Exclusive Siberia Preview Video: 'Do We Have Medics or Something on This Show?'

Siberia NBC Preview JohnnyThe premiere of Siberia — NBC’s scripted series about a Survivor-esque reality show where things start to go srrrrsly wrong — ended with blood pouring out of a cameraman’s head and the announcement that one contestant (super-friendly environmentalist Tommy) had suffered a fatal injury.

On Monday’s sophomore outing (10/9c), the bad news — and gore! — keep on coming, courtesy of bad-boy loner Johnny injuring a finger while chopping wood. (Now he’s got even more excuse to not help out around the encampment!)

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Manipulative model Esther’s none too pleased with the lack of producer intervention — “Do we have medics or something on this show?” she asks, incredulously — but it’s Carolina who provides First Aid, right before she drops a bombshell question in Johnny’s lap.

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Press play below for the preview, and then hit the comments with your thoughts. Is $500,00o worth losing a fingertip? What do you think prompted Carolina’s query? Sound off below!

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