Big Brother 15 Premiere Recap: A Little Twisted

big-brother-s15-premiereIf you’ve ever watched a Big Brother season premiere, you know the drill. In the course of one hour, houseguests are introduced, champagne is popped and the Diary Room trash talk starts flowing freely.

This Wednesday’s premiere, though, introduced a few new rules (and contestants) that could turn BB‘s tried-and-true formula on its head.

MEET & GREET | Before the 16 men and women competing for $500,000 get their new digs, we meet them in all their well-rehearsed glory (though I’m sending a heap of imaginary money to whomever nixed the cheesy one-liners that past contestants would say upon getting their house keys. Thank you for sparing us the secondhand embarrassment!).

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Among this year’s crop are lifeguard David, whose affinity for his own pecs is all too disturbing; college professor Andy, who tops my list of “People That Should Play Jesse Tyler Ferguson If His Life Becomes A Movie;” and yoga instructor Elissa, whose relation to former champ Rachel Reilly wasn’t lost on… well, anyone.

DELIVERING A TWIST | Ultimately, it’s 23-year-old pizza delivery guy McCrae who outlasts them all in an endurance-based Head of Household competition, clinging for dear life onto a fake popsicle. But as Julie Chen is quick to point out, the HOH reign won’t be quite so luxurious this year. Each week, America will vote for a Big Brother MVP: a contestant who shows off the best gameplay. As always, the HOH will nominate two people for eviction, but the MVP can nominate a third — and do so anonymously. (Cue the Psycho shrieking violins.)

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But by the end of the hour, who’s already got a target on his or her back? In my humble opinion, any or all of these newcomers (who fit some BB stereotypes quite well) could be in the line of fire:

THE MASTER MANIPULATOR | Jeremy, boat shop associate: He lands summer-long immunity from the dreaded “have-not” status even before the season’s first hour is over, and his athleticism is quite threatening. Plus, in just one episode, Jeremy manages to form two different alliances. “This will go well for him!” said no one ever.

THE OVERACHIEVER | Jessie, unemployed: Just how many times does Jessie call herself pretty and athletic? I lost count, but hey, maybe I’m being too hard on the girl. After all, she was captain of the cheerleading squad… in junior high.

THE UNDERDOG | Aaryn, college student: The last woman standing in tonight’s tough endurance comp, Aaryn proves herself a physical threat and obvious Achilles heel to the men of the house.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the MVP’s special power? Who was an early standout… and who doesn’t stand a chance? Hit the comments.