True Blood Recap: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

true-blood-S6E2-300In this week’s episode of True Blood — “The Sun” — Billith is so overwhelmed by his very visceral empathy for the vampires tortured and killed on Governor Burrell’s orders that he slips into the same kind of coma that I did during last season’s Smoke Monster storyline. But this is no ordinary coma. While Jessica prays for his swift awakening, he’s… well, read on. I’ll tell you all about it.

PSYCHIC FIENDS NETWORK | In “no place,” Bill is informed by Lilith that — sorry, no dice — he is not a god. However, he will play an important role in the end days. “Trust what you see,” she instructs him. And, no sooner does he snap out of his trance than he sees on the TV news all the scenes of abuse and murder that had previously unspooled in his head. “Holy crap!” he more or less exclaims. “I’m Miss Cleo!” More startling still, his next vision involves all of our fanged series regulars being deep-fried! Ruh-roh!

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ALL IN THE FAMILY | When Sookie gets done lending a hand to Ben, the hot new half-fairy in town, she learns that the creepy old guy who picked up Jason last week was neither The Hitcher nor Warlow but their grandpa, Niall. Turns out, he’s been tracking the übervamp “like Bobba Fett,” Jason explains, as only he would. Moreover, Sookie isn’t just a fairy, she’s an actual fairy princess! (Grandpa’s full of backstory!) But wait, there’s more: Niall says that, to defeat Warlow, Sookie will need to channel her fairy light into a supernova — and, after she does this, she’ll be fae no more! (Of course, sick as she is of being different, that’s a win/win for her.)

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART | Arriving at Fangtasia with (ugh, as always) Nora, Eric saves Tara by removing from her chest a silver bullet that emits UV light. (Score one for the humans.) Pissed, he orders his sis to figure out once and for all WTH Billith is and disguises himself as a nerdy conservationist to get into the Governor’s office. (Score one for the vamps.) Unfortunately, newly developed contact lenses prevent him from glamouring the politician. (Score another one for the humans.) But all isn’t lost: He still manages to entice the Gov’s lens-less daughter, Willa, into inviting him into her boudoir. (Score a big one for Willa!)

HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE | Sam’s s–t day starts with a visit from the Vampire Unity Society strongly encouraging him to come out as a shifter and ends with Emma being forcibly taken from him by Alcide, Martha and their pack. Andy’s day, though marginally better, culminates in his showing up at the invisible fairy Studio 54 and begging Morella to take their kids. Meanwhile, Arlene lies to Patrick’s pregnant wife — remember Patrick, from the Smoke Monster debacle? — that he ran off with another woman. (Tsk, Arlene! Tsk and also tsk!)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did Warlow’s entrance from the other dimension give you the heebies, the jeebies or both? How sick/cool was it when Billith made his Happy Meal spew blood like it was water from a fire hydrant? And how much do you want one of those books with the glowing 3-D text? (They could make nightlights obsolete!) Hit the comments.