TVLine Items: Carla Gugino Joins Fox's Wayward Pines, Chi McBride Heads to Hawaii and More

Wayward Pines Cast Carla GuginoCarla Gugino has booked a trip to Wayward Pines.

From The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan, Fox’s new event series is described as an “intense, mind-bending thriller” that centers on a Secret Service agent named Ethan Burke (played by Matt Dillon) who’s searching for two missing agents in the titular town.

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Gugino — whose recent TV credits include New Girl and Political Animals —  joins as Kate Hewson, Ethan’s former partner and ex-girlfriend.

Oscar winner Melissa Leo also co-stars.

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Chi McBride is bringing a classic Hawaii Five-0 character to CBS’ reboot. Per EW.com, the veteran actor is set to play SWAT Captain Lou Grover — who appeared in the series’ original run — in the drama’s Season 4 premiere, bowing Sept. 27. The guest spot is currently a one-off, but the possibility of McBride returning for more is “likely.”

Jenna Elfman will guest-star in the Aug. 28 installment of Royal Pains, per The Hollywood Reporter, playing a reformed party girl who imparts some wisdom to the Lawson fam.

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