True Blood Recap: If At First You Don't Succeed…

True Blood Season 6 Episode 5It wouldn’t be an episode of True Blood if there wasn’t somebody trying to kill Sookie. So the surprise in this week’s outing, “F— the Pain Away” (“Flap the Pain Away”? Huh?), isn’t that our heroine’s life is in jeopardy but who puts it in jeopardy. Of course, since this is a recap, not a preview, even that surprise probably won’t exactly shock you. But let’s pretend you don’t already know the identity of the fairy’s attacker and run through the hour’s highlights, anyway, shall we?

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FAMILY REUNION | Picking up from last week, Sookie is so sure that Ben/Warlow (Barlow?) is lying when he says that he did in her parents because they were trying to do her in that she zaps him — at which point his maker, Billith, becomes aware of his presence in this dimension and spirits him away to supply the fae blood that he’ll no longer be getting from Andy’s ill-fated daughters (more on them after I catch my breath from writing this monster of a sentence — whew!). Later, Sookie enlists Lafayette to hold a séance during which she can ask her folks, “Um, you guys didn’t attempt to murder me when I was a little girl — gulp — did you?” Turns out, Barlow was on the up-’n’-up: Not only did Sookie’s father plan to drive her off a bridge all those years ago, but when he takes possession of Lafayette in present day, he sets out to drown her yet again! (Where’s one of those high-powered fairy fireballs when a girl needs it?!)

HELL’S BELLE | When the Governor refuses to replace Willa by starting a family with Sarah, she’s livid. Heck, he won’t even shtup her, and as everyone knows — and she’s quick to remind him — “When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her!” So, both hot and bothered, she runs to Jason and informs him that “God wants me to f— you.” (Again with the “flapping”!) No sooner have they finished up than in comes Jessica, high as a kite after eating Andy’s kids. But Jason doesn’t get the kinda supernatural threesome that Alcide so recently enjoyed. The gals just have a mini-catfight, then Sarah has Jessica arrested and carted off to the lab. Afterward, Jason — apparently, all he really needed was a good shtupping to clear his head — decides to join the LAVTF (Louisiana Vampire Task Force).

BABES BEHIND BARS | After voluntarily being taken to fanger prison/the Lab of Doom so as to pursue the previously apprehended Pam, Eric is forced to play a game that makes grade-school dodgeball seem merciful by comparison, and Tara (along with Jessica) winds up indebted to the bitch of the cell block. Elsewhere in lockdown, Pam agrees to get her head shrunk in exchange for a “hot” meal. But all of that pales in comparison to the stunt that Sarah pulls in order to get back in the Governor’s good graces following their tiff: Off Steve’s intel, she arranges for Eric and Pam to fight… to the true death! (Why couldn’t it be Eric vs. Nora? At least then I’d know who to root for!)

WILD KINGDOM | While Nicole continues to make Sam and Emma’s dire situation all — and I do mean all — about her, Alcide has a falling out with his dad, who — what are the chances?! — winds up spotting the fugitives that the wolf pack is after. Back in Bon Temps, Andy manages to revive one — but, sadly, only one — of his daughters using his stash of V at the police station. And Terry, poor Terry… he’s so wracked with guilt over having had to kill Patrick (who?) that he asks an old Marine buddy to put a bullet between his eyes. Even worse, the sharpshooter agrees to do it!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Personally, I loved the name of the wolf bar — The Unfriendly Possum! And it was great to see onetime Kindred: The Embraced blood-sucker Stacy Haiduk as the unhelpful hooker. But the flashbacks to Barlow’s origins appeared to have been filmed in the Land of Bad Wigs. And hasn’t Nicole become twice as irksome as Nora ever was in approximately half the time? That’s saying something — and not something good! Hit the comments.

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  1. S says:

    Great episode. I loved Sookie in the beginning of the ep cause she was still being smart. I loved the scenes with Jason and his women and the Pam and Eric scenes. I still can’t figure out who will die… but they sure are making it clear someone will :(

    • gdv says:

      I liked the episode too! Loved the Jason/Jessica scenes, and can’t wait for the Eric/Pam fight next episode. (Though, I have the feeling Pam is the one going to die. I really hope I’m wrong. But at the same time, I don’t want it to be Eric or Jason, either).

    • DarkDefender says:

      I am pretty sure Jason is trying to join the LAVTF to find (and save) Jessica. Not cause hopping in bed with the acca-awesome Sarah Newlin persuaded him to start killin vamps again.

  2. soraya says:

    Holy hell where does one begin? Ok, first off why didn’t the dead fairy children turn to dust? What happend to the other 3 bodies? What’s with Warlows disappearing/reappearing accent? What’s with the stone age porn scene? And that’s just the tip of the flapping questions!

    • Julie says:

      Why are the wolves still on the show? Their storyline is completely pointless. Other than that I’m really enjoying this season. I like that Sookie has her smarts back. I admit though that I kinda miss her and Tara’s friendship (along with her and Lafayette. I also feel like we’re missing something with terry. Like scenes for cut out or something. All

    • Lia says:

      1st) They are half human/half fairie. Maybe it doesn’t happen to them.
      2nd) It seems they still are at Bill’s house.
      3rd) I think that’s a problem, but Warlow has lived long enough to have all kinds of accents or maybe none specific.
      4th) Humans talk, dogs smell each other’s butts … this is True Blood, ppl know each other by having sex, hehehe.

    • K says:

      They didn’t turn to dust because they are not full fairy. Andy only took the fairy daughter that was still alive, so the other 3 bodies are still at Bill’s house. Ben/Warlow’s accent changes from whoever he portraying. If he is Ben he has his country boy accent, if he is Warlow, then he has his British accent.

    • SerenityVerse says:

      His accent is changing because when he is “Ben” he has a fake southern accent and when he is just being himself he using his normal voice so when Sookie said she knew he was Warlow there was no reason to use the fake accent anymore

    • Nameless says:

      I think only pure-blooded fairies (fairies with fairies as both set of parents) turn to fairy dust after death. My real question is, why did Warlow kill all the fairies in that fairy night club, since he’s fairy himself — and he really has no reason to, since he didn’t turn out to be the serial-killing psycho everyone believed him to be?

  3. S says:

    I agree Julie.. I miss scenes between Tara, Lafayette and Sookie :( I want to hear him say hookah n things again.

  4. Elly says:

    That was a terrible episode. Like just awful. I genuinely see nothing positive about that episode.

  5. WTactualF says:

    What a crappy episode. Vamp camp is a ridiculous plot and borderline offensive to Jewish and Japanese people who actually lived through concentration and internment camps.

    I was ok with this season of TB until this lousy episode.

    • Lia says:

      Let’s not forget those camps in Iraq and Guantanamo, okay? Humans doing that to other humans isn’t a thing of the past, but in our very own present day as we speak.
      Anyway, that plot has a reason to exist – it is what happens when a group dominates another, locking them up, making them serve, etc.. Even the Matrix had machines doing that to humans. Personally I don’t think it’s offensive because it has been established by the show humans would fight back if vampires started a campaign against them (the whole lack of True Blood thing) and the way they have to control vampires is by locking them up.

    • Rook says:

      I don’t really get how it is offensive…

    • Fran says:

      I admit too that I don’t get how its offensives. Human nature has unfortunately done these things over and over in the past, and it makes sense within the storyline.

    • NYCer4Life says:

      I actually love this concentration camp storyline because it is so allegorical. People forget but it’s still good law in the US that certain groups of people, specifically by race like the Japanese during WWII, can legally be detained in concentration camps on US soil. It’s not offensive: TRUE BLOOD is actually reminding the audience that your rights can disappear vamp speed depending on who’s running the country.

    • Bobby says:

      Get a life and stop being so sensitive. If we worry so much about history there’d never be anything interesting written again.

  6. Celeste says:

    How could Sarah recind Jessica’s invite to Jason’s house?

    • Lia says:

      Excellent question. Maybe because she was spending the night w/ the owner? I hope we get an answer.

    • JP says:

      I was thinking maybe she owns the house or something. Like maybe the state of Louisiana owns all the property so since she has authority with the governor she can rescind an invitation in anyone’s house.

      • rhewtani says:

        Yeah, I think that it’s something like this. A law’s been snuck onto the books giving the state of LA and anyone at the LAVTF the authority over all property within. True Blood seems to stick tightly to some concept of “law having power.”

    • Nameless says:

      I think any “human” staying in a human-owned house can rescind or issue vampire invites — she doesn’t have to actually own the house. For instance, don’t know which epi — Tara staying at Sookie’s house can issue or rescind vampire invites even though she doesn’t own Sookie’s house. Think back on the doomed Tara-Franklyn love affair back in Season 3. Sookie cannot rescind her vampire invite to Eric because Eric owns her house back in Season 4. So any human staying at a house owned by another human can issue or rescind vampire invites, and the show has been pretty consistent on this point, if nothing else.

      By “nothing else” I meant the Alcide wolf-pack story line. Alcide has been a pretty decent and upright guy since we met him, who really seldom resorts to violence, so what’s with the hunting down Sam angle? Weren’t they friends? There’s really no reason for wolves to be in the storyline any longer any way, so why not do away with them altogether and concentrate on the human-vampire war angle for the better part of the season? And Terry — man, they ought to off him already — it’s just so tiresome with his shell-shocked war veteran schtick — I thought they had that resolved already with the Ifrit-Patrick thingie. This equal-air-time-for-all-characters-in-the-show campaign might be very democratic and all, but man does it hurt the story flow.

    • steve says:

      She went to jason to get pregnant. I think his baby being in her somehow made her able to resind her invitation. Just guessing

  7. Bethers says:

    I love this season and this episode was no exception. Im getting a little tired of Alcide and his huge ego though. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Eric and Pam fight. Bill may have his hands full with Warlow. And maybe Jason to the rescue??? Going undercover! :)

  8. chillzwifey says:

    PAM CANT DIE!!!!!!! Its time for the wolves to leave the show like the cats did Alcides character turned into to much of an ass.
    This was a great episode just left a huge cliff hanger for next week I really really hope that blonde Sarah chick gets turned and stuck in that camp and btw. WTactualF get a life stop taking things so personal its TV. If you don’t like it stop watching it but u better close your eyes because half of what you see in this life will represent something bad that someone went though somewhere in this world!!!!! Have a great week TB fans;-)

  9. EJ says:

    This whole season is terrible! I loved this series, the books, the show, the exceptionally smart writing. Now it’s disjointed, kind of bitter and oddly unbelievable (ironic, I know).

    • Plum says:

      It’s too bad they killed of Luna, instead of replacing her with a random character, I love Journey Smollet but her rushed ship with Sam comes off as perfunctory instead of hot. They could have invested all of that in keeping Luna and having Sam have to rescue Luna from the same lock up as Pam and Eric, to then have the characters in the same storyline instead of so many tangents.

    • NYCer4Life says:

      The books were far from perfect. Harris’s writing was mediocre and her conclusion of the series even worse. I’m glad the TV show has deviated from the books. Those stupid vampire conventions and weretigers and what not got old really quickly.

  10. Truefan says:

    This episode threw too much at you.there were some intriguing plots and some pointless ones. Get rid of Alcide,Sam, and Terry. I’ve always liked Andy. The actor who portrays him is a terrific actor.
    Sara had some of the best lines and was fun to watch. I’m hoping the governor will save his Willa.
    The Vamp Camp was the most stress inducing time. I didn’t like seeing my favorite vamps at the mercy of the humans. I wondered why Pam was spilling her guts to the psychiatrist?
    Is the all masterful Eric stupid or smart like a fox to walk into the Vamp Camp? I hope the writers can be clever and inventive and come up with a way to save our vamps.
    Nicole is every bit as irritating as Sookie. I like Nora.

    • S says:

      Sam doesn’t need to go anywhere but he does need a better storyline. I’ve always been a fan of the character/actor but its as if the writers no longer care about Sam or want to give him a good story :(

  11. Yeahcanwe says:

    Something im confused about….why would Holly and Andy want people to think the girls “went to their mother”? I don’t get it at ALL. Why isnt there a swat team breaking down Bill’s house right now? Why aren’t they reporting the murders? Can someone explain this to me, that made no sense.

    Also, I’m scared where the plot is going with that inmate saving Tara and Jess. We don’t need some sort of cliched women-in-prison storyline ugh.

    • ejdax37 says:

      Andy is having a hard enough time explaining how he had full grown daughters in one week, and if he wasn’t the sheriff he would never have gotten away with it. The world at large doesn’t know about faeries. So Holly saying that they should tell everyone that they went back to their mother it is to protect the one that is still alive, if vampires were to find out about her she would never be safe.

  12. Jake says:

    Other than Alcide and Sam’s storyline I actually thought this was an interesting episode. Personally I feel that the two characters I mentioned could leave the show and it would be no different at this point. It’s becoming a chore to watch that story. It’s not enjoyable anymore (if it ever was to begin with).

    I’m way more interested in what’s going on with Sookie and this whole Warlow thing. I do think its interesting that they’re making Warlow out to be a good guy honestly. If he were completely a bad guy it would have been too much.

    Tips to make this show better for next season:
    1. Remove Alcide
    2. Give Sam something to do that is relevant to the actual plot, or remove him.
    3. Cut back on some of the superflous side stories (like Terry’s)

    • s says:

      Agree with your suggestions, don’t like Alcide anymore, Sam’s story is ridiculous and I like Sam and sick of Terry too.

    • Ruby says:

      I agree with every single thing you said here and would like to add that one thing True Blood is really good at is bringing in new characters and making them interesting. When I read the casting for Ben/Worlow, I thought, “Really? Do we really need ANOTHER character?” But they have done a great job with that story and Rob Kazinsky has fit into the cast seamlessly. I mean I’ve been a Eric/Sookie shipper since the books, and even I am rooting for Worlow/Sookie. Good job, TB writers! Now if they’d just get rid of all the extra crap.

    • Spiritdoc says:

      Did anyone wonder about the scratches left on the back of prehistoric wharlow? Reminded me of the evil daphne(?) from 2nd season.

  13. Jules says:

    Some of the storylines I really like, others I hate.
    Like almost everybody before me, I agree, get rid off the wolves already, boring story and in no connection to the vamps.
    Really interested in camp, so excited, yet frightened to see what will happen.
    Kind of annoyed by Terry, and yes, I also went “Patrick, who?”.
    And hell yes, Nicole is getting on my nerves.. but Nora also didn’t take much time doing that..
    I like the whole Warlow storyline, I hope it continues on well.

  14. Kat says:

    I’m actually glad that Bill had that vision because I’m hoping it’s safe to assume that all our favorite vamps live… at least up until that point

    And loving the Warlow storyline a lot more than I expected!

    • Kmsand01 says:

      Yes! Bill had the vision that Eric, Pam, Terra & Jessica were burning so at least I think they are safe until that happens! Then it’s time to worry one of them might die:(

  15. ejdax37 says:

    Everyone seems to forget that Naill told Sookie that because she is not full fairy that the ball of light trick is a one shot deal, after she uses if she would just be an ordinary human. She is also already running low on juice were she tried to blast it away. So she can’t use it on Daddy/Lafayette.

    • Meredith says:

      I think Niall taught her how to restore/recharge her fairy juice in ep 2 by channeling all her energy into that ball of light. I don’t think she would need a ball of light to use on Lafayette, she could probably just zap him like she did in past seasons. I think they’re just setting it up so somehow Benlow can rescue her again.

  16. A says:

    Is it wrong that I really wan Sookie and Ben to get it on? I’ve honestly enjoyed more of her interactions with him than any single one she’s had with Bill.
    The wolves storyline is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. I mean seriously the amount of time wasted on that is just ridiculous. The only good they were for was back in season 3 during the Russell Edgington storyline and keeping Alcide around as a potential love interest for Sookie but even that has been just pointless two seasons ago.
    Same thing goes for Sam, Luna’s daughter, and Terry. All are useless and boring. At least with Andy’s fairy girls, it provided some comedic filler but even that is now sadly over since Jessica killed them (BTW Jessica high on fairy blood was hilarious)
    I am really liking this Warlow storyline (excluding everything Lillith-related as I hate that god damn nude woman!). If they’d only drop all these unnecessary filler stories and get back to having Sookie and the vampires as the primary focus, this show could finally get good again.

    • Fran says:

      I agree with pretty much everything you said. I don’t want them to get rid of Sam, Terry, etc… they just work much better when they’re in small doses and in the background. The show needs to keep the focus on the vampires and Sookie. Though I will admit they’re doing that much better than last season at least.

  17. kishna says:

    I am wondering how they got Lilith’s blood if Ben/Warlow led her to the sun.

    • Nameless says:

      So did I! My thinking is that there is already a cult revolving around Lilith while Lilith was still alive, before she turned Warlow into fairy-vamp. She said she was worshipped as a god during her time, so she was probably like Jesus and she had a groupie of disciples-prophets hanging on to her every word, which they wrote down and which eventually became the vamp bible. And like Jesus, they kept any memento she has — blood, flesh, hair, etc. — as a holy relic, and hang on to it for centuries.
      My question is, is Warlow Lilith’s only progeny? Does Warlow has any progeny himself? It’s obvious he wants to turn Sookie into a vampire, so he probably intends to make Sookie his one and only progeny. And also, doesn’t anybody want to ask about Niall? So he went into that waterlike wormhole — big deal. In epi 2 it was shown he can get in and out of a wormhole (remember when they were in Sookie’s bathroom, him and Jason) so he can just fae-speed back into our world. Can’t he? I mean it’s Rutger Hauer for c’s sake — they didn’t rope him in out of retirement just to make him disappear mid-season like they did with Merloni (Meloni? Ah, not sure his name — the president of that all-exclusive members – only vampire club they had in season 5: the Authority). Also, I think Niall is awesome — they didn’t give him much to do, but he is the king of all fairies so he must have some powers to put up some fight at least against Warlow. And also, Rutger Hauer is awesome.

  18. Plum says:

    It’s alarming that no sooner does Sam lose a girlfriend another pops up fresh from the toaster, covered in tasty sprinkles and frosting. The relationships thi season have been rushed or have been all about flapping.

  19. jm says:

    is Naill the son of Warlock? if so, he is dating his great-great-,,,,,-daughter
    At least some flesh :)
    I hated Tara but now she is starting to be interesting… I want all of them life… but i guess some will die soon…
    Why dont Bill realise that Jessica is in danger?

  20. Melly Mel says:

    I agree with JM, it looks as Warlow was Niall father, so Sookie would be his great great granddaughter? I also agree that Tara used to get on my nerves but I lover her as a a vampire in Eric’s mini vamp family!

    • Ruby says:

      Worlow isn’t Niall’s father. It showed the pregnant woman with another guy when Worlow returned to the village after being vamped.

      • gdv says:

        ^This. I had to watch that part of the ep over again to be sure, but it definitely showed another guy putting his arm around the pregnant woman after Warlow walks away.

      • Thea says:

        However, it was mentioned by Warlow’s father that it had been several years later, or am I remembering that wrong? Perhaps Warlow’s lady moved on to another man after his mysterious absence. It could be why Warlow found it in himself to spare Niall from his bloodlust, besides the whole “inoccent child of the same clan” thing.

        • Mal says:

          Before Warlow disappeared for five years, when he asked Niall’s mother how long, he walks off and you see the blond guy put his arm around her in the background. The same guy who was with her five years later when Warlow returned to the camp.

      • Yvonne says:

        Warlow and Niall are brothers

        • Nameless says:

          No they’re not. They belong to the same clan, they might be blood-relations, but you don’t ask your own mother how soon she’s due as a means of greeting — you do that to neighbors and friends and cousins you meet up with during the holidays — but not your mother. Also, that woman doesn’t look any older than Warlow — they look about the same age. But definitely that woman wasn’t old enough to have given birth to Warlow.

  21. Desiree says:

    my question is HOW does Anna (SOOKIE) have abs like that after having twins…ugh!

    • jake says:

      It’s called a strict diet and personal trainer.

    • Amanda From Michigan says:

      She’s alarmingly tiny this season. I know she was pretty plump by the end of last season, but now she looks like a floating head on a toothpick.

      • dv says:

        I noticed, too, that Anna’s face looks much thinner. This sometimes happens to women after they have kids and breastfeed. (I’m not totally sure if that’s the reason; it’s just what I’m assuming since she did have kids not too long ago).

  22. Amy says:

    Land of the bad wigs! It looked like Ben borrowed Angelus’s wig from David Boreanaz.

  23. Liz says:

    I didn’t think I would ever hate Alcide, but I really am right now. I don’t know what gives. Maybe Eric glamoring him to think he doesn’t love Sookie also took away his humanity? He hasn’t been the same since that happened last season. It’s the only thing I got. That or all packmasters are jerks. Either way, I’m really tired of that story line right now.

    • DarkDefender says:

      That glamouring from Eric lasted all about 10 minutes. Once they got back from the Asylum, Sookie “unglamoured” Alcide.. And he remembered everything.

  24. amanda black says:

    I must have missed something, but I thought this episode was just terrible. It feels like everyone was a different person in this episode. And the whole “vampire therapy” scene with Pam just did me in. It was awful!

    • Nameless says:

      Really? I thought that was the high-light of the episode. Any full five uninterrupted minutes with just the awesome Pam talking and being all Pam-like would always be the highlight of any True Blood epi for me.

  25. Julie says:

    I hope that the writers wrap this fast downhillin’ episode up in some nice little bow presented to us at the end of the season. I loved the previous episodes (At Last <3) so I had HUGE expectations for this episode. But 'F**uck the pain away' seemed so rushed, really short scenes, didn't really see the passion in some of the actors eyes. But it had it's moments. I am an Eric/Sookie fan, so I really teared up at the end – when Eric realized that he was going to have to fight Pam. With all the rumors and all, it seems like he'll offer himself for Pam?? Not gonna like that.. So I hope Billith comes and rescues them all or something. Can't see how all our fav vamps'll get out of this mess otherwise.
    And the wigs in the flashbacks…. Ugh, Benlow hasn't really been getting on my good side, and I have to tell you – the wigs didn't really help him, another guy crazy for Sookie, how many times will she ave a change of hearts?
    Can't wait for 'Don't you feel me' this week!!!

  26. S says:

    I’m sure Eric and Pam won’t fight. They should have some kind of an eye signal, and Eric should be able to burst through the glass and kill Steve Newlin in an instant. The LAVTF won’t kill Eric and Pam because they are too valuable for their research… Or Will will somehow manage to get herself in there, and the Governor will be forced to step back. :P

    • david says:

      next episode is called the funeral and based on the promo someone does indeed die. I hope its not Pam but i am not holding my breath (see what i did there? ;)

  27. Michael says:

    Pam dies, the Governor’s facility is destroyed by Bill, and Warlow gets rid of Lillith for good by draining Bill of her blood, replacing it with his, leaving Bill with all of the memories of love Warlow had for her, thus bringing Bill and Sookie closer to being together again.

  28. Jasmine Murrell says:

    Pam and Eric won’t die. Eric won’t kill Pam because she’s his Progeny so he might offer himself but of course no matter how mad Pam gets she won’t kill Eric. Eric and Pam will probably stage a fight leading to Eric throwing the stake killing some one in the room and breaking the glass.

  29. Spiritdoc says:

    What about those daphne-like scratches (season 2i think) on prehistoric wharlow’s back?

  30. waterbug says:

    omg! the costume design folks get the razzberry award!!! I could have found better B.C. costumes in my old high school drama dept.

  31. waterbug says:

    Must Sookie bed every vamp in bon temp? i wish for a sookie/bill reunion.

  32. jake says:

    Idk I think there’s gonna be a twist and Pam and Eric are gonna fight but somehow they don’t die cuz in the very first or second episode of season 6 bill had a premonition of every vampire that is pretty much a main character was all in a room with each other and that has not happened yet and to back up my theory bill had a premonition of a vampire being dragged by a chain attached to a vehicle and later on it became true