Fall TV Poll | Sunday: Good Wife Vs. Homeland, The Mentalist Vs. Sex and Other DVR Dilemmas

Fall TV Schedule 2013 SundayThe Fall TV season will be here before you know it, and with it comes tough, new viewing choices. In fact, the time to get thinking about them is now.

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TVLine has been presenting the grids for each night’s fall line-up, including Big 5 fare and select cable listings. You then vote for what you plan to watch ”live” during each time slot.

(If you fancy yourself a DVRnista and are horribly, irrevocably hung up on my use of the word “live,” I invite you to instead vote for your “Top Priority” in each time slot. Semantics problem solved!)

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WTWSunday2013NOTES ABOUT THE SUNDAY GRID: This represents face-offs taking place for at least six weeks of the fall TV season; that’s why, for example, Dexter (which airs its series finale in late September) is not included. Details on new shows (indicated in RED) can be found at these links: Betrayal, Hello Ladies, Masters of Sex

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Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. JohnQ says:

    I watch live The Simpsons and Sunday Night Football

    DVR: Homeland, Boardwalk and TWD

  2. Maki says:

    ABC all the way. Boardwalk and Homeland are a guilty pleasure.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      Depending on who is in the Sunday night game, I’ll watch it live. If it is a game I don’t care about, I’ll watch Homeland live, since it doesn’t have commercials. I’ll DVR TWD, the Fox lineup, Revenge, the Mentalist, and watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO go at some point later. Lots of stuff for me on Sunday nights, but that is good since I record nothing on several other nights of the week.

  3. JC says:

    Once Upon a Time and The Mentalist. I kind of expect this to be the last season for The Mentalist though, so I hope they give it a good wrap up season.

  4. Maryann says:

    Readers of this site cannot possibly reflect the general public if Nielsen is to be believed; otherwise football would not be consistently dead last in the poll. Do football fans not read sites such as this one — or is Nielsen not as accurate as it claims to be?

    • Patrick says:

      Football fans don’t read the site. Further, football viewership can be game dependent. WRT the night game, I only watch if I like one of the teams, or it is a particularly good matchup. Ergo, someone who routinely watcher OUAT might instead DVR it one night to watch the game instead because Team A is playing. Other Sunday nights, when Team A isn’t playing, he watches OUAT.

      But, again, this site doesn’t generally reflect the opinions of hardcore football fans.

      • Martoukian says:

        Plus, only around 50% of Americans have DVRs, but based on the comments on this site, about 90% of those readers constantly whine about their DVRs.

    • c-mo says:

      I voted for football all night long and if I don’t like the teams or the game is lame, I’ll watch/re-watch something on my DVR.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I think the same thing about The Walking Dead. Last season the ratings on that show kicked the butts of nearly every single broadcast show that aired. Not just on Sundays, but they were getting higher ratings than all the big shows that aired on any night, like Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. So looking at where the votes are right now, I find it hard to believe more people will be watching Revenge and The Good Wife live than will be watching Walking Dead. So either this isn’t a good sampling or TWD is showing lower because it airs at weird times in different locations. For example, I live in Utah, am on Comcast, and The Walking Dead airs at 7 for me. It airs at 9 for my friend in New York, and it airs at 6 for my friend in California, so we are all watching The Walking Dead live at the same time and talking about it online together even though we’re in different time zones. My friends and relatives in Seattle aren’t so lucky, and have to wait until 9 PM Pacific time to watch it.
      So for that category, I voted for Homeland because it’s my highest priority show to watch, but truthfully I would be watching The Walking Dead first because it airs a couple of hours earlier.

    • Mika02 says:

      I believe Nielsen doesn’t represent the viewing public. This is pretty much what I know my friends and family watch.

  5. Aimee says:

    I am so glad networks like USA, TNT, AMC, etc air their shows twice each night.

    • The Beach says:

      So true. My DVR wouldn’t be able to handle all the good stuff on at 9:00 and 10:00 on Sunday nights if they didn’t repeat their showings.

    • HAP says:

      Also, for those who subscribe via cable or satellite to HBO or Showtime, the West Coast and East Coast feeds afford two shots, at least in HD.

  6. Percysowner says:

    I watch OUAT live, because half the time Amazing Race is pushed so far back by football that I might as well watch another show, because I’m not that big on 60 minutes. So I run my DVR over by an hour on Mentalist and then watch CBS Sundays later so I can FF 60 minutes. I’m glad there is still a popular news show on, but I wish CBS could get its schedule settled for Sunday nights and really compensate for football overruns.

    I’ll give Revenge a shot this year, but my patience wore thin last season, so if I don’t find myself really interested, I’ll probably drop it.

    • You pretty much said what I would have. I’m grateful to be able to watch The Amazing Race online, and later I can catch The Mentalist whenever it runs. I too think that if they wanted to, TPTB could think of a way to end the football games in time for the regular schedule. Start half an hour earlier? Duh. How hard is that? To whose advantage is bumping the CBS schedule?

      • mspenn1013 says:

        The networks pay way too much money for the rights to air football for them to change the times for shows that don’t make they half as much money as football. And since Football is a live event and there is always the chance for Overtime, changing the scheduled a 1/2 hr would not always work.

        I absolutely can not understand why CBS does not just show 60 Min, The Good Wife and The Mentalist and put Amazing race on another night.

  7. Daniel says:

    I will watch Homeland at nine, it is my favorite show!

  8. KennyA says:

    Watch: Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Betrayel
    Record: The Amazing Race, Family Guy

  9. Name That Tune says:

    Once Upon a Time live. A number of shows on Sunday always make it to the video library but never are on my Must See TV list.

  10. Brandy says:

    Once Upon a Time

  11. Jamie says:

    The Mentalist!

  12. iMember says:

    REVENGEEEE!!! That season finale was killer good, and I can’t wait to see Season 3.

  13. Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and Betrayal.

  14. Balaji K says:

    I wonder why Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” wasn’t an option at 10pm.

    • Pretty sure they left out in the voting poll. :-(

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Nope, the poll is fine. MASTERS OF SEX isn’t tracking hot enough in our research to merit its own spot, though that’s what the free-form “Other” option is for.

        • TJ says:

          Again, just had to rely like a Jack-off huh Matt?

        • Lauren says:

          I’ve been wanting to thank you for having the “other” choice in these week’s polls, Matt. Sometimes my live choice is a guilty pleasure out on the “fringe”.

        • Balaji K says:

          I see. It’s a shame then that BETRAYAL tracked hot enough to merit it’s own spot. I suspect it’s going to be the 666 PARK AVENUE of this season for ABC – a damp squib. The critics who have watched MASTER OF SEX pilot have said good things about it.

  15. I’m pretty sure that Believe & Crisis are going to air on Sunday nights after Sunday Night Football is over on NBC (fingers crossed).

  16. dude says:

    REVENGE! Addicted! Last season didn’t get enough credit for turning around as effectively as it did. The finale was the best finale of the season.

  17. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Once Upon a Time and The Mentalist, nothing to change for me on Sunday

  18. JCK says:

    After OUAT, Sunday nights generally belong to PBS. Masterpiece Mystery, Classic, etc.

  19. Ari says:

    Once Upon a Time! Hands down

  20. Austin says:

    Watch: Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead

    DVR: Revenge (watch at 10:00)

    I love Revenge, but I hope the third season is as promising as it could be.

  21. Mike R. says:

    I gave up on Amazing Race and Revenge, so I’ll watch OUAT and The Walking Dead. Though both need to recover quality wise to convince me to stay around.

  22. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Watching SNF, will DVR Walking Dead

  23. Leondre says:

    Animation Domination!

  24. mspenn1013 says:

    I am a football fan and I read this site….

  25. Nan says:

    Seeing this makes me glad, for once, that I live in the Pacific Time Zone. The DVR records most of the cable shows as they air in the East, so those of us with DVRs don’t have such hard choices. Also football is over before prime time begins.

  26. Mary Ann says:

    I don’t watch anything live. I will watch something that I recorded earlier, then watch the Good Wife and the Mentalist later. I always add an extra hour to my recording of the Mentalist in case it runs late. Who am I kidding. It always runs late. Anyway, I don’t watch commercials. That is the beauty of having a DVR.

  27. A says:

    Sundays and Thursdays!! Best nights of television.
    The Good Wife, OUAT, Homeland, Revenge!!

  28. Amanda says:

    As I watch The Amazing Race I still keep my 9:00-10:00 hour open because there is always a fairly good possibility some sporting event will run-over and mess with its start time

  29. Tagrid says:

    With channels like HBO, SHO, SyFy, FX, USA, TNT & BBCA all repeating their series shows I generally watch network TV during primetime, then switch. Sometimes working out my schedule of viewing gets complicated and I’m watching for 6 hrs straight. The Good Wife and Revenge both being on network at the same time has made it necessary to catch one of them on PPV. So I don’t have to DVR very often – but do when necessary

  30. ben says:

    The Amazing Race and Once Upon A Time are both appointment viewing for me. I don’t live in the US, so I’m glad I don’t have to pick between them, but in the hypothetical I guess I’d probably watch Amazing Race and DVR Once (I’d probably always live a reality show over a scripted, as I’m more likely to want to watch bits of the scripted show twice).

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Watching Once Upon a Time and Football, while DVRing Revenge.

  32. cheryl says:

    Thank goodness for dvr! Revenge and TGW will record at 9; and Boardwalk Empire and Homeland will record the later showing. We don’t watch anything live, lol.

  33. jimbo says:

    Homeland, The Walking Dead, Simpsons, Family Guy aaand Sunday Night Football. Busy day!

  34. Princess1020 says:

    Where is Dexter?????????!!!!!!!!!?

    • Daniel says:

      Dexter is on next week.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Oh my gosh, are we that close to Dexter starting?? Yay! I guess I knew it started in July, but I keep forgetting how close we are to the end of June. I’m in denial over how fast the summer is cruising along.

        • Dexter is airing its final season this Summer instead of the Fall because Showtime has Homeland to deal with for its new season still in the Fall at 9 p.m. followed by the new series Masters of Sex at 10 p.m.

  35. Wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t care what it’s up against I will never miss The Walking Dead.

  36. Melody Paris says:

    Once Upon A Time, that’s the only thing on this night that catches my interest. I used to enjoy Revenge, but the 2nd season has pretty much ruined for me. I may choose to try out Season 3, but right now it’s not looking good.

  37. The Mentalist and Revenge. Hands down two of the best TV shows on the TV right now!!

  38. J says:

    I will definitely stay up for The Mentalist no matter how late football puts it! The Mentalist is quality television with fun, humor, darkness, a great cast in Robin Tunney, Owain Yeoman, Tim Kang, Amanda Righetti and of course the wonderful Simon Baker. If this show was on cable he would already have an Emmy. I can’t wait for season 6!

  39. em says:

    SNF for me. I’ll catch OUaT and Homeland later.

  40. kavyn says:

    OUAT, Revenge, Homeland and I’m going to check out Masters of Sex.

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  42. Joann says:

    You can never watch The Good Wife live on the East Coast — they ALWAYS screw the time up with football. So, I watch on demand the next day, because I don’t always remember to record the Mentalist.

  43. Walendawonder says:

    Why do you assume anybody wants to watch Masters of Sex? Is it just because its on Showtime? Clinical studies about sex in the 1960’s sounds so boring. The only thing good about this show is that it has sex in the title.

  44. Shay says:

    Plus, don’t forget the various “Masterpiece” offerings on PBS….no new “Downton” until 2014, but there are often other fine choices!!!!!

  45. A fan says:

    Once Upon A Time. That is all.

  46. robinepowell says:

    Sunday night is Once Upon a Time and The Mentalist, no conflicts for me. :)

  47. G says:

    I will watch The Amazing Race and Family Guy sorta live (delayed a few minutes on my DVR) and then watch The Walking Dead. I will also sometimes watch Sunday Night Football live if it is a game I really want to see.

  48. Trey says:

    What about the previous post that indicated that CSI was on CBS at 10pm?