Orange Is the New Black's Jason Biggs Examines Larry's Complicated Love for His Locked-Up Lady

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 SpoilersWhen Piper, the heroine of Netflix’s latest original series Orange Is the New Black, is locked up for carrying drug money for her ex-girlfriend 10 years ago, her boyfriend Larry doesn’t dump her. In fact, (Spoiler Alert) he does the exact opposite and pops the question.

A stint in prison — coupled with the reveal of a secret past — might send some guys running for the hills. But Larry stays by Piper’s side because “he loves her,” says his portrayer Jason Biggs. “He just really, really loves her. He knows that she’s The One.”

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Not to mention, “He’s very upstanding,” adds the actor.

Even though Piper is the experimental, wild one of the pair and Larry might have “had an inkling” about her non-traditional history, Biggs says his character never saw this revelation coming.

“He’s a little blindsided by it all [and] a little resentful of that,” describes Biggs. “But he’s ready to be committed. He thinks it’s going to be OK. He ends up being the strong one at first, but it switches. His strength is tested as the show goes on.”

As the couple’s new reality starts to take its toll, “no one is more surprised at how big of a test it is to their relationship than him,” continues Biggs. “At first, he thinks he can do it. But there’s a lot of strain, as you can imagine, in their relationship.”

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Could some of that strain come when lonely Larry is tempted by non-Piper members of the opposite sex? “Possibly,” replies Biggs cryptically. “There’s certainly an emotional departure of sorts. Emotionally, [Piper and Larry] go in a different direction at a certain point. They try to recover from that, and we’ll see if they do. Even I don’t know if they do because the [first season] ends only partially through her prison sentence.”