million viewers.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect Ray‘s pickup.

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  1. megan says:

    Is this show good? Thought about watching but didn’t want to get too involved if it wound up getting cancelled.

  2. YAY!!! I adore this show. NOT quite as much as love “The Newsroom” but close!!!

  3. Peanut says:

    I guess it was inevitable it would get renewed, but it’s just such a terrible show. I like Liev, but not here.

  4. Warner says:

    Ray Donovan and his wife are the NEW Tony Soprano and his wife. They have the same type of conflicting love/hate relationship. Glad it is being renewed.

  5. I’ve been waiting for this show a long time, but first 2 episodes was bad. Really bad. Plot is good for soap opera not for premium cable tv show. I’ll watch at least whole first season, but as right now i’m not impressed.

  6. Not sure why I like it – lots of violence,seen and implied, but great actors involved with the show. The one thing I really like is that Ray does try to help the underdog – the down-trodden. He’s a good guy in wolf’s clothing. Glad they’re bringing it back for another season to see what develops.

  7. JessPinkman says:

    Seriously? You are comparing this show to the Sopranos? This show doesn’t hold a candle to the Sopranos. Liev Schreiber is a great actor but the show is really boring. I will stick to Olivia Pope on Scandal.

  8. brutony says:

    Tried to watch it, liked the first half of the pilot, but as soon as it got into the Family stuff, it lost it for me! His wife, a combo of Carmela Soprano and Roseann, cant get off the show fast enough

  9. terry gordon says:

    fantastic show more than I expected great cast we need more shows like this
    it’s like reading a good book you want more and more, it’s that good we need shows like this instead of the reality shows etc. I am a senior citizen and it shows life as it is raw and
    and real things happen its not all sunshine and flowers .

  10. I’m not liking the show nearly as much as I want to. Too much…stuff (epileptic starlet! the sex addict actor online chatting with Ray’s son! abuse!), but the bottom line, I think, is that the main character is really kind of boring.

  11. warner says:

    I was nor comparing Ray to Tony, I was talking about their marriages. Both wives knew, but ignored , How their husband’s made the money they spent so freely.

  12. Lynn says:

    thank god my summer sunday nights are now fullfilled with this great show…and the fact that it’s on HBO YOU people who think that it’s too violent……THAT’S WHY ITS ON HBO……DAHHHHHHHHHHH……go back to NBC or FOX as if the shows on those networks are any less violent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I love how quickly cable networks will renew their shows. They have faith in what they put on the air and are willing to give their shows a chance to let their audience and ratings grow. Unlike some other networks. Cough cough, NBC.

  14. dasnake says:

    Great show, good players in all parts. Where do I find copper for it’s second season, it to is an anti hero show.

  15. Linda says:

    I disagree. Ray continually tries to help the abused, but good people in the show. Those that shouldn’t be hurt by his actions. Watch more closely!!

    • warner says:

      Linda, you are so right. Even after getting a person out of his client’s lives, he still makes sire they are ok.

  16. Terry says:

    I’m in the UK and its on Sky Atlantic. I’m loving it. Can’t wait for episode nine here and I hate it when each episode ends. I think its been superbly cast all the way from leads to bit parts. Fantastic. Not in the Sopranos/mad men/breaking bad class but compelling and entertaining non the less

  17. DD says:

    AWESOME SHOW THE PEOPLE WHO LOST INTREST LOST OUT IT HAS REALLY LEAD UP TO A FINALE I DONT KNOW HOW Im GOING TO STAND WAITING ON PREMIERE 2 SEASON THE STORY has heated up hotter than i thought it would on first episode or two all I know is im hooked the cast and storyline is great keep it coming

  18. Nick says:

    Love the show! Bring it back!!

  19. Philip dean says:

    Ray Donovan clean sharp well delivered great story line ,
    not one of the actors can be faulted great to see old school acting none of the over the top cgi being relied on .
    You’ve hit the ball out of the park on this one look forward to the second season keep up the great work .

  20. Andrew McLaren says:

    I also watch this in the UK on the awesome Sky Atlantic HD. This show has been one of the best I have ever seen. Extraordinary acting and a gripping suspenseful series of events that keep you hooked. Totally superb and a credit to all involved in the making of this show.

  21. Tanja says:

    I enjoy the show very much. I think Liev is great and Jon Voight is EXCEPTIONAL!!

  22. Guy Hildebrand says:

    Maybe a mistake to kill off James Woods but I have faith you will be in someone just as good! Great characters on every level of the show.
    I can’t wait for season 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. DJ FAZIO says:

    “BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION SINCE THE SOPRANO’S”. People are calling it The SOPRANO’S of the New Generation!!! Finally an AWSOME show since then!!!

  24. Gary says:

    This show is amazing the 1st series was class can’t wait for the 2nd series!!

  25. Carly says:

    Great show!!Great cast!! I loved Leiv he plays his part perfectly. It’s different to any other show I’ve watched. Can’t wait for season 2:-)

  26. Cm Rock says:

    I’m very happy this is being renewed, I wish there was an episode on tonight! Excellent story lines, excellent characters…just an interesting and different world. That’s what good TV should be, riveting and different than real life.

  27. Deni Dann says:

    So tired…just watched the whole series. Just couldn’t turn it off

  28. Cubankahuna says:

    Wow, all you UK folks must have a different sense of entertainment, cuz this show definitely sucks! Good actors, dumb story line. Doesn’t hold a candle to true detective or to dexter for that matter!

    • Bruce Wilson says:

      Each to their own,shouldn’t knock us Brits though,if we find a good prog from you good old boys you should be thankfull.Good TV isn’t all about throwing endless money into a series.
      Your good is very good but your bad is soooo bad–hey have a nice day.

  29. Sheila says:

    Will Ray Donovan return for another season in 2016