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Once Upon a Time's Season 3 Premiere Title Revealed: What Does It Mean?

Who is Once Upon a Time‘s “truest believer”? And would that person be well advised to keep an eye on his/her ticker…?

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Those are the questions raised by series cocreator Adam Horowitz‘s reveal of the Season 3 premiere script cover, which carries the title: “The Heart of the Truest Believer.”

Could the title refer to Henry, thus explaining why Peter Pan, as revealed in the finale, is dead-set on getting his mitts on the Maine munchkin? Could that have been Tamara and Greg’s mission, to deliver unto “him” the heart of the truest believer?

And what if instead they had showed up with the “truest Belieber?” Then all hell breaks loose?

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Share your theories on the Season 3 title in comments.

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