Devious Maids Exclusive Preview: 'Wanton Carnality' Is on the Menu at Casa Powell

In a mere two episodes, Adrian Powell (My So Called Life‘s Tom Irwin) has proven himself the filthiest character among the Beverly Hills society scoundrels of Devious Maids. And it looks like he’s not cleaning up his act anytime soon, at least based on the following exclusive clip from this Sunday’s episode (10/9c on Lifetime).

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In “Wiping Away the Past,” the Powells play host to Maxwell Rose (Stevie Ray Dallimore), a man who’s clearly smarting from a recent heartbreak — and Adrian volunteers to be his guide as he explores a “time for adventure.” Adrian’s wife, Evelyn (the hilarious Rebecca Wisocky), however, isn’t so keen on her hubby recruiting Maxwell into his “disgusting little hobby.” (Hrmmm…could she be referring to Adrian’s unseemly interest in the Powell’s string of housekeepers?)

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Press play below to find out how Adrian responds to Evelyn’s unexpected veto, then hit the comments with your theories on Adrian’s extracurricular activities!

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