Exclusive Music Video: Can Austin & Ally Turn Very Bad Dancing Into a Very Good Thing?

This Sunday on Austin & Ally (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c), when Ally is named one of Miami Music magazine’s “Future Five,” her ghastly, worse-than-Elaine Benes dance moves risk losing her the primo kudos. But we’ve got a first look at the music video that Austin and the gang cook up to save her sad, flailing bacon.

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In “Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing,” aspiring singer/songwriter Ally (played by Laura Marano) is at first oblivious to the fact that her moves — e.g. “Climb the Rope” and “Dry Your Hands” — are more unsightly than signature. The solution: Turn the terrible into trending by way of a music video promoting “The Ally Way.”

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Get a first look at Ally’s last-ditch effort here — and apologies in advance for the earworm:

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