Is Dexter's Deb Doomed? Did Buffy Reunion Slay You? Is Dome Abduction Pointless? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dexter, Warehouse 13, Mistresses and So You Think You Can Dance!

1 | On 666 Park Avenue, did you get the impression from Sasha’s anguished cry of “Mother!” that she might not have been headed for the new and fabulous life her parents promised — but instead, some kind of eternal damnation Dexter— when the magic staircase began to close? And did Olivia allow that to happen out of loyalty to Gavin or because she’s too afraid to defy him?

2 | Which Grown Ups 2 star’s Disney Channel drop-in was more ham-handed: Adam Sandler serving punch (and digs at Kevin James, like a ‘tween would know who that is) on Jessie, or Chris Rock’s turkey (OK, duck) of an A.N.T. Farm visit?

3 | Could Dexter‘s props department have found a cheaper-looking bench for LaGuerta’s memorial? And based on this week’s beer-swilling, coke-snorting, dead-eyed premiere, there’s no way this season can end well for Deb, right?

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4 | What, what, what was Ray Donovan wife Paula Malcolmson going for with that accent? And how excited were you when you finally figured out that Ray’s daughter Bridget was Paige from Brothers & Sisters?

5 | OK, Killing watchers, what do you think — is Kallie dead or alive? Is Pastor Mike really the Big Bad of this season, or is he another false lead? And with Goldie the Pimp and Joe Mills both seemingly off the hook for the crime, now seems like a good time to ask: How many red herrings is too many in a 12-episode season?

6 | On Devious Maids, if Marisol’s main purpose in life is to prove her son didn’t kill Flora — and to find out what nefarious goings-on at the Powell residence led to the girl’s death — why would she continue to work for Taylor rather than trying to score full-time employment with Adrian and Evelyn, who’ve been quite vocal about their need for a new housekeeper?

7 | Can you remember a single dish made by Food Network Star‘s pieman Rodney that the judges really liked? And if you were Bob Tuschman, which of the remaining contestants’ shows would you be most likely to greenlight at this point?

8 | Drop Dead Diva fans, were you hoping Jane would be a little more torn between Owen and Grayson after that kiss?

9 | If Anne winds up winning HGTV Star and gets her own show, can she at least agree to tone down her hair color, away from Pantone 485/”Stop Sign Red”? And while we appreciate product placement (Volvo!), wasn’t the plug-in air freshener an odd match for a design show?

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Under the Dome10 | Really now, what is the larger purpose of Under the Dome‘s Junior/Angie storyline? Did the need to establish that one of the residents is loony tunes outweigh the need for Britt Robertson to play a more active role in the main narrative?

11 | Did Flynn’s collapse on Major Crimes, right there in the murder room, make you flash back to Chief Delk’s heart attack on The Closer?

12 | Did Switched at Birth‘s coffee guy Jace redeem himself a little in this week’s episode? And are you not feeling any sparks between Bay and Ty?

13 | How fantastic was The Fosters‘ convo between Lena and Jude?

14 | Should Bachelorette Desiree be at all concerned that half of her suitors have either scored sponsorship deals for American BacheloretteApparel hoodies or giddily shout “Twinsies” every morning before they get dressed?

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15 | Be honest: Did you audibly gasp as Mistresses‘ Savi finally spilled the beans to her husband — “I’m pregnant, Harry. But it might not be yours”? (Fun fact: We just gasped again from typing it!)

16 | Did someone/thing actually kill Tommy on NBC’s Siberia, or do you think the unseen “reality producers” are faking his death as part of a social experiment to see how the other players react? Also: Any theories on how creepy Sabina got to the settlement first, without anyone seeing her along the route?

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Warehouse 1317 | Who at Warehouse 13 do we send a “thank you” letter to for giving us two Buffy alums — Anthony Head and James Marsters — in the same episode?

18 | If the So You Think You Can Dance judges had let their Bottom 4 dance their couples routines and their solos prior to deliberation, would they have saved Carlos instead of Jade? (Either way, aren’t you stoked that Nigel Lythgoe paid enough notice to fan outrage to move the eliminations back to the end of the show?) Also, based on her painfully braced-for-impact face, was anyone more surprised than Mariah herself when she didn’t get booted? And isn’t half the fun of each week’s show finding out what crazy outfit Cat Deeley has thrown together?

19 | Why was Perception‘s Comic-Con-like event allowed to show people in licensed costumes (e.g. Darth Vader, Stormtroopers) while other shows such as Castle had to fudge it with generic get-ups?

20 | Granted, there’s no “good” time or place for one of NBC’s “lower third” bugs — but how utterly bizarre was it for a genial, arm-folding Michael J. Fox or a bounding, beaming Sean Hayes to “pop up” in the middle of the Macy’s fireworks concert segments?

21 | Could the crowd behind Neil Diamond during A Capitol Fourth have been any less diverse?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. D. says:

    Dexter dies, Deb takes in Harrison who is actually a little psychokiller and (fast forward) she lives a terrible life despising herself for teaching him the code out of love for Dexter instead of turning him in. That would be a powerful finale for me, but i really, really, really hope Deb gets the happy ending.

    • Me says:

      This is how I think it will end too.

    • John says:

      Dream on. There’s no way someone like Deb can live with what she did. She’ll either off herself or end up in a mental institution if not a prison. There’s no way anyone will let her keep Harrison. Not with her mental state.

  2. I don’t think the book version of Junior from ‘Under the Dome’ and his level of insanity could be depicted on network television. I’m a bit confused about what character Britt Robertson is playing. That’s a major problem for people who have read the book. However, if she was playing one of Junior’s victims in the book, her role in the main narrative would be considerably less active.

    • tmac11 says:

      When I heard they were adapting it for TV I figured it would have to be on HBO or something to allow for Junior’s storyline to be told properly.

    • Carm says:

      She is playing a character that Junior actually killed near the beginning of the book. They have kept her alive on the show for some reason. I am not sure what that is yet.

  3. Ben Kabak says:

    Deb must live!!

  4. KH says:

    The Junior/Angie storyline in Under the Dome does have a purpose, although whether or not it plays out to be the same as in the book is another story considering it has already strayed from that of the book in one major detail. There is a history between those two and something going on with Junior. I’m more interested to see which parts of that story/history are kept and if their fates are ultimately the same as they were in the book. Note: I have already read the book 3 times and currently reading for the 4th time.

  5. Lambsilencer says:

    Yes, the “Buffy” reunion was a very nice touch in this week’s “Warehouse 13”. I sure had my fun. :)
    As for “Under the Dome”, I also hoped for Britt Robertson to have a more active role. But then again, it’s intriguing to find out how this part of the story goes. Even though it’s different in the book, I like what I’ve been seeing so far. I consider “Under the Dome” King’s best book in more than a decade, heck, two decades basically. It’s right up there with his greatest classics. And so far, the adaptation holds up. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  6. Angela says:

    I cannot imagine watching any show starting this season’s contestants on Food Network Star. So bland,, boring, uninteresting? Not sure of the word to describe.

    The Junior/Angie storyline is different from the book so I’m waiting to see how it plays out. But really, crazy people do crazy things.

  7. 13 for sure. That conversation was amazing. I wanted to write it down it was so good.

  8. gcraver40 says:

    My question for Perception was, why have a Comic-con type event and not include LeVar Burton (who is now a regular) in it somewhere?

    • wordsmith says:

      So true! They threw Lewicki in there as the cosplay punchline, but how much harder would it have landed if they had used him instead?

  9. Leah says:

    10. I heard someone float the theory that Angie is already dead. That maybe Junior killed her in their fight, and she is now just a product of his craziness. I really hope not, she seems like one of the few good actors on the show.

    • Mel says:

      “Few good actors”? WTH? No, wait…I’m sorry…after reviewing the cast list to self-importantly rattle off a list of amazing actors to you, I only came up with three. So unfortunately I have to agree with you. However, I am still enjoying the show. I do like your theory though.

    • Keith says:

      Why would it matter if she is a product of his craziness? She is still on the show whether she is alive or part of his imagination

      • Lambsilencer says:

        The theory doesn’t make sense in the light that we have seen Angie alone in that room. If she were a hallucination, she would only be seen by him when he’s there with her. But of course, that might end up being a logical flaw when they might actually go that route.

        • JoeLee says:

          It’s possible that when we see her alone in the room, that we are seeing what HE is seeing in his head. Not saying that is what is happening; just that it is logically plausible that she is dead even though we see her when he is not in the room.

          • Lambsilencer says:

            Yes, I was thinking of that that, too. But still, it would feel a bit like the old trope of cliche when the killer of a person in a movie is alone when he/she “stumbles” upon the body again and acts all shocked – for whom? It’s kind of a meta-awareness that an audience is watching him/her. :)

  10. Mellie says:

    #13 – Yes, that was an amazing conversation. This show consistantly continues to impress me. I fully expected it to be cheezy schlock and it has turned out to be a genuinely good show with characters I really care about. (p.s. – kudos to that last poem at the poetry slam. That was awesome!)

  11. Andrew says:

    5) I called it a few eps back, but I figured they would’ve suspected the pastor from Beacon Hills a little later in the season. I’m starting to suspect one of the guards from the prison. This has to be a two-person serial killer, right?

  12. Nick says:

    To #16: Very confused about the question since the show has been shot (and I thought in fact been anounced) as a scripted reality program

    • wordsmith says:

      Just treat the question like any other question about the plot of a scripted show – wondering what the writers have planned.

    • Pamela says:

      It is a scripted show (ie. fiction) about a reality show. Kind of like ABC’s “The River”.

    • partisan says:

      Have they actually admitted this show is a fake? It obviously is but I hadn’t heard the producers admitted it. Calling it a “scripted realityshow” to me implys they’re still trying to pretend there is anything real here, like the hills on MTV.

  13. Jeff says:

    13 – Yes! So good. That talk was almost as good as the one between Kurt and his Dad when he found out Kurt was thinking about having s*x. I am impressed with the way this show handles controversial topics.

  14. Ina Hark says:

    I don’t think this season’s Killing is overdoing the red herrings. Most hour-long mystery-procedurals such Castle or The Mentalist present us with four or five possible suspects. It’s just that the greater length amplifies the time spent on each red herring.

    I don’t think Kallie is a victim of the serial killer. Whether she is alive or dead, though, I’m not sure.

    • Pamela says:

      I agree. So far I think this season has been very realistic in terms of how a criminal investigation would go. Now, season one on the other hand…that was way overdone.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Watching the show this season I have been more or less watching it will the mindset of having little or no interest in guessing who the killer or killers are. I think the key to doing a season long mystery is dealing with the red herrings in an interesting way, for example this season the mom’s boyfriend might not be the killer but he appears to be a child pornographer. You can’t focus on a character for a couple of episodes and basically have it not really go anywhere like the show often did in the fast two seasons.

    • Chloe says:

      Agreed. That’s what keeps it interesting. If they made it obvious at the beginning ‘who done it’, you wouldn’t bother watching.

  15. Ashlee says:

    #14: they all get goodie bags at the start of a season for participating, they each got those sweatshirts in their bags… they must be comfy if every guy wears theirs all the time.

  16. Lauren says:

    12. Yeah, I’m not buying the Bay/Ty thing. It seemed to come out of nowhere. But, I might be biased because I want Bay and Emmmett together.

    • Winter says:

      Yeah same here. Also Bay cannot really be what Ty is looking for right? “Well I’ve seen the horrors of war. What I really need now is a 17 year old kid that has no possible perspective on this!”

    • liz says:

      Same! And I’m really rather rooting for Ty and that MaryEllen gal (if that’s her name – the one that works at the Maui place); they have a lot more chemistry than Bay/Ty do right now

  17. C. says:

    12) He did redeem himself a little but only because he completely changed personality.

  18. RUCookie says:

    8) Yes, after all that pining for Grayson, you would have thought Jane would have been a bit off kilter. I was most disturbed when she said that she made a comittment to Owen and could not let herself think about Grayson… that might have been stomach-able if they did not kiss!!!
    10) I am ready for the Dome to zap Junior senseless… this storyline is pissing me off fast. The whole thing is insane. I get that he is crazy, and the girl is not the sharpest tool in the shed… but wow, he went off the deep end fast.
    17) Seeing 2 Head and Masters together again made me so happy this week. They were always great on Buffy together. It was magic on the screen.

  19. dan says:

    6) Yes, I was wondering why Marisol is working for Taylor and her actor husband (can’t recall character name, but played by Grant Show); makes more sense for her to work for the Powells (although there is apparently a connection between Taylor and the Powells; daughter? former fling?)
    7) Rodney should’ve been sent home two weeks ago during the movie trailer episode when he was unitelligible and his food was bad (he was just lucky that Lovely’s donuts where impossible to eat and the judge’s were tired of her over-rehearsed presentations). And I wasn’t impressed with Rodney’s performance during the curveball challenge when his time was cut short. He needs to go.
    10) I haven’t read the book, but I know they’ve already changed the character of Angie substantially. I’m hoping she gets out of that chamber soon. And whats with Andrew Shue/Andy Samberg-boy? He is one odd duck!

    • Meg says:

      Taylor isn’t married to Grant Show. That’s the red head. Taylor is the blonde played by Brianna Brown (Lisa Niles from GH).

  20. jo says:

    I think the abduction part on Under the Dome is a vast waste of TV time…I am nearly ready to pack it in because these segments are so off the wall and over wrought that it is taking away from the more integral aspects of the Dome.

  21. Will says:

    “Who at Warehouse 13 do we send a “thank you” letter to for giving us two Buffy alums — Anthony Head and James Marsters — in the same episode?” Seeing that Drew Z. Greenberg, a former BUFFY writer, is one of the head writers of Warehouse 13, I’m guessing him.

  22. sarah says:

    I think that eliminating the dancers at the start on SYTYCD was a bad idea! Glad Nigel will change that. Personally Carlos I think should have stayed and Jade should have been sent home.
    I did gasp when Savi told Harry that she was pregnant but it may not be his, however previews for the July 15 episode makes me hopeful he will forgive her.
    I laughed when I read the line about the guys on the Bachelorette as every episode I think that the guys where tons of hoodies.

  23. arial2 says:

    Re Flynn’s collapse (#11), I didn’t even think of Delk. Delk’s death was sudden and unexpected, while Flynn’s collapse was telegraphed way before it happened. And Flynn’s such a main character, I assumed it was just a repeat of his earlier collapse. At least it got him to get serious about his need for heart meds instead of worrying what the others would think. Tough for a guy to admit he needs more than just workout time.

  24. Barbara C says:

    food network star only chef I see can win is Stacy. (maybe)….HGTV star I think will be Ann and yes she has to tone down her hair…LOL Siberia, yes I think Tommy is alive, hope so, nice guy. I was surprised that Daniel wasn’t really upset about Tommy’s death. After all, it was Tommy who carried him to the camp….

  25. Kim R says:

    #3. In my opinion, Deb will never be able to live with what she did. There is only one way for her to go here. At some point. But that will be such a big thing in Dexter’s life that it may give him an epiphany which will bring about an interesting end game. :)
    #5. I’ll be disappointed if the Pastor is the Big Bad. That means that from ep. 1 I kind of knew and I don’t want that. Too obvious. And let’s not forget…something is going on with those prison guards. Perhaps we have reached the “red herring” limit now. Let’s just move on.
    #11. Not really. Major Crimes is such a good show in itself that I rarely think about The Closer. Loving MC!! :)

  26. ... says:

    5: Kallie’s alive. The Killing may be bleak, but this is still television and I don’t think they’d have Holder and Linden expel all of this effort if she wasn’t alive. Also, they still haven’t completely ruled out Joe Mills; they’re just pursuing Mike because of what Angie said and how Mills has been able to evade them thus far. They didn’t want to put all their eggs in the Mills basket and have him end up not being the main guy, y’know?
    6: I think it’s about safety. She wants to have access to their house through cleaning once a week, but she doesn’t want to put herself in danger by being around them too much or by revealing her real purpose for working for them. By staying with Taylor, she gets enough distance to relax, plan ahead, and keep herself safe.
    10: If this was where they ended up at the end of the season, I think it could have been pretty powerful and legitimately shocking, but they tipped their hand way, way too soon. The build-up in shows like this can be more fun than the actual reveal, so to have him be obviously insane from the third word he ever spoke on the show just takes a lot of the energy and suspense out of the story. Plus, it makes him an unredeemable, one-sided character vs. knowing him as sane/a good boyfriend/someone battling mental illness and then seeing him devolve into madness.
    13: I cried. And then I cried again when they showed Connor wearing the blue nail polish. Everybody goes on and on about how Bunheads should be saved, but I much prefer The Fosters and hope it gets a back order.
    15: Absolutely. I thought she’d hold on to the information for at least another episode or two, but I guess since the baby was in danger due to her stress levels and high blood pressure, she figured she might as well take the leap.
    16: I wouldn’t be too shocked if Tommy was alive and Sabina was a producer plant meant to stir things up, with the show being a grand social experiment. His body was blurred after being mauled by whatever it was mauled by and none of the other contestants saw him before he was covered and flown out, so there’s an off-chance that it was faked. I don’t know if I’d like that, though, because while it would be creepy and Twilight Zone-y, it’s kind of predictable.

  27. arianeb says:

    The Buffy reunion on Warehouse 13 probably came courtesy of the shows creator and producer Jane Espenson who was also a writer and producer on Buffy (as well as most every awesome show on TV in the past decade: Firefly, Angel, Gilmore Girls, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Dollhouse, Game of Thrones, Torchwood, and Once Upon A Time)

  28. cjeffery7 says:

    3 – i sure doesnt SEEM that way, but this is television. it would almost be TOO obvious if she didn’t manage to pull herself out of it, at least for a short period of time before something else traumatic and triggering happened. i just dont know!!

  29. grace2552 says:

    3 – Wrong. Debra Morgan is nobody’s f-ing victim. Sure she needs time to wallow and self-destruct after what happened with LaGuerta because she’s SO pure/good at heart, but no way this thing ends with her destruction. Deb is a fighter. She will emerge victorious.

  30. GeoDiva says:

    15. Yes! I actually yelled “Holy Sh!t” out loud when it happened.

  31. ..... says:

    10. I’m just hoping that the reason for his insanity remains the same. I don’t mind that the differences with the book are already numerous because I am still loving the show. The bigger question in my mind, though, is whether or not the reason for all the propane remains the same as in the book. I sure hope so, especially with Dean Norris playing Big Jim…nice role reversal for him.

  32. Holly says:

    6) The second episode of Devious Maids was boring. I’m done.
    21) Not sure where you’re coming from. I watched Neil Diamond perform on A Capitol Fourth and called myself looking at the crowd–even though I thought Barry Manilow was better. What did I miss?

    • Betsy says:

      I almost felt like Neil was not himself…? he seemed a tad out of it? the scruff, the slurring…. where were his tight pants? i’m worried… That being said, Barry’s still got it! altho both of them need to stop the plastic surgery before they are unrecognizable. Barry’s almost there. Megan Hilty was a DELIGHT. I still miss Erich Kunzel, but Jack Everly is doing his best.

      • Holly says:

        Agree about Neil. He didn’t sound all that great but he must be getting up in years so I’ll give him a pass. Barry sounded excellent but agree about the plastic surgery. I enjoyed Megan Hilty and the American Idol winner Scotty M (?). He has a wonderful voice, and I’m not even a fan of country music or AI.

  33. Patrick Maloney says:

    I believe the Pastor is the person killing the girls now, and the rest of the season will be all about catching him and figuring out Seward’s connection to the current murders

  34. Holly says:

    5) Not sure about the pastor being the killer. It’s too obvious. On a side note, last Sunday’s episode had two of the most powerful scenes I can recall on The Killing to date since the beginning. Both were scenes with Seward–the one with the prisoner in the cell next to him (cannot articulate how powerful that scene was), and the one with Seward and his father. Peter S is doing some fine acting on the show.

    • Mel says:

      Yes, we thought it was way too obvious for it to be the pastor after only 6 episodes in out of 12. AND if the girl in the hospital saw his eyes, she would have recognized him, so I don’t think it’s the pastor. Have we even met the killer yet? Who knows, but this season the show is pretty amazing. I am mostly intrigued about the Seward connection to it all and what his son knows.

  35. Kenneth Belliveau says:

    I don’t mind all the Red Herrings in The Killing, mainly because the biggest part of solving any crime is weeding down the suspect pool and the show always does it with such gripping suspense.

    As for Under the Dome, the Junior/Angie storyline is intriguing but I’m afraid will still be going in episode 13. If she doesn’t somehow break out, or something doesn’t change by episode 5 it is too much. Britt Robertson is too talented to be stuck in bomb shelter for the majority of the season.

  36. A says:

    12 – Bay seems like Ty’s little sister. It’s weird. The actress really hasn’t had any romantic chemistry with any of her partners, in my opinion. I guess Emmett was their best option but once he cheated it kind of killed the pairing, although I know most people do not feel that way. Actually she had more chemistry with that girl that she did graffiti with…

    • liz says:

      I think if Zara had stuck around her and Bay probably would have started actually dating. It was hinted at enough.
      One of the girls will probably date a woman at some point, be cool – and realistic. And its really the only topic SaB hasn’t focused on in regards to accessible identity politics.

    • Mel says:

      Agreed, Bay has no chemistry with Ty, and a very small amount with Emmett. Actually I still see her as Luke’s 12-year-old daughter on Gilmore Girls, most likely due to the same kind of acting she did at that time. Yes, there WAS more chemistry with graffiti girl (who I did not like at all).

  37. liz says:

    Jace, on Switched at Birth, is quite possibly the most annoying character I’ve come across in a LONG time. I hate him, I hate when he’s on, I hate how ridiculous he is and how pretentious he is. He’s the kid in your political science class that’s always talking about ‘truth’.
    He needs to go asap.

  38. Lisa says:

    13 — The Lena/Jude conversation was tremendous; I actually teared up. The Fosters has far exceeded any expectations I had for the show: it has dealt with so many issues without being cheesy or preaching. Lena and Stef are terrific. I hope that it gets a back order and runs for years.

  39. rowan77 says:

    4. I thought she was trying to sound like Carmella from The Sopranos, when I think she’s supposed to be from Chicago. Regardless, I’m happy to see Trixie from Deadwood in anything. And YES about Bridget!

    8) Yes – and was disappointed in how easy it was for Jane and “the real Jane” to get along and then for REal Jane to leave. And where was real Jane staying and where did she get the money to go to Paris?

    11) A little, but Flynn’s collapse was done for comedy and Chief Delk’s was for shock value.

    13) Loved it.

    19) ABC Studios owns Perception. Disney owns both ABC and Star Wars. They got it on the cheap.

  40. kirads09 says:

    #10 – sorry. I find the Junior thing utterly ridiculous. The actor just isn’t very believable in what should be a very creepy role. Otherwise enjoying the series thus far.
    #16 – The question about Sabina is the exact same I have been asking myself since seeing the pilot. She has to be a plant of some sort. I think Tommy is really dead – :( Since he’s the only one that bothered to help nerd guy.

  41. Britta Unfiltered says:

    4. Paula Malcomson has never been great with the accents unless she’s talking in her native Irish accent. I assume she was going for Bostonian on Ray Donovan, but who knows. I don’t mean to knock on her though, because I always love seeing Trixie the Wh*re on television.

  42. Brendan says:

    21 – I watched all three fireworks specials (except for my favorite Boston Pops, curse you CBS!) because I wanted to see which one was the best – and also because we celebrated again on the 5th for the benefit of the family members that had to work on the 4th… and I actually found the diversity of the crowds to coincide with the type of music played.

    NBC played a little of everything and the crowd was the most diverse. The Philly Jam on VH1 played more soul/jazz/R&B (with a little rock and country tossed in) and the crowd had more black people, so it’s not surprising that the crowd was more white at the Capital Fourth since they played mostly classical, opera and broadway music (Candice Glover and the cast of Motown the musical were the only black performers). I’m not sure if the crowds that showed up were a direct result of the performers slated to appear or not, but it seemed to be the case.

    I personally found the Capitol Fourth to be the best overall since I was disappointed by the lack of fireworks at the Philly Jam (a three hour broadcast with only two minutes of fireworks seems a little wrong IMO) and I found the music selected by Usher to be a little self-indulgent and somewhat off for the fireworks (four of his own songs and only 1 and a half patriotic songs in a fireworks display on the fourth, really?!).

    • Chloe says:

      I agree about Usher’s music choices. I was really surprised that he put 4 of his own songs in. The last one had a lyric about him being vain, which had me nodding my head. I was very disappointed that he didn’t include The Stars and Stripes Forever, which is a staple during the show. I even tweeted my disappointment to NBC [Yeah, I know, they don’t care]. And Sinatra’s New York, New York got about 10 seconds but Jay-Z went on for a minute-minute and a half. That said, the NY fireworks get better every year. Philly’s always pales next to them. I don’t even bother watching them anymore.

  43. Chloe says:

    8. Yes, I was really hoping that she’d dump Owen [as much as I like him] and choose Grayson. I wonder if this saga will ever have a conclusion, especially if it gets cancelled [again] and this time it sticks. :(

    20. I hate those annoying bottom-of-the-screen ads at any time. They’re invasive, distracting and did I mention they’re annoying?

  44. Jared says:

    There is ZERO chemistry between Bay and Ty..there NEVER was especially when comparing them with Emma/Sutton and Ethan on TLG. I’m just happy that ABCFamily is keeping Blair Redford on the network.

  45. April says:

    The actress that plays Ray’s daughter Bridget was not Paige from Brothers & Sisters. That was her sister.