Ray Donovan: You Fixin' to Stick With It?

ray donovan premiere recapTake Olivia Pope, relocate her to La-La Land, quadruple her intensity, cut her dialogue output in half and, oh yeah, make her look like Liev Schreiber — that, in a nutshell, is Showtime’s wildly entertaining, impeccably cast Ray Donovan.

The series, which bowed Sunday night and hails from Southland creator Ann Biderman, centers on Schreiber’s South Boston transplant Donovan, a “fixer” who miraculously makes the problems of Hollywood’s rich and famous disappear before they get leaked to TMZ. (On R.D.’s series-premiere plate: helping a basketball MVP rid a dead woman from his bed and convincing the world that an A-list action star is straight.)

And then there’s Ray’s complicated, Sopranos-esque personal life.

While he’s in Los Angeles tending to business, his wife (played by the predictably sensational Paula Malcomson) is stuck in the ‘burbs caring for their two children and generally being suspicious of her husband’s mysterious, often dangerous, occasionally adulterous extracurricular activities.

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His immediate family also includes two brothers — the Parkinson’s-afflicted boxer-turned-gym-owner Terry and the drug-addled child abuse survivor Bunchy — and, most notably, his estranged, foul-mouthed thug of a father Mickey (next year’s supporting actor Emmy frontrunner Jon Voight). Daddy dearest has just been sprung from prison after two decades — five years ahead of schedule — and, much to Ray’s horror, he’s keen on getting to know his grandkids.

After watching Showtime’s latest original drama, are you in? Grade Ray Donovan via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    Great cast but I found it kinda dull. We’ll see.

    • prish says:

      I find all pilots to be dull. I enjoy watching Liev Schreiber, so I’ll fast forward to his fixing scenes, at least. I’m not into disfunctional, too much in real life, I guess.

  2. mantua says:

    Damn…if Don Draper and Olivia Pope had a love child, it would be definitely Ray Donovan.

  3. Suz says:

    Somehow he avoids LA traffic but I like the cast and potential story lines. Solid acting all around too.

  4. eaglezfan says:

    his wife is possibly one of the worst actresses….not very good acting, been there done that plotlines and archetype characters. A sopranos wannabe as well.

    • Kevin Wilson says:

      His wife is a fantastic actress (check out Deadwood for her role as Trixie). This is generally understated acting, and plot buildup. Don’t see any Sopranos copying here – looks like it can be a great original series.

    • Cisero says:

      If Irish actor Paula Malcomson (the wife) wanted you all to like her – you would. She is making a different choice here. Her previous performances on Showtime’s Deadwood are legendary among critics. When was the last time you loved every character on a show? Without conflict there is no story. Derp.

  5. M3rc Nate says:

    Im not fully sure how i feel about Ray Donovan. I was hoping when watching the episode that him and his wife would have a solid relationship, and that he wouldnt cheat or anything…but apparently she seems like a neurotic backstabber and highly emotional, and well, he cheats. I dont think im gonna like how long they keep Voight, because hes a main character (and big name) im sure hes gonna be in multiple seasons, so that kills the tension of Ray saying “you come around my family ill kill you” and the next scene is him with Rays family. So i just dont know, Ray seems like a badass character and the Hollywood “Fixer” is a cool thing to explore, but there are so many things it appears that i cant stand in TV shows that will be happening that i might end up quitting on it.

    • Mandy says:

      I agree about Ray and his wife’s relationship. I thought, how interesting, a guy like this, in this world, really loves his wife and is faithful. That lasted all of 10 minutes. It was too predictable that the first pretty, young thing that comes along. Maybe he has a god complex and can’t resist the women who idolize him,but they didn’t show that but just making him hook up with a 20 year old.
      Liked the rest of the show in general though.

  6. Sokratis says:

    20 minutes in. I had really high hopes for this, but its so terrible. Hopefully itll turn around by the end off the episode…

    • Alienate says:

      I’ll never know if it turned around. About 30 minutes in, I had had more than enough.
      A morally degenerate soap opera. NO THANKS. I’ll cancel Showtime until Homeland returns.

  7. Ian says:

    Yeah, I’d hoped the show would be thrilling for some of the cast involved, but it misses being anything must-watch. Some interesting performances, but that’s it. Scandal does the whole ‘fixer’ thing much better, Ray’s basically a thug, and him being practically a cheater with the typically young pretty blonde with daddy issues and a fatal infatuation is predictably cliche and sealed the deal for putting me off the show.

    Still, Liev Schreiber has always been one of my top celebrity crushes, one of the sexiest men on the planet, so I’m stuck tuning in for any nudity and sex scenes

  8. Bobbie says:

    Vile and violent. Ray Donovan is a thug who solves problems with violence, and seems to find an opportunity to solve a problem about every 5 minutes. Still the story has some interesting elements, and Jon Voigt is amazing. I don’t know how long I can stick with a show where the hero has so little cleverness. And to think it’s Ann Biderman. I expected better.

    • danlb says:

      Agree with this and M3rc Nate’s comments as well. Can’t figure why a top writer like Ann Biderman (I loved Southland) would stoop to a degree where she’s copying what’s already been done. There’s elements of Sopranos, Scandal, Southie, and a few other shows here. The plots (several in one) tend to confuse the viewer and take the attention in too many directions at once. Plus it’s hard to root for Ray because he’s too flawed on so many levels. His wife is a real winner, too. Then there are the cliches, not the least of which is Jon Voight himself: seems every part Voight gets these days is playing greasy thugs, which will weigh this drama down early on and will tire out viewers too quickly. I’m gone already.

  9. Robb says:

    They need to get rid of the wife, so annoying.

    • Cisero says:

      RE The Wife, Irish actor Paula Malcomson (the wife) Is a highly respected actress. Her previous performances on Showtime’s Deadwood are legendary among critics. When was the last time you loved every character on a show? Without conflict there is no story. Derp.

  10. Daniel says:

    Something is wrong with the poll. You can vote for multiple options!

  11. Boring – too much like Scandal but not as interesting. Turned it off after 20 minutes.

  12. Chase says:

    The main reason this can only get a B from me so far is that Mike in Breaking Bad was a much more interesting/likable character playing the exact same type of character as Ray Donovan.

  13. Daisy says:

    I really enjoyed it but I too am not a fan of the wife. I can’t tell yet tell if it’s the character or the actress that plays her but I will stick with it for awhile to see where this goes. Love Liev.

    • Daisy says:

      SPOILER: I mean really, if my husband said, “Stay away from this guy, he will destroy our family.” I wouldn’t invite him over for hugs. I’m hoping they explain her betrayal soon.

      • Eli says:

        I think it’s pretty obvious why she did it, cause he cheated on her.

        • Daisy says:

          I don’t think so. It doesn’t make sense to expose your children to a potentially dangerous person as revenge for cheating.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            I agree, she was writing letters back and forth with him in prison and he was twisting everything so it seemed like Ray was the one “with a hole in your heart” for his father (and in general). If i continue to watch this show at all, i hope she gets the consequence of her being SUCH a fool and one of her kids gets killed indirectly because of Voights character. But i doubt it…i imagine there will be tons of hyped up tension but no actual tension in terms of “will a character be killed off?” like on same GOT or Dexter or the few other shows that do it and i love it.

    • Cisero says:

      If Irish actor Paula Malcomson (the wife) wanted you all to like her – you would. She is making a different choice here. Her previous performances on Showtime’s Deadwood are legendary among critics. When was the last time you loved every character on a show? Without conflict there is no story. Derp.

  14. OrangeCoast says:

    Showtime hyped up this show like it was the second coming of Jesus. So boring, so unoriginal. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

    • Mary S says:

      They are hoping that fans of Dexter will like Ray and accept him as a substitute. BUT, even though he is a serial killer, Dexter has a high moral code and tries to be a good man in all other areas of his life. He only kills killers and only to prevent them from killing more innocents. He was faithful to his wife and to his various girlfriends, even though he wasn’t confident of his abilities to be in a relationship. He loves his son and his sister and even though the storyline has taken a terrible twist (they have to do something to end the series, after all) he is a likable character, even to the point of me cheering him on when he takes out the bad guys. I will miss him!!!
      And, unless there are some vast improvements in the characters, Ray Donovan is no replacement, no matter how much Showtime wants him to be. There are some excellent actors on the show and it would be nice if their characters were worthy of them. So far, they are not.
      Showtime has cancelled the Borgias and Dexter will be gone soon; the movies they air are either already in my DVD library or I did not want to see them when they were released. if they want me to keep paying the subscription price, they better do something to make me want to stay, or when Dexter goes, I go with him.

  15. Joe says:

    Very surprising to see a former teen Colby Chandler from AMC as his wannabe young mistress. What would Adam and Liza say?

  16. Golden says:

    I like Liev a lot, but all the characters on this show are so repugnant. I sat there wishing Ray would off all of them. I hope Masters of Sex is better than this.

  17. Alexis says:

    Paula Deen should call Ray Donovan.

  18. Cat says:

    It was really slow. I’ll give it a few more episodes (if not only for Liev but also Katherine Moennig who I love). Pilots always drag to me, always takes 2 or 3 episodes for me to stay with a show or dump it.

  19. Mary S says:

    I had high hopes for the show; I think Showtime is trying to give us a replacement for DEXTER, but so far I have seen only one character I like, and that is Ray himself, only because I like Liev as an actor.
    That wife shouldn’t even be there!! She is negative and a detriment to the show. I don’t care that Ray has cheated on her. If he was that bad, she should have left him a long time ago. She reminds me of the wife in Mystic River who got her husband killed…stupid cow! All in all, I think the show has much more potential if they get rid of the wife and kids entirely. Just have her leave him and go back to the East Coast where she belongs.
    Then dad and the sons can deal with whatever they have to deal with and Ray can fix things (offscreen, please!) as he has always done.
    We know what Dexter does but after the knife to the heart we don’t have to see it. The baseball bat, swung once, would have been sufficient to let us know what happens when Ray’s rules are broken.
    Yes, I’ll watch a few more times, to see if the stupid cow gets the consequences she deserves for being so stupid as to let Mickey into her home after being specifically told not to do so…but, I think there will have to be a tragedy to make it clear to her that she seriously messed up. Like the wife/widow in Mystic River. And I am not certain I want to see that.
    I like characters with some intelligence about them. So far, the only one I want to learn more about is Ray; all the rest are not worth my time.
    In Dexter, every character “belongs” there. They serve a purpose, even the ones we don’t respect or like. This show seems filled with nonentities, crazies or morons. But, it’s only the pilot. I will watch Liev, Jon and Elliot a few more times just to see where the characters are going.
    But, that stupid wife really needs to be gone. NOT to be replaced by the 20-something who’s stalking him, either! She needs to be gone, as well. He needs a woman more his age, who has some heart and intelligence and offers understanding and patience when needed…even Dexter has had a wife and love interests who suited him. That’s what Ray needs, not the “things” he has now.

    • Steve M. says:

      Agree with your comments (love your Mystic River reference, spouses should stand behind one another) but what about the choices that Ray has made – why is he still with his wife – is it only about the kids?

      • Mary S says:

        Why is he still married…? I’m guessing it’s partly because of the kids and partly because he still loves her. He cheats partly because his wife is a b**** and partly because it’s the path of least resistance. Maybe he likes that there are women who think he’s sexy; his wife doesn’t seem to, from what we’ve seen so far. And we’ve seen that he has shut down communications with her. He does enough fighting away from home, he won’t do it there. And, no matter what he says to her, she does the opposite, so why bother? I could of course be totally wrong, after all, it’s all fiction, anyway! But, with a wife like that, wouldn’t you want to be appreciated somehow? All we’ve seen her do is complain, but he loves his kids, we’ve seen that, too. If he dumps her, he loses them, so he puts up with her and gives in to the girl. Maybe when he closes his eyes, she becomes his wife in the early years, before kids and caterwauling. All sorts of possibilities RE: cheating instead of divorce. He wants to be a better dad than the one he had. I’m guessing that’s a big motivator, too. Sex with other women is the punishment he doles out to his wife for being a b****.
        And, yes, I know there are some men who just don’t know how to say “no” if someone is persistent. We know he turned her down for a long time, because she asks him why they didn’t do it earlier. I think he wants to be a good husband but has lost incentive.

  20. HalB says:

    I found it a poor show. Why is it that when people try to do Boston accents, they err on the side of over-the-top? WTF with the straying? The character is supposed to be a “stand up guy” yet he cheats anyway? It is just really hard to suspend disbelief with this show.
    As an IRC from the Boston area, I was also disappointed with the hack inclusion of the Boston diocese’s abuse scandal.

  21. BL says:

    A) the wife that everyone is hating on plays Katniss’s deadbeat mom in the THG movie and she was also the terrible Maureen Ashby in SOA, so this is not her first role where she annoys me.
    B) the show is slow moving so far but I am hoping it picks up soon.

    • Cisero says:

      If Irish actor Paula Malcomson (the wife) wanted you all to like her – you would. She is making a different choice here. Her previous performances on Showtime’s Deadwood are legendary among critics. When was the last time you loved every character on a show? Without conflict there is no story. Derp.

  22. Duckeey says:

    Why do critics give rave reviews to the most boring shows on tv. The Killing, Rectify, and now this show. Of course, now this is the only show everyone is going to be talking about just because its on Showtime.

  23. Alienate says:

    Wow! I thought I was gonna be the only one to call this show B.S. Guess those polling numbers are rigged. It’s a stinker.

  24. Not watching the show says:

    I like the Character Ray Donovan and that he fixes problems. The rest of the show needs a makeover. I don’t like: Seeing boy’s (children) being molested. Do we really need the flash back scenes, No. The relationship with the wife should be better. It never showed Ray spend time with the kids, throwing ball talking about school. Two seconds is not enough. For Ray being such a strong guy and family man he sure let a girl do what she wanted. Not good for a marriage. I for one wont be watching the show, I didn’t even finish watching the first episode I was so pissed off. .

  25. Not watching the show says:

    I forgot to mention: The father relationship, With Ray going to kill him if he comes around and yet he does. If he is trusted to fix other peoples problems but cant fix his own, how can we believe him? Also the wife sure has heck would Not be in contact!

    • Mary S says:

      We saw that he gave the stalker two warnings before the bat. First one was relatively polite but stern, second was dyeing the guy green. If the stalker was stupid enough to continue after that, well, a baseball bat was included in the second warning. He was given a choice “bag or bat?” and chose the bag. OBVIOUSLY the bat would be in play (no pun intended) if Ray had to come back. Maybe people are deceived by his demeanor: he doesn’t scream, shout, wave his arms around, throw tantrums or in any outward way reveal his anger or determination. (He did raise his voice to his wife when talking about keeping dad away, but she’s an idiot and angry with him, so is going to ignore anything he says, anyway) That is the most dangerous type, even in nature. I kinda like that about him. It is the one thing he and Dexter have in common. But Ray gives warnings, Dex does not. If he is underestimated, well, then, they get the consequences of not doing the right/smart thing.
      As far as fixing his own problems “You’re never a hero in your own hometown” and his family really doesn’t know how he makes his living, so they don’t respect him much. His brothers have their own problems (that he can’t fix), his wife is a thwarted social-climber who resents NOT being in Beverly Hills. (Personally, I like Calabassas, because it is not Beverly Hills!) and she takes her resentment out on him. He fixes other people’s problems because he can’t fix his own.
      He doesn’t talk very much, so those around him don’t know what he’s thinking.
      It’s always easier to solve other people’s problems than your own, because you are too close to them. Haven’t you learned that by now? I learned it many years ago!
      There are things I like about him (it is Liev, after all!) and I am curious enough to watch a few more episodes, but the family situations need to be cleaned up.

  26. rob says:

    Too many moving parts. Like the premise, but hard to follow all the sub plots. Would like it better if the “assignments” were developed more. It seems to be 59 minutes of I’m angry at the world and 1 minute of beat the crap out of someone and the problem is fixed.

    • Mary S says:

      I will admit, there are a lot of things going on, but they can be categorized – family, which has about 3 subplots: stupid wife, daddy issues, and unusual/strange brothers. Then there’s the job and all of the people involved there: bosses (both of them) loyal employee who does whatever needs to be done, and several assignments or messes to clean up. As long as you can pigeonhole them, you’re fine. There is an overlap between daddy, the bosses, and the movie star, having to do with the actor killed a girl and Ray and his bosses blamed it on dad who went to prison and now wants a different kind of revenge on each of them. IF you can keep them in their own circles of influence, with Ray in the overlapping area at the center, you can follow everything pretty well. Remember diagramming sentences for English class? Do that to the plotlines and you’ll be fine.

      My two questions are: (1) When Ray saw the driver’s license, confirmed that the dead priest was the one who molested his brother and then smiled, was it because dad finally did something right, or because now he can get dad sent back to prison? Or some combination of the two? (2) Did the picture stapled to the half-brother’s chest really send the message to dad to leave the actor alone? The one brother found the body, saw the pic and freaked out, but did anybody tell Mickey about it? And is Mickey now going to aim for revenge for what was done to his newest son? I understand that infiltrating Ray’s family is flipping him off, figuratively, as if to say, even your wife and kids like me better than they like you, so I’ll continue hanging out with them and you’ll just have to stand by and watch: first step of revenge is turning everyone against him. NOT A GOOD THING, and NOT to be tolerated.

      • Cisero says:

        If Irish actor Paula Malcomson (the wife) wanted you all to like her – you would. She is making a different choice here. Her previous performances on Showtime’s Deadwood are legendary among critics. When was the last time you loved every character on a show? Without conflict there is no story. Derp.

        • Mary S says:

          Cisero, I understand that acting is acting and that the actors can only portray what the writers and the director tell them.
          I am certain that she is an excellent actress and that we would all love her IF SHE WERE WRITTEN THAT WAY. I don’t believe I said anything about the actors themselves. I was complaining about the SCRIPTS that isolate Ray and have him surrounded by people he should be able to trust, but cannot. I was speaking of the CHARACTERS, not the actors.
          Yes, conflict is a necessary component in any good story, but I hate that he is so alone. It is a tribute to the actors that they play their parts so well that I want to slap them. That doesn’t mean I have to like these despicable people who populate RAY’S life.
          I can only hope that at some point at least one of them begins to understand him (or, support him even if they DON’T understand him) so that he can relax, even if for a few minutes, in the company of at least one of his family members.
          Please don’t read things into my comments that are not there!

  27. Angela petrillo says:

    I just love it,but I’m inpatient I want to know what micky(dad)did to ray (son) other than being a lousy street wise dad to make him hate him so much,maybe kill his mother???

    • Mary S says:

      I wonder, not only what Mick did to make Ray hate him so much, but WHY Ray’s brothers are so accepting of Mick?? Bunchy is getting ready to turn over the check from the church ($1.4 million) to Mick…how badly was his brain damaged during all those fights? And why on earth would Mick urge the illegitimate son to beat on the third, disabled, son until he was in pain? What is wrong with the man? And why does Ray tolerate him? Yes, ok, he’s going to get hin thrown back to prison…but in the meantime, his brothers are trying to bring the abusive father back into their lives! There are some really sick people in this story and I don’t know how long I can stand watching it…but I think Liev is worth watching. Without him, I would not have stayed for more than 20 minutes of the first episode. He is surrounded by idiots and traitors (including his brain-dead wife!) and I would have him wash his hands of all of them.

  28. Joerodeo says:

    Shows great don’t know what all these other assholes are talking about I’m on for the long haul.

  29. Don says:

    The poll isn’t rigged it’s just the same few people commening. DUH

  30. jazzbaby6 says:

    I am watching this show online because, I’m in the UK and it’s not on tv here. This is an amazing program. I fail to understand why people who have posted negative comments, after just two episodes? Every show needs time to develop its plot, and time for said plots to be revealed to its audience. This show is no different.
    I remember watching two episodes of Scandal and thinking, this is absurdly boring and totally unbelievable. However, I stuck with it and was proven wrong. Now, I can’t get enough of that show. The wife character is boring and her acting poor, but I think her story has yet to be told.
    Ray is a thug, but he’s a product of his environment and upbringing and that is borne out in the duality of his characters persona. Reference in point, his beating of the transvestite and his insistence of getting the money to him to pay for the gender re-ensignment surgery.
    Ray is a thug with a conscience, which is believable. His father, played brilliantly by Voight, is a deranged antithesis of Ray and that is the beauty if this show. Ray knows he is his fathers son only, he believes he has the moral high ground and will exact his revenge on his father because of this.Ray Donovan is a good show and it will only get better.

  31. Buck says:

    An all jew cast playing Irishmen? Horrible casting, worse script. This show sucks. This is in no way even close to being a replacement for Dexter. Shame cuz I usually like Liev and Voight, just not in this crap. It’s like they made a show full of jews just for the sake of having a show full of jews (noir inside joke/comedy?). Elliot Goulds character is ridiculousand stupid. I hope they bring back Dexters son as a replacement when this crap dies off.

    They probably won’t let my post stand cuz I criticized the jews. Gee, what a surprise.

  32. Earl Jones says:

    The show has a good cast, but its not enough to safe this sinking ship. I would rather watch a test pattern then this shipwreck of a TV show.

  33. tfg4000 says:

    Ray Donavan could be an excellent show if it weren’t for the stark racism. Every African-American on the show is some kind of thug, drug addict, trouble-maker, seller of children, blingy athelete or poverty stricken ghetto dweller. Wake up and realize that you discourage
    an entire market by doing this!

  34. Cisero says:

    If Irish actor Paula Malcomson (the wife) wanted you all to like her – you would. She is making a different choice here. Her previous performances on Showtime’s Deadwood are legendary among critics. When was the last time you loved every character on a show? Without conflict there is no story. Derp.

    • Diva says:

      We get it. You like that actress, but some of us don’t. I don’t find her attractive and she is annoying. It is too much to deal with! And in case there is any confusion I mean both the actress and the character.

      • ripley says:

        I couldn’t agree more about the wife. I really wish they would get rid of her to the point I’ve contemplating not watching any further episodes, because its painful to watch her scenes. No “value-add” in my opinion. Complete buzz-kill when the episode is going good and then there she is “You gotta hole in ya hawt, Ray.” Please go away.

        • Mary S says:

          Last night I saw her do something that I never thought she would do: she meekly stopped her harangue and went home!
          The writers have created a woman who is not happy with anything in her life, from her marriage, to her kids, even where she lives! I lived in Woodland Hills, right next door to Calabasas – granted, that was 20 years ago, but it is wonderful up there-big houses, gorgeous views, good neighbors, all that-so why is she so unhappy? All the B^^^^ does is complain and go where she shouldn’t! If anything will make me not watch the show, it is that character.
          I sincerely hope the writers do better for her next season or I will not bother with the show. Ray is a brute, granted, but he has good reason for it…she, on the other hand, grates on my nerves to the point that I want to just slap her. I mean, doesn’t she have any more sense than to try to get into his business like that? After all their years together, hasn’t she figured out yet the kind of work he does? He obviously loves her and the kids or else he would have been gone, years ago!
          As I said in an earlier post, she reminds me of the dumb/stupid/moron wife in Mystic River who got her hubby killed for no good reason. Then she was sorry, but, hey, too little, too late. Ray’s wife seems to be headed on that same track.
          Strange, isn’t it, that the killings and the mob activities don’t bother me as much as the wife who doesn’t trust her husband and just causes problems for him and nags all the time?

  35. Robert says:

    KILL HER —- I hate the wife, she so annoying especially with those stupid tattoos and mature body (slags)

    The show needs to come alive, a bit dull but than again sometime first season usually is.

  36. Robin Smith says:

    I wanted to like this show, because I like the lead actor; I think he caught a bad show here though. That wife? the actress may be just dandy, but the character sucks, and is so annoying I tried fast-forwarding through all her scenes. But even that did not help… Ray is a lose thug, bully at work , play and home. /he’s a bad guy. not a misunderstood ‘good guy’ of any sort.. he’s as bad as the guys he ‘fixes’ for his clients. I hate that wife character, but was still shocked that he bullys and brutalizes her sexually, then promises her the house of her dreams and all is so well/forgiven she gives him a bj?!! WTF? I am out… Even a cameo by Anne Margaret can’t save this show… the actors all should go find other shows, fast. Breaking Bad was a zillion times better than whatever this brutal, and yet stunningly dull show tries to be. And Scandal can be brutal, by it’s a smarter show — writers come on, the Donovan plot-lines could have been written back in the 70’s –so darn predictable… no loveable characters here.. like in White Collar, no redeeming features either — no break from the dark, hating, brutal scene after scene.. til who cares what happens to any of them including Ray? He’s a *rick and I hate that character too… he blows his family off, over and over again , wife, daughter , son, brothers.. and saying his brother’s name slowly “ok Bunch” is supposed to some how convey his family love… and balance all the crap he serves them? I could forgive a lot of that, look the other way, if the writing was unique, surprising or GOOD. I think the writers let this show down… the show , the actors , the audience and the netwk.. could you imagine this premise in the hands of the MadMen writers, or Breaking bad writers, or Soprano writers, ..????
    I’m done, this show is too depressing as pretty as that Ray actor is, that’s the only thing that show has going for it… the wife? If I never see that actress again in anything I’ll be happy — say how great she is all you want, but she hits this acting like a ton of bricks and the character sucks enough with out that too. The kids in the show do NOT over act, and them I hope to see in other things, ad fast…
    Anyway — I googled Ray Donavan sucks, and was not surprised I am not alone… what’s up with that survey, nearly every comment is neg but the survey does not reflect that…

    I’ll wait for Sherlock, Falling Skies, Person of Interest, Game of Thrones, … heck Dexter repeats!