Marvel's Avengers Assemble Exclusive: Adrian Pasdar, Rest of Cast Recite Their Favorite Lines

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble makes its official premiere this Sunday at 11 am ET on Disney XD, and TVLine has a fun, first-look video of the voice cast relating the most “super” dialogue to come out of the mouths of Tony Stark, Hulk, Black Widow et al.

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This latest addition to Marvel Universe on Disney XD features the voice work of HeroesAdrian Pasdar (as Iron Man/Tony Stark), Ultimate Spider-Man‘s Travis Willingham (Thor), Wreck-It Ralph’s Roger Craig Smith (Captain America), The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes‘ Fred Tatasciore (Hulk), Ultimate Spider-Man‘s Troy Baker (Hawkeye), videogame vet Laura Bailey (Black Widow) and Transformers: Animated‘s Bumper Robinson (as newcomer Falcon).

Sunday’s episode, “Ghost of a Chance,” finds Falcon standing alone to save his new comrades after they fall victim to body-swapping Space Phantoms.

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In this exclusive video, Pasdar & Co. share memorable bon mots you can expect to hear from their animated alter egos. (Two guesses what Hulk’s is?)

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