The 'New' AMC/OLTL to Air on OWN This Summer

All My Children One Life to Live on OWNIf you have A) yet to fire them up on your PC, B) can’t figure out how to feed a $5 bill into your Mac to pay for Hulu Plus or C) simply need to see Melissa Archer on a bigger screen, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable network will be encoring the first 40 episodes of The Online Network’s All My Children and One Life to Live relaunches.

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OWN’s 10-week summertime “second window” for the serials kicks off Monday, July 15, with AMC airing at 1 pm ET, and OLTL following at 3 pm. The half-hour episodes will air Monday through Thursday of each week.

“These shows have proven to be very popular with a significant, loyal fan base — not to mention, Oprah herself is a big fan,” said OWN president Erik Logan in a statement. “Many of our viewers across numerous platforms have expressed their passion for the soaps, so we are especially excited to air this limited engagement.”

At the time ABC announced the end of AMC and OLTL in 2011, Oprah felt so much pressure to “save” the shows that she produced a video offering the “bone-marrow truth: There just are not enough people who are at home in the daytime to watch them, and because of that they’re going off the air.” She added: “I will not [try] to revive an institution that for all intents and purposes indicates the time has come for it to be over.”

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AMC and OLTL will return from a planned hiatus to resume production on Aug. 12, now that a labor squabble with IATSE has been resolved. Also: Starting July 1, the shows will drop any and all new weekly epsiodes every Monday, all at once and ripe for bingeing.