UPDATED Glee Exclusive: 4 Original Cast Members Not Returning as Series Regulars for Season 5; Plus — Who's Getting Promoted?

Glee Season 5 CastGlee is thinning its ranks as it heads into Season 5.

Original castmembers Heather Morris (who plays Brittany), Mark Salling (Puck), Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike) will not be returning to the Fox musical dramedy as series regulars, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Additionally, Dianna Agron (Quinn) — who was only seen in a handful of episodes last season — is not slated to be back, save for a possible guest appearance here and there.

Morris, Salling, Riley and Shum may also return as occasional guest stars.

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The casting moves hardly come as a surprise, considering four of the five characters graduated McKinley at the end of Season 3, and a fifth — Morris’ Brittany — got accepted to MIT in last month’s Season 4 finale.

Meanwhile, TVLine has confirmed a Hollywood Reporter story that Glee‘s new class — Melissa Benoist (Marley), Jacob Artist (Jake), Becca Tobin (Kitty), Blake Jenner (Ryder) and Alex Newell (Unique) — have been promoted to series regulars.

Glee returns with Season 5 on Thursday, Sept. 19.

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  1. claire says:

    I can’t imagine Glee without Brittany……. I think I’m done with it.

    • keri says:

      Heather Morris is pregnant, so it’s not surprising she’s no longer a series regular. She’s said in the past she’d give up her career for her family. My guess is that she’ll pop in occasionally after the birth of her baby ala Mike and Mercedes.

      • dude says:

        Yeah, I remember them saying that she was only leaving for a little bit and I thought “yeah right.” She’s been very vocal about her want to start a family so it seemed pretty obvious she’d be done with Glee once she got pregnant. I’m not too hopeful for Season 5.

        • Midori says:

          I haven’t been hopeful for seasons 2-4, each one gets worse and worse.

          Britney is the high point of the show, and she will be missed. However she can still be in like 15 episodes and not be a regular. Regular just means if they need you for a story you have to be around, it’s no guarantee of episodes.

    • Matt says:

      I do. Plus, Riley, Shum and Salling were dead weight. Kurt gone, and Glee will be less crappy!

    • JK says:

      I have been trying to figure out glee without Brittany for a while. Heather can’t sing or act.

  2. aa says:

    Well, this makes sense. Three of the four were basically glorified guest stars last year.

    • Maris says:

      Exactly, but now they’re free to move on to better things, not that they will but they could… save for Dianna I don’t think anyone will do bigger things

      • stop says:

        I love who Dianna stans think just cause she got one movie she will take off. She still is pretty boring actress and is skating by on looks so far. Amber has a chance at a decent record career. Bway is a chance for others. Chris is writing. Just cause they might not be movie star doesn’t mean they won’t have good careers or a bigger project ahead of them. And Dianna still hasn’t proven anything.

        • Maris says:

          Amber I honestly don’t think will do that well without Glee, yes she has a fantastic voice but you need more than that to be successful, and yeah Chris is doing pretty well but he’s still on Glee so I wasn’t counting him. I’m not a Dianna stan, I know she’s not that strong of an actress but she’s doing pretty well so far, we’ll see what happens after The Family comes out

        • Guess Ima Stan says:

          Except for the fact that it was more than one movie…

        • ibs says:

          Sorry but Dianna is not only stunning but by far the best actress on glee, no one else could of pulled off the darned terrible writing shes had to put up with over the years (Shelby, the random hook-up with Santana, having an affair with Finn) that realistically Quinn would never do, and she made it seem believable. Also she is not only a talented actress but she writes and directs and does photo shoots as well, you’re forgetting the amount of pretty actresses in hollywood, not all of them get cast in big budget Martin Scorsese films.

        • Temperence says:

          Dianna could have an entire career in voice work alone – her speaking voice is amazing. Colfer was named one of the hundred most powerful in Hollywood last year; he’ll not be going anywhere with books, screenplays, movies, acting, and singing.

        • NeNe says:

          Thank You. People are so superficial. But I’ve learned not to expect much in today’s deluded society.

      • Sammy says:

        Dianna hasn’t done anything in the year she’s been off Glee, why would that change now?

      • AngieD says:

        Not being in the limelight doe not mean that you won’t be successful. Harry Shum Jr will likely go into a behind the scenes career of choreography. Heather is also a career dancer and may go into choreography or teaching at some point. Dianna has not proven herself to box office winner, but based upon her interests, she enjoys art and the promotion of many art forms, including photography. Amber can have a singing career, although I don’t know if she’ll be able to develop a career as a standout soloist as she’s done very little to promote herself as an individual singer.

    • Josh says:

      It makes sense for sure, but why are the other High schoolers still staying around? With even more characters in New York, it all just makes no sense…So while this makes sense, another four characters still being around don’t. Given the high school setting was the weakest this season, can’t imagine how weak it will be the next.

  3. Jen says:

    Jesus, the headline gave me a heart attack! The only one in this list I really care about is Amber, and she’ll definitely be back because they need her voice.

    • gleeshouldbecanceled says:

      They didn’t need her last year, so why would they need her this year? Only big name losses are Dianna and Mark, but they were basically being phased out last season, anyway.

      • yeah ok says:

        How is Amber not a big loss like Dianna and Mark? Amber never gets the respect that she deserves…

        • Jen says:

          She’s talented but not as popular as others. Big names on glee are just Lea, Naya and Chris now.

          • Elm says:

            No, Darren is. He’s the most popular actor/character on the show.

          • Casey says:

            Lea, Cory, Chris, Darren and Naya basically carry the show now.

          • Lydia says:

            I don’t think Elm knows what “popular” means. Also I’ve seen the show and the last thing I would call Darren is an “actor”. Unless you get credit just for trying.

          • jj says:

            This is in response to Elm: Darren is not nearly as popular as people thing. He just has a very loud fanbase who know how to use social media. His “sold out” tour wasn’t really sold out. There were less than 30,000 tickets available for the entire tour, and several thousand went unsold on stubhub, and many more were sold for under $10 (many for as little as $1). His popularity has declined steadily, and it’s continuing to decline. Chris and Lea are the ones who won People’s Choice Awards, and got teen choice nominations. Chris, Lea, and Cory are the ones who get on the important night time talk shows, and get regular press, and they are also the ones who are used to promote the show.

        • Leslie says:

          I so agree with you, she has NEVER gotten the air time that she deserved, and it was really annoying.

          • truth says:

            I like Amber but lets be real her acting skills are limited. I think that is why she wasn’t used more. She always got songs though which is where her strength is at.

        • A says:

          Amber has a beautiful voice. I still love her rendition of “Ain’t No Way”. However, that doesn’t change the fact that her storylines are very boring (which is probably the writers’ faults), but also her acting isn’t that great IMO and needs a lot more work. With Amber’s acting it just seems so obvious that she’s playing a character. It’s not like with Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith where you can actually see them embody the character and you feel like they ARE that character regardless of whatever ridiculous storyline is occurring. Amber’s character is just too extra.

          • max says:

            Dianna Agron and Cory Montieth shouldn’t even be mentioned any where near the words, good acting.

          • A says:

            While I haven’t seen much of them outside of Glee, compared to most of the actors on the show, they are among the better ones. At least to me I find them way better than let’s say Blaine, Amber, Mike, Rory, Ryder, Unique, etc.

      • Alex says:

        Heather is the only big loss here. They had already loss Dianna last season. Mark, Amber and Harry were barely around last season.

        • stop says:

          But she isn’t really a lost. She was not a good singer and while her acting improved a bit she is less than average at that.

      • lip says:

        Dianna and Mark are absolutely no loss, as we saw last season. And neither is Amber.

  4. Jess says:

    Good. Now can we thin out the rest of the herd? Get rid of Marley, Ryder, Jake.. (we can keep Kitty)… hell get rid of ALL of Lima and I’d be a happy camper!! (Blaine, Finn, Tina and Artie can come to NYC.. adios the rest)

    • Em says:

      Sounds perfect!

    • YES PLEASE! Get rid of the Newbies and move to NY!

      • Fannielover says:

        But I like the newbies like Becca and Jacob Melissa is ok (I like her singing , but she’s not that good of an actress).
        But I wish they got rid of Alex (I mean he’s a good singer but have you seen him act? It’s very weak.

    • Amanda says:

      This is my perfect scenario, really. Build up New York, Break down Lima. We don’t really need it. (Burt can visit NY whenever he wants, though).

    • Nik says:

      Yes, please. Follow the main characters to NYC as they leave Lima and the new characters in the dust. Trim this bloated cast.

    • Amy says:

      That sounds good to me. There’s nothing left to watch in Lima so they should just move the few good characters there to NY.

    • truth says:

      thin out Blaine too

    • Sela says:

      Yep to that.

    • Mary S says:

      Jess, if you dislike all of them so much, why did you watch it to begin with and why are you bothering to comment? The reason they call it a “channel changer” is so that you can find OTHER things to watch, that will please you and not cause you to simply complain!!!

      • Simon says:

        Why isn’t she allowed to have an opinion? She didn’t directly bash or attack a character in the comment above. I never understood this attitude with some Glee fans exhibit where they are ‘personally’ offended by another fans opinion. The show has visibly changed in quality in the opinion of many, people are allowed to address that and still be fans.

        • Mary S says:

          Simon, it was an honest question I asked, and have asked through the years. Obviously they are entitled to voice an opinion! Heaven knows I do that, very often.

          But if the opinion is so negative, if a person is so unhappy with a show, for whatever reason, just stop watching it, don’t sit in judgment of it and merely complain about it or the cast, or the storyline or whatever. Find something else to watch that brings you pleasure and makes you happy. I am too old to spend time watching shows that make me want to change the cast or the writers, or something else.

          I have been known to criticise some of the reality shows, but only because they were renewed while shows I liked were cancelled. I can’t complain about them too much because I don’t watch them unless my DVR recorded them before the show I wanted to record started. I have formed my opinions about whether I wanted to watch them, based on very small pieces that i saw by accident. On the other hand, that’s the way I found some of my favorite shows.

          And it wasn’t the shows I was complaining about as much as the programming director’s choice of killing off what I consider to be high quality scripted shows while renewing things that glorify backbiting, fighting, sabotage, and every other negative emotion you can name.

          • Simon says:

            Thanks for the reply. I don’t disagree with the idea that people who are unhappy overall should move on to something they enjoy(I certainly have, though I still follow a lot of what happens with various cast members.). It’s just disappointing at moments considering the show was of VERY high production quality during the original 13 episodes, and in my opinion has wavered off consistently since (It had it’s moments, but hasn’t been the same show.).

            More or less that’s my overall complaint with Ryan Murphy shows. He produces high quality content, but never has any consistency, and in the long run will butcher any development in a character that you’ve grown to love. It happened with Nip/Tuck and it’s happened with Glee (Here’s to hoping with AHS.). I don’t watch his shows because I like to torture myself, but rather because I’m usually genuinely interested in the product he initially presents.

            So really I think it’s hard for people to “walk” away because they grow attached to characters. Attachment to a character is fundamental to the success of television (Especially Serialized.), so it’s upsetting for many when they aren’t done justice.

          • Mary S says:

            I agree, it is very hard to walk away from a character you have come to like. You DO keep hoping that the original atmosphere and attitude of the show will return. And there is great disappoinment when it doesn’t.
            There have been several shows that had stellar first seasons but something changed behind the scenes and it was never that good again. They got a new producer who had a girlfriend who wanted on the show but was not up to the task of actually giving a good performance, or they changed writing teams who took it in a wrong direction, or whatever it was that changed, it damaged the show.
            And left thousands/millions of fans scratching their heads, saying, what is going on here????
            It has happened for decades – I loved the first season of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” back in the 80’s, but things changed during the hiatus and the second season was really different. Fans didn’t like it and the show was cancelled. Just because somone lost focus. OK that’s an extreme example, but it does happen, and it is always sad to see a great thing go bad.
            Same things happened with Human Target and Harry’s Law. Entertaining first seasons wobbly second, then cancellation. All they had to do was get them back on track, but chose not to do it. I loved both of those shows and am still upset at losing them! And they are not even available on DVD!
            Yes, i got off the main subject, which is GLEE – but the principle remains the same, I think.

          • VeryGleeSad says:

            @Mary S and Simon. I agree with both of you. Ryan Murphy is a genius at concepts of a new show and its origins. They grab you from the start and you’re glued til the following seasons when you are stumped by the change in the characters and the storylines go into a fog of no return. You love some of the characters and want to see their lives through to the end of that series. But you get to a point of why am I watching this?
            I agree about Harry’s Law and Human Target. Very entertaining shows then they went off track.
            NipTuck was a must see for the first 2 seasons then I gave up. With Glee I watched faithfully but with dwindling joy as the seasons past. Last season I watched a handful of episodes and then gave up.
            TV shows go through growing pains with changes in writers, producers, production staff, cost efficiency, actors, storylines, and with Glee choices of music and with that talent. Viewing people and fans who are those loyal dweebs stay diehards or vanish in a slow breeze make a show a hit or a loser. Glee has dwindled fast and is meritless, IMO.
            So many shows to watch nowadays to take our fancy. Lots of those will last only a while. Glee has nothing about it to keep my attention. Anymore, TV shows are not created to last. I think it is time for Glee to fade away into oblivion. I have DVDs of Glee’s seasons 1 and 2 to rewatch. Season 4 was its bane. Not worthy of watching again. It is a shame. It was a smart, hilarious look at a part of one’s life filled with wonderfully talented musicians and singers.
            I am going to miss those characters that I fell hard for. These were a few of them. There only a few left on Glee I still care about. But, with the direction Glee has gone, those characters will be lost in the mire of the storylines they have had and will go through.

          • Mary S says:

            @VERYGLEESAD – I agree with you about getting mired down n too many storylines! You hit the nail on the head with that line-at the end of each episode I would sit there, waiting for them to finish a thought! Here a start, there a start, but NOWHERE a completion of anything. Like a joke without a punchline, there were too many things going on to do any of them very well and they fell flat. It was very frustrating…so I would FFWD through the school portions and try to follow Rachel’s story…but even that was difficult to do, what with the skipping back and forth. They need to stop adding new ideas and start elaborating on a few good stories. I don’t say it as well as you did, but I think we are in agreement on this.
            If not for the singing talent on the show I would have given up on it a long time ago.
            (Isn’t Kitty the one who convinced Marley to try to lose weight by throwing up? And wasn’t that the cause of Marley’s collapse, which cost them at Regionals? Why would anyone admire that?)
            BTW, I did watch all seasons of Nip/Tuck, though the final season was a tough one. They took it somewhere it should NEVER have gone!!! I was glad to see Dylan with Poppy Montgomery in Unforgettable and am glad it is coming back, over a year after being cancelled!

          • VeryGleeSad says:

            @MaryS Yes, nothing truer. Glee is packed full of nothing stories. Like a sardine in a can. Glee tries to do too much for too many characters with too many songs with too many stories to tell which resolves absolutely nothing about anything in a span of 45 minutes. An hour show with commercials. I guess that is why so many of the characters ramble off their lines so fast that you think they are mumbling. Rachel did that last season. Brittany all the time. Artie and Tina too. Sam as well. Kitty too. Ryder was all the time. They had to or the show could not go on. Ha. Just another reason for Glee to be a joke in my eyes.
            Stories half told or totally unfinished. Too many songs per episode so that the story content could be told properly. But, Blaine has to sing a lot for his fandom to be happy. And to fill the void in that his character is so bland. Whether you loved liked or hated Rachel, she was and still is a very colorful character. Same goes for Santana. IMO, Kurt had more personality when he was single.

    • Gleeky13 says:

      To fans of these four (except Brittany): I doubt that the demotion is going to have much impact on the amount of episodes that these actors will be in. Amber, Mark, and Harry were only in 8 episodes this year. The Glee budget was seriously wasted in Season 4 because they had to be paid for all 22 episodes as regulars. Now that they’re recurring guest stars, they can do other projects and they can still appear on Glee. Mike and Mercedes have been integral New Directions mentors. Nationals is in LA this year, so Mercedes will definitely be included there. Puck is still tied to Finn. I’m sure Mike will be back in similar capacities to Mercedes. Brittany MIGHT come back after the mid-season break, but it depends on how willing she is. Plus, there’s heavy discussion in the fandom right now that Season 5 will be focused on either/both a Spring Break arc and a Summer Break arc. What does that mean? All of the graduates will be home for Spring Break/Summer. Just because you’re demoted doesn’t mean you’re completely off the show.

      Personally, I’m not big on Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Santana either, but the show cannot afford to follow every single graduate. For me, they just need to pick and choose the half that they want to keep in Ohio/New York, and send the rest on their way. Since Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Santana take up the major bulk of the fanbase, that’s why they’re still on the show as regulars.

      • A says:

        Somehow I think some of that budget will go towards making the newbies regulars. Which I could seriously do without.

        • Gleeky13 says:

          I’m actually excited about that. I said goodbye to the original cast a long time ago. It was plainly obvious from Season 1 Episode 1 that they were only going to be on the show for 3 seasons. I always look forward to the newbies every season. Sam, Sunshine, and Blaine in Season 2; Rory, Joe, and Sugar in Season 3; and of course the new batch of newbies. I love them. The original cast is no longer relatable, and that’s essentially why I watch Glee: to relate. The newbies have their fair share of problems, but the youth that they bring to the show makes me that much more invested. I can’t relate to the New York setting at all.

          • Me says:

            5 seasons later and you still relate to high schoolers with make believe problems? That’s kinda sad.

    • Kristina says:

      This would make it watchable for me again.

  5. Lauren says:

    So dumb that Brittany got accepted to MIT.

    • V says:

      Yea…I don’t get it either. Remember how “Dolphins are just gay sharks.”

    • Carmen says:

      Brittany getting into MIT is not even on the top 10 “wtf is this?” list of season 4. Either way, I’m glad she’s out of the show. Maybe now Sam can get a girlfriend that doesn’t turn him into a moron, and Santana can get a girlfriend who she can actually talk to and sing with.

      • Alex says:

        Sam will forever be a moron.

      • A says:

        THIS!! While I definitely sometimes enjoy the comedy she brings to the show, I agree about her absence with regards to Sam/Santana. It’s time for all of them to move on. I’ve always felt like Sam was way smarter than the way they portrayed him this season but they dumbed him down to reach Brittany’s level.

        • O-Town says:

          I guess he gets high fives for dating 4 of the 6 ladies of GLEE – Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, and Brittany. =X

  6. tw says:

    Sad about Heather Morris, but I get it. I hope this means we’ve also seen the last of Jenna Ushowitz’s dreaded Tina.

    • Ashleah Youn says:

      She’s still a senior, so I doubt she’ll be leaving.

    • O-Town says:

      What was wrong with Tina, except for the idiot writer who thought it’d be cute to make her go stalkerish on a half Filipino Blaine? If anything, the creator should be slapped upside the head for even allowing that to even be read, much less filmed. It was degrading to Jenna Ushkowitz.

      • Fail says:

        Jenna isn’t a very good actress is what is wrong. Jenna said she liked the storyline and even said she had crushes on gay guys in HS. I have no idea what Blaine being half anything has to do with it.

      • Me says:

        I’m pretty sure they white-washed Blaine when they brought Matt Bomer on to play his brother. There’s no way Bomer is half-filipino.

    • Gleeky13 says:

      Nope, she’s got one more year on the show. Thank goodness. I can only take so much of Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Blaine. I’ll need someone relatable and fiery to keep me interested.

  7. Lo says:

    Why is this even news? Dianna was a guest star last season – appearing in only three episodes. She’s trying to distance herself from Glee, and rightfully so.

    The others besides Heather (who is pregnant) were basically ‘guest stars’ last season with just a series regular title attached to their name.

  8. John says:

    Yeah Amber &harry werent on that much anyway last year. Sad about Mark thought he’d do more cause of Jake. Heather makes sense because of her pregnancy. Im sure Brit will be on the spring 2014 episodes.

  9. geng says:

    Let the silly freakouts commence.

  10. Jared says:

    As much as I understand the “storytelling” aspect, it’s just so sad. Love those characters and the actors. Especially Amber Riley/Mercedes. She’s so talented and deserves a continued storyline just like Santana.

  11. Jim says:

    Can they please can Marley??? I HATE that Mary Sue character… .at least have her like… kill someone or something to make her interesting.

    • A says:

      I’d be more interested if they were to make the Jessica Sanchez character the sort of New Rachel over Marley. In the 5 min that we saw of her, she was so much more entertaining than most of what Marley has done all season.

      • Fail says:

        Sanchez wouldn’t be much better. They msut have seen she can’t act either since all she did was sing.

        • Lacey says:

          Damian can’t act (at all) and he was in 15 episodes.. It probably doesn’t matter if they can act or not

          • Mary S says:

            I liked Damian; it’s not his fault they wrote the character badly! I watched the Glee Project and was very happy that they kept him. But, they didn’t write his character well at all!
            Was it my imagination that the last scene of the season was Rachel looking at a home pregnancy test, thinking she might be pregnant? Which of course leads to the “whose baby is it” question…or did I imagine that last shot?

          • A says:

            @Mary S You are definitely way behind. That episode was like midseason. I believe episode 14. A lot has happened since that. Also, it wasn’t just the bad writing. Let’s just face it, there are people on this show who have great singing voices but simply can’t act at all. Damian was one of them.

          • Mary S says:

            OK, I am behind. My DVR is set to record “New Episodes only” “Any Day, Any Time” and then I watch them. So, I missed the follow-up storyline. What happened? The last show I remember was that one….and then Blaine going cuckoo and wanting to marry Curt. Anything else was apparently too bland to recall. So, what happened?
            Thank you for the update!

    • boring and take Jake too says:

      agreed the most boring character ever .

    • Mary S says:

      Jim, what is a “Mary Sue character” that you hate so much?

  12. Ian says:

    Was there ever anyone else on this show but Blaine?

    • Jen says:

      Yes, a whole beautiful season’s worth of award-winning writing and compelling characters with plot-driven musical numbers and very little hair gel.

      • elsa says:

        Praise this comment !

      • Amy says:

        It won awards for the writing? That is really sad.

      • lol says:

        Yeah, Blaine’s arrival set everything off, he’s also to blame for the horrific Fuinnchel redux, the joke that Santana’s coming out storyline was in season 3, Will becoming…whatever it is he’s become, and the Finchel engagement joke of a storyline. He is why those things happened, he is the root of all the bad things on Glee.

      • Maris says:

        lol do you watch the show?

      • Nik says:

        Praise. Season 1. No Blaine. Best season ever.

      • Mike says:

        Blaine fans do not realize how good this show was in Season 1 and early Season 2 WHEN THERE WAS NO BLAINE OVERLOAD!!!

        • VeryGleeSad says:

          Glee had Blaine becoming The New Rachel, not Marley. Look at the attention Blaine got in McKinley. All the songs he had sung. The stories surrounding his character. Season 4 was terrible. Nowhere near the quality and story content and character believability that Lea Michele brought to Rachel Barbara Berry. Yes, Seasons 1 and 2 were wonderful. Blaine was a bit part being in The Warblers. He was interesting and a good fit then.

    • AJ says:

      Well Marley sang about as much as he did in season 4, Ryder’s catfish got more screentime than any of Blaine’s “storylines” did, so yeah, unless you’re watching a different show than I am, there are other people.

      • Heather says:

        Blaine sang so much even the Blaine fans on twitter got a little tired of it and dont get me started on Marley and that stupid catfish storyline that everyone knew was Unique.

    • Jamie04 says:

      Blaine (or Darren) aren’t the problem – it’s the writers.

      • truth says:

        he ain’t helping.

      • O-Town says:

        Yes, to this. If anything, the writers thought too much of dumping the weight of the entire show on a transfer student. Things would have made more sense if they made Tina the new Rachel and then have her morph into a Cheerio. This could have easily spun off different storylines for other characters and eliminate the need for Marley’s character, whose backstory was interesting, but not enough to warrant her shower-singing all the songs that Tina and Brittney’s voices could have carried. And, as groundbreaking as Unique was, Mercedes could have sung those songs, as a struggling singer in LA. The catfish story was just awful. Ryder did a great job playing his part, but having Unique come out as the perpetrator, it was like they had a preconceived checklist of things never been done before and getting the token cross-dresser of the show go for the new jock guy of the show was kinda’ meh. I’d vote for Unique to leave, to make Mercedes’ return possible. Jake could have had problems living with his dad and prompt him to move in with Puck, who’d still be trying to write a screenplay and clean pools. Ryder could have easily had Marley’s backstory and mom and make the transition to be mentored by Sam, and rather than deal with the typical gay couple of Blaine and Chris Colfer’s character, you get Sam and Ryder going to gay clubs and getting hit on by guys and girls (which might have given some plausibility to Tina going stalker on a gay guy and maybe give some background for a catfish storyline using Tina as the culprit). The writing has gotten bad, if anyone can come up with better storylines than what’s been shown. I’d still watch the show but geez, enough Blaine stories already. I agree, maybe it’s time to take Glee to the next level, be what that silly other show on NBC was supposed to be. One group in NYC – Santana, Rachel, Finn, Blaine, Kurt, and Tina. Another in LA – Mercedes, Puck, Sam, Quinn, dreadlock guy, and Ryder. Guest star Unique and the chick from the other team that sang Clarity.

    • Gleeky13 says:

      Yes indeed. Those were the days… lol I loved Blaine as a Warbler, but when he went to McKinley and started becoming the central focus, he became so annoying! And especially this ridiculous marriage proposal thing. Finn and Blaine had so much potential but the writers turned them into guys who can’t live without love and think they must be married by the time they graduate high school.

    • Sarcasm says:

      Aren’t you captivated by Blaine’s transformation from confident lead singer of a rival show choir to needy man child?

      • VeryGleeSad says:

        That’s it in my book. He was a much better character in season 2. IMO, he is NO Rachel, nor is Marley

  13. sean says:

    I’ll miss my Puck

  14. Kim says:

    I hate when I see people whining about Brittany. Heather is having a baby! She has ALWAYS said (in multiple interviews) that family comes first and she would leave her career as an actress to be a wife/mom. I doubt she will be back at all even after she has this baby. Acting was never her path/dream. She was a dancer hired to train the cast for 1 episode.. FYI

  15. Steve F. says:

    Not surprised about those five – not to mention, Heather Morris is pregnant – so it makes sense. Also, isn’t Vanessa Lengies (Sugar Motta) leaving due to getting a midseason pilot picked up?

    • Jen says:

      She is not a “regular.”

    • fiberlicious says:

      ” isn’t Vanessa Lengies (Sugar Motta) leaving ”

      God, I hope so!

      • Gleeky13 says:

        I wish Vanessa was a regular. :( Now that Brittany’s gone, we need a girl to be obnoxiously funny. The writers really did a shameful job of writing for Sugar. She was one of my favorites in Season 3, then she took the back seat. Nay. She took the trunk.

  16. Elyse says:

    Heather Morris is pregnant so I kind of expected this… but I’m not happy about it. Oh well. Life will go on…

  17. Dan says:

    good. the cast is too big as it is.

  18. I hate to say it, but I really wish they’d drop the Lima kids and focus on NY. I think it was a fun exercise to try to keep the high school stories alive, and I liked some of the new characters quite a bit, but I’d MUCH rather see more of Amber, Diana, Harry, Mark and Heather! Honestly, I feel like having these characters end up in NY is not really that unfeasible.

    • Dani says:

      I am happy to say ti, dump McK and focus on NY.

      • JAF says:

        The smartest thing I have read on this page. That’s exactly why the writers wont do it !! The first 4 episodes will determine if I continue or give up for good. Have already stopped w/buying glee/seasons /songs, lets see if they keep my interest, my hopes are not high in this aspect.

    • Gleeky13 says:

      It is VERY unfeasible. Ryan has always prized how realistic the show was, and it is not realistic at all to send the entire Glee Club to New York. They need to decide which half of the graduates should get a New York focus (because their careers are notably born in New York) and which ones need to be reduced. What is Mercedes going to do in NY? She’s better off in LA becoming a recording artist. What about Puck? He wanted to be a Hollywood screenwriter. Mike is in Chicago. Quinn is right up-state at Yale. Besides, if Ryan put every graduate in New York, the show would be just as messed up as ever in terms of writing. It’s already hard enough for him to balance writing about NYADA, Vogue, Santana’s extension classes, Broadway, now he has to add the Brooklyn Film Academy. There is no feasible way to balance that much more split directions in New York. The sole purpose of New York was to send Rachel to Broadway, so unless the character wants to be on Broadway, there is little Ryan can do to keep them on the show. Santana is just lucky she lives with them, and Finn is lucky that he’s the main love interest.

      • ThatBob says:

        Realistic? REALISTIC????? Glee has been a lot of things, but realistic has never been one of them.

      • A says:

        Ryan throws around that word a lot but I don’t think he knows what means. Glee is many, many things but realistic is not one of them. Which is fine, I’m not looking for it to be but he needs to stop talking about how it wouldn’t be realistic for everyone to end up in the same place because this show is hardly a pillar of realism.

      • Marc says:

        If he wanted a realistic, not to mention sustainable, show, Ryan should have cast actual teenagers in the roles of mostly freshmen and sophomores and planned to add new freshmen and sophomores to the club while graduating off the seniors each season. Instead, he created something immediately popular but ultimately insustainable in terms of a coherent, quality storyline and led to all this complaining and the ratings drop. Done right, this show could have lasted 10 years, introduced over a dozen possible stars, and also had a successful New York spinoff with two or three characters.

      • Brat says:

        Nothing more realistic than a high school senior with a noticeable bald spot. I’m looking at you Blaine Anderson.

  19. Dany says:

    Now all they have to do is get rid of the McKinley side and have NYC with Kurt, Santana, Finn, Rachel, with guest appearances from Blaine and parents Hummel-Hudson and it’ll be grand.

      • Em says:

        Yes, let’s change that to Kurt, Blaine, Santana, and Rachel with guest appearances by Finn and Barole. And those last three will show up for Kurt story lines because god knows Rachel needs to move on from Finn.

        • Nik says:

          Actually, what God knows is that this show needs a better actor than Darren Criss as lead male. Cory Monteith fits the bill perfectly.

          • Joe says:

            I’d take Finn over Blaine any day. They don’t push Finn on us like he is the best thing ever. Darren is average in everything he does so stop the hype.

          • Mary S says:

            Cory went to rehab…did it work? Will he be able to work? And, am I the only one who remembers seeing Rachel with a home pregnancy test, thinking she might be pregnant?? That’s going to have to turn out to be a false positive, but leads to the question (since she slept with both boyfriends) WHO IS THE DADDY? Or is it a good way to write her out of the show? But, no, she’s still a listed as a regular..
            I agree, it was a casting error to put 20-somethings in high school – they really are beginning to look their true ages and so will no longer be able to play the part of teens. Even if they are in NYADA they still need to LOOK like 19-year-olds, and they don’t. That’s why they are leaving the show: they no longer “fit” their characters. Witness the balding Blaine! I think it’s time for Curt to dump him and let him to return to his orignal school.
            All we can hope is that the writers can create storylines for the newbies that will entertain us and keep us involved with the show.

        • JT says:

          Lea and Cory, along with Matt Morrison, carried this show from the Pilot Episode. They still are the best actors with developed characters and storylines.

          • Nope says:

            Cory should be held up nowhere near Matt and Lea in talent, yikes. Just NO.

          • Kat says:

            Matt was great until the writers turned him into a whiny douche completely forgot about him , then gave him about 30 seconds of screen time for season 4 . So unfair for someone that talented. And really, what about Emma? Am I the only one who thinks they are adorable together and deserve more development? Let’s not forget that Emma was the one who convinced Will to stay with the glee kids from the very beginning. If it wasn’t for her, there would have been no “Finchel” or “Klaine” or glee club. period. I know Jayma is leaving too, but if the writers realize that she is a big part of the story too,then maybe she wouldn’t have to.

        • Lydia says:

          I’ll take Finn if he can interact with his brother Kurt and then slowly find a place back in Rachel’s life if and when they are both ready for it.

      • gleeshouldbecanceled says:

        He’s one of the characters that should see a reduction in screentime. I don’t know why he isn’t a guest star now as well.

      • Carmen says:

        Ew Blaine; he needs to gtfo back to Dalton. I’m fine with Finn. Cory is a great actor, has a unique voice, and a well developed character (even if he is kind of an ass).

    • gleeshouldbecanceled says:

      Sounds terrible, so they might do it.

  20. AJ says:

    Not shocked at all by any of this. These actors are talented, but they were mostly all guest stars last season anyways, and I can easily see Heather showing up about the same as they did in the future.

  21. Well I’m officially done with Glee and everything on it


    Maybe hopefully some rare Heather appearances..

    I seriously feel sick…

    • Joe says:

      wow drama queen she is having her kid in Sept what did you think was going to happen. Plus she was awful last season and can’t sing.

  22. BubbaBytor says:

    I gave up early last season…just a rehash of the same stories but with ‘new’ characters from S1…buhbye!

  23. BigAdam says:

    Great news! (except for Brittany)

  24. McAmster says:

    I could also live without that hack Lea Michelle. She has to go. Seriously. Sorry Lea fans.. my humble opinion. Not trying to be offensive to you. :)

    • Paulie says:

      Agreed, her character is the worst.

    • Nik says:

      Without Lea Michele as Rachel Berry Glee wouldn’t have made it beyond a pilot.

    • A says:

      I’m sorry, but she is the star of the show. There would be no Glee without her. She is and will always be the show and really no one not even Chris Colfer or Cory Monteith would have been able to carry this show 4 seasons without her imo.

    • Amy says:

      Of course you’re trying to be offensive. You wouldn’t have used a word like hack if you weren’t.

    • Jeff C says:

      More resentment. At least Rachel is interesting at times and can sing. Rachel is the one character that should and will be a big part of glee until the end. Hack… please what a joke that is and is certainly being offensive on purpose

    • Gleeky13 says:

      Lol, see, this is the problem with the Glee fans. (For the record: I agree with you. I hate Rachel, but I’ve grown to accept that she is the central focus of the show.) Everyone thinks that their favorite character/ship is the only thing that matters, when believe it or not, the newbies, the major grads, the minor grads, the neglected juniors, the Class of 2013, the teachers, the guest stars. They ALL have loyal fan followings. Not everyone is as offensively verbal about it. If you’ve ever taken a look at Gleeforum.com, we have a poll going on at who we want to see on the show as regulars next season, and almost everyone has listed the newbies. For me, that’s because I think Glee is valuable as it is now: appealing to the college demographic, AND appealing to the high school demographic. If the show becomes all New York. That’s it. Now I have to put up with the selfish spotlight-hogging Rachel, the overrated spotlight-hogging love-sick-can’t-live-without-a-boyfriend Blaine, the love-sick-I-can’t-live-without-my-future-wife Finn, etc. We all have our preferred characters, so I wish people would stop thinking that Glee is only about one thing: it’s about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Once you finished high school on the show, that’s it. You’re never promised to return in any way. We had three wonderful seasons with Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Quinn. Personally, I want to have three wonderful seasons with Marley, Ryder, Jake, and Kitty.

      Well, that’s just my opinion. I’m very vocal about this stuff because I am a hardcore Gleek, and I will continue watching the show through to the very end, even if it does to all New York. I’ll find ways to accept it, because no matter what, Glee is still all about being true to yourself and glorifying the underdog. That’s why I watch it. Not to tune in every week for one or two certain characters, but because everyone can teach the audience something.

      • Mary S says:

        Well said!! Personally, I watch because I love the talent they display!
        The storylines simply get me from song to song; though I am engaged with the various characters, I watch Glee for the songs, dances and production numbers! And, I understand that I may be a “bit” older than the average viewer, but that does not negate my enjoyment of the show.
        I will admit that at the end of some of the episodes I was still waiting for the story to begin; the only saving grace was the immense amount of talent and pure entertainment value in the songs and dances. It’s a terrible thing when I can’t remember what happened other than a terrific production number!

    • Lon says:

      BS you don’t call a person a hack and say you aren’t trying to be offensive. Plus without Lea the show would not have worked. Even the creator Ian Brennen said it.

  25. Pam says:

    Not surprised at all by this but glad they confirmed it. I’ve got to say, I’m somewhat happy with this news. I still watch the show but don’t enjoy it all that much anymore. I pretty much watch for the music since the show has gotten so bad. I’ll miss seeing Puck, Quinn and Brittany but really hope they don’t even come back as guest stars. I don’t want the show to ruin these characters more than they already have. I used to love all the characters but by the end of season 4, the only character I ended up still liking was Santana.

  26. Cam says:

    I was expecting that. Too bad Heather/Brittany’s final season was wasted on Bram. Sad to see Amber officially demoted even though she was basically a non factor last year. Her voice is truly special.

    It sucks that useless characters like Blaine, Sam, Tina and the new kids are still there but what can you do.

    • Diz says:

      I agree with everything you just said.

    • Carmen says:

      Bram was truly awful. Sam used to be my favorite character and I near quite the show when they made him date Brittany. It should have been Sugar for the hilarious storylines or Tina for her voice. Honestly, I’m looking forward to season 5 without Brittany so I can see them fix Sam and return him to being that insightful, sweet, honorable guy. Not that jackass idiot he was with Brittany.

      • Cam says:

        Sam has been a moron for awhile. He should go live with Blaine somewhere off screen where they can be d-bags together and sing awful duets that no one wants to hear.

  27. LilAngel says:

    I was hoping Noah would move to NYC to be with Rachel

  28. Lo says:

    I’m totally satisfied with seeing Dianna only appear in an episode or two for season five. The character of Quinn is already messed up as it is.

    As for the others, watch them end up appearing in the same amount of episodes – or cl

    • Lo says:

      –or close to it. All they’re doing is basically reducing their pay, if we want to be technical.
      When the ratings are low, they panic. So they’re end up popping up more.

  29. Pam says:

    I think people need a lesson in reading comprehension. It doesn’t say these actors are off the show, it just says they are no longer series regulars. Doesn’t that just mean Glee doesn’t want to pay them for episodes they aren’t in like they had to do last season? Now maybe they can put that money towards the lighting.

  30. I thought we knew this stuff already. Besides Heather Morris, I thought they were already out of the regulars section. At least, their sporadic presence suggested that.

  31. Linda says:

    I’m happy to see Brittany leave. Her ridiculous stupidity is one of my top dislikes of the show. I will miss the others but it will be a good miss as there are just too many characters on the show.

  32. Vicente says:

    It’s depressing not getting to watch and listen the best vocalist of the show, Amber Riley as much as before, but honestly I already got used to the idea, since season 3 glee will never be the same, it’s like a different show now, it definitely lost the beautiful essence it used to have. , and I’m truly happy Amber now can embrace her solo career, as well as the other stars.

  33. alice says:

    Bump up the talentless newbies for McKinley, bump down the actual characters most people like yep makes sense.

  34. Katy says:

    Well good luck Glee you have now placed all your eggs in brand new newbies for McKinley aside from Sam/Blaine since both Tina and Artie will be graduating….and a handful of characters seen 15 minutes a week in NY.

  35. Jen says:

    You need to refresh on your glee history, the original cast member were Lea, Kevin. Jenna, Amber, and Chris. The others were slowly added.

  36. Chuck Malandrino says:

    Please get over it. When you play a HS kid on tv its hard to keep doing it when your in your 50’s. Thank you to all those who are leaving the series. Go on and do better shows and I hope you all appear on tv again. To all us fans .. High school changed after we left our marks so it is with Glee!

    • no choice for some. says:

      You do know some of the cast doesn’t just get to leave. Lea and Chris are under contract the writers have decided to keep them.

  37. Marie says:

    Well I barely watched season 4 because I didn’t enjoy it without Harry, Amber and the rest of the original cast. But now that they’re for sure not going to show up as much, I don’t think I’ll be watching season 5. Really Harry and Amber were the reasons I kept watching and last season I only watched the episodes they appeared in.

  38. Lala says:

    I don’t care , I still love glee ..but I will really miss them sometime I miss the old cast

  39. Heather says:

    TBH the only decent new characters are Ryder and Kitty at least they have personalities and are entertaining though I’ll give it to Jacob Artist hes a good dancer.

  40. dude says:

    Were they really on it much when they were regulars though (in season four I mean)? At least now they’re being honest about the fact that this show can’t juggle too classes of students evenly. Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Blaine are the only graduating characters I really see getting genuine storylines post-high school.

    • Heather says:

      LBR the only reason they weren’t dumped last year was mainly due to the network being afraid that if they immediately dropped them there would be backlash.

  41. Markus says:

    No surprise here. They barely appeared last season and even when they were, they had nothing to do. So basically, nothing will change.

    To restore Glee to its former glory, they need to make a NYADA spin off, so that they don’t have to split the screentime between the high school kids in Lima and the veteran characters in NY.

  42. Jen says:


    • no choice for some. says:

      When the producers/writers let them out of their contract and that isn’t going to happen.

  43. LeBaroness says:

    One of the reasons I loved Glee was the Broadway stuff sung by everyone. Since that basically disappeared in favor of more new songs, I really don’t care if the show goes bye-bye!

  44. Austin says:

    I’m so happy to hear this. I’m sorry but what kind of graduates visit their school the year after they graduate??? Their appearances in season four were unneeded as is. Maybe an occasional guest star is okay but series regular idea was just dumb. I’m really glad they’re sticking to the new ones because they are actually in school.

    • Heather says:

      Problem is the new cast is boring they need to give them actual personalities/quirks.

      • Austin says:

        Yeah, I definitely agree on that but I think they could deal with their quirks better without a huge ensemble they had to deal with like season 4. I have high hopes for season 5.

  45. JJ says:

    I am SO GLAD to get rid of Heather Morris. I can’t believe the amount of time they spent on her terrible singing and acting last season, not to mention her terrible character and stupid plots. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  46. john says:

    WTF for santana and brittany? aren’t they end game?

  47. Whimsical says:

    No more Quinn equals no more Glee for me.

  48. Lyla says:

    I just watch for Cory/Finn. So hopefully he’s in every episode this year. Move him to NYC already! I just wish they’d focus on Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Blaine, and Santana in NYC. This show could use a cut of cast members to develop the fan favourites more, with occasional guest appearances from everyone else.

  49. Amy says:

    I miss some of my old favorites, but they were pretty much gone last year. I hope Glee really thin ranks and quickly finishes with the new kids they brought in last year. The action in NY was the only part of the show I could stand watching by the end of season 4.

  50. Sheila says:

    Hardly shocking. There were at least two episodes where Mike shows up and didn’t even get a line – not a word! Why not just show a photo of him and stop teasing the guy?