Why Did Dome Halve a Cow, Man? Defiance Too Dressy? OT for Goodwin Games? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Under the Dome, Defiance, Graceland and Rookie Blue!

1 | On 666 Park Avenue, did the 117-year-old man really need to peel the flesh off his face to transform back to his younger self? (OK, it was cool, but we’re still having nightmares a week later!)

2 | Did  Degrassi‘s “Time of Your Life” graduation flashmob put a cheesy grin on your face, too?

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3 | For Falling Skies fans: Cochise’s sob story about never seeing his home planet’s indigenous flower > Crazy Lee’s death?

4 | If you were dating The Killing‘s Holder, would you have been charmed by his lame/creative “I celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th” excuse, or would you make like Liz Lemon and declare it a dealbreaker?

5 | Were you able to predict the outcome of this week’s Food Network Star the minute Lovely inexplicably decided to make donuts using store-bought pizza dough? (Or did you predict this a few weeks back, when she introduced herself as Lovely?) And what’s with wannabe HGTV Star Anne always losing things? First the bed linens, now big ol’ drapes….Popular TV Shows 2013

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6 | Did Mad Men‘s new logo for Sterling Cooper & Partners give you a sudden urge to try your hand at Plinko or bid on the Showcase Showdown? And who’s going to be the one to tell Matthew Weiner that James Wolk (aka Bob Benson) has a new CBS comedy and therefore may not be readily available for Season 7?

7 | Is that Poppy Montgomery hosting HGTV’s Renovation Raiders? No? Regardless, can someone do something to get the “target” more excited upon discovering their home’s surprise makeover? We’ve seen people more thrilled by a “20 cents off” coupon.

8 | Didn’t Nik Wallenda have something less… sail-like to wear during his stroll through a windy canyon?

9 | Better summer guilty pleasure: ABC’s Mistresses or Lifetime’s Devious Maids?

10 | On Switched at Birth, why doesn’t Daphne realize her new love interest, Jace, is really pretentious and not a charming coffee barista? Can we bring back Noah?

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11 | Still chilled by Under the Dome‘s bisected cow? But didn’t the anatomy seem… off? Also, would there be a lock on the outside of a fallout shelter, as in where Junior imprisoned Angie? And just because Julia had a generator, did she really need to turn on every light in her house while giving Barbie the nickel tour?

Popular TV Shows 201312 | Where did the Defiance wedding guests dig up all their resplendent and impeccable fashion finery? Are there enough formal affairs in the dystopian future to merit tasking the few living seamstresses/tailors with creating anything other than utilitarian garb? That said, how adorable was “dressed up” Irisa? But did this week’s episode kinda OD on the ice cream bar and Dodge Charger commercials? (Was there even a third advertiser?)

13 | Wasn’t it nice to see Mad Men shlemiel Ben Feldman get the girl on Major Crimes?

14 | Did any Pretty Little Liars fans think those masks actually resembled Alison and Melissa?

15 | Where was the love for 2 Broke Girls‘ Beth Behrs — she didn’t even get a mention! — during So You Think You Can Dance‘s Prancercize spoof?

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16 | Fox’s Goodwin Games may have been DOA, but didn’t this week’s adorable scenes between Becki Newton and Adam Rodriguez as childhood buddies-turned-adult crushes make you wish the network would option the duo for a new romantic comedy? Or should Fox reconsider saving Games, even if it would mean an abrupt midseason Scandal exit for Scott Foley?

17 | Is it wrong that we’re far more excited over the prospect of a Cam-Mitchell wedding on Modern Family than we ever were for Jay and Gloria’s new baby?

18 | Which Big Brother 15 contestant is more annoying: pageant coordinator GinaMarie, or self-obsessed Jessie?

19 | Is it a credit to Necessary Roughness guest star Garcelle Beauvais’ looks that when she was intro’d as Sinqua Walls’ mom, we were like, “Whaaaat?!”

Rookie Blue Season 4 Spoilers20 | What’s the verdict on Rookie Blue‘s newest addition, Chloe Price? Is she too kooky for her own good? Or adorably kooky?

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21 | Can USA Network post Graceland‘s sauce recipe online, please? And granted, we’re talking about Mia Kirshner — but would Johnny have risked bedding the “marijuana farmer” knowing, as had been earlier established, that his fake tattoos ended at the waistline?

22 | Anyone else wish Tabatha Takes Over had ended its stellar fifth season with a traditional take-down episode as opposed to a feel-good, conflict-free, glorified clip show?

23 | Whose testimonial from HBO’s Out List most moved you? (Our pick: Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears)

24 | Can we all agree that HBO’s handling of James Gandolfini’s death — including but not limited to assembling and disseminating dozens of statements from the cast and producers, overseeing funeral arrangements and running those simple-yet-tasteful on-air tributes — has set a new standard for classy celebrity farewells?

25 | Has Geico’s “Hump Day” commercial forever changed the way you perceive Wednesdays?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!