Food Network to Drop Paula Deen After 'Inappropriate' Comments

Paula Deen Dropped By Food NetworkPut a fork in her, ’cause Paula Deen is done.

Food Network has announced that it “will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month” in light of the TV personality’s recently exposed offensive comments.

The controversy stems from a deposition, reportedly held May 17, in a discrimination lawsuit by former Paula Deen Enterprises employee Lisa Jackson against Deen and her brother, Earl “Bubba” Hiers, per Huffington Post.

According to the report, Deen admitted to using the N-word and expressed a desire to have a southern style wedding with black waiters assuming the role of pre-Civil War-era “slaves.”

Deen was set to appear on Today this morning, but canceled her appearance. She later released a short apology video — it was quickly taken down, but you can still watch it here — in which she said, “I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done. I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate, hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable.”

“I’ve made many mistakes along the way,” she continued. “But I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners, I beg for your forgiveness.”

A new apology video has since been released:

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  1. Et al. says:

    Good riddance.

    • October Knight says:

      I am not sure what is wrong with all of you , I can guarantee that most if not all of you have used that word a time or two. And personally I think the wedding sounds pretty cool and very themed – get a grip all of you liars.. wake up .. Paula is a great cook and great mother and a great TV talent .. Food network HUGE mistake !!!!!!

      Paula – I love you and I am sorry all these people are throwing stones .. their day will come .. I love you!

      • Brooke says:

        I think MOST people have not used “that word.” Pretending everyone else is behaving abhorrently is not a good way to defend yourself.

        • noahcocke says:

          Pardon me, but MOST have used that word. Mostly, the ones who are offended by it. Because they call it to each other affectionately. Making a big deal out of it only empowers the word. The whole black waiters thing should offend more than a word. But hey if she said something about Asians building a railroad for her, most wouldn’t know what that meant. How about we all grow up and C yoU Next Tuesday…lol sorry I couldn’t resist.

          • Shalisha says:

            Jews can call each other “kikes” but non Jews cannot. Black people can call each other “Nigga” but white people cannot. Why? Because this country was built on racism and continues to thrive on racism. It’s one thing to poke fun at yourself – it’s another when your oppressor does it. Paula is not being fired so much for her use of the “N” word as much as she is being fired for the lawsuit that was filed against her and her flippant attitude during her deposition about the “N” word. Look, she’s from the deep south, and I ALWAYS got the impression she was a red neck racist just by watching her show. I have NO DOUBT this bitch is totally racist. And what about her ignorant comment that she was thinking about hiring an all black staff for catering one of her events??? Should we be grateful?? Even that statement is akin to white people’s lame line “My best friend is black.” Please! I’m glad she got fired.

          • april-ann says:

            Shalisha, I am so sick and tired of people who claim to know who can use horrible words and whom cannot. Enough of that sh*t. As a society we need to finally grow up. NO ONE can use those words. It’s just plain not acceptable. The longer it remains to be okay to “poke fun at yourself” the longer the damn terms are deemed “acceptable”. Take it out of the gray area already. NO ONE should be using these words anymore. It’s wrong. As long as it’s used by those “entitled” to use it, it will be used “flippantly” by others. Let’s retire that word at long last. NO ONE uses it. NO ONE is entitled to use it. Just stop it. Paula Deen is not a racist. I am willing to cut her some slack because she not only grew up in a much different time from many of us, but a much different place (the deep south). And guess what?? My very best friend in the whole world IS black. And guess what else? I get a racist vibe from you.

          • James says:

            Pardon me – but MOST white employers who would use that word to a black employee would be in trouble. MOST of your friends might have used that word, but ALL of mine have notl

          • Oscat says:

            I don’t use the word, mutt girlfriend doesn’t use the word, my brother doesn’t use the word…get the point, not everyone uses the word. It its offensive for a white person to use the word. She represents the foods network and hey if they want to protect the brand then they should fire her. I personally think the wedding idea is completely offensive. When you are in the public eye you have to be careful with what you say; you make it, you lay in it. Maybe CMT will give her a cooking show. If our wasn’t wrong, then why is she apologizing.

          • KevyB says:

            I’ve got a better idea! How about we all stop giving a freaking word so much power! Didn’t anybody on the planet EVER learn from that sticks and stones song? Honestly. I’ve often been the target of the so-called “F-word” and I’m not going to give somebody stupid the option of using something as weak as a word as a weapon against me. And I really don’t have much respect for someone that does. I get extremely annoyed anytime someone in the gay community whines over somebody else using that boring word. Big F-in’ deal! Tell them they are ignorant and move on! As for Ms Deen, she’s from Georgia! The state with the White Prom town! The state whose racist Tweets are only outnumbered by those in Mississippi and Alabama!The state whose immigration law has cost farmers a billion dollars in two years AND THEY JUST STRENGTHENED IT! She seems sweet and all but it seems obvious that you can take the girl out of Georgia, but you can’t take Georgia out of the girl.

          • Blvdjewel says:

            If the “MOST” you are referring to are Black people YOU ARE WRONG. MOST black people have enough sense not to use the “N” word AT ALL because we understand the derogatory and incendiary nature of the word. The “MOST” of also realize that it can never become a term of endearment – no matter whatever a hip-hop artist says about their usage of the word. The “MOST” of us consider those who do use the “N” word to be quite ignorant (regardless of their socio-economic status) and often have to distance ourselves from them. And, to include those folks like deceased comic Richard Pryor or other Blacks from his era and before who used the “N” word – MOST of us considered them ignorant to a great degree also. Talk what you KNOW.

          • DOROTY GUESS says:

            Have any of you read the deposition Lisa Jackson, plaintiff VS Paula Deen. Prehaps you SHOULD! There is more to it than just the racial comments. There is soooooooooo much more. Now I know why Paula came out sooooooooo quick to apologize. The deposition is filty! Read It NOW! It is posted. She and brother Bubba were evil beings and does not deserve to run any establishment. Never would I have thought Paula had so much disrespect for women and a race of people. IT IS A MUST READ!!!!!!

          • Lena says:

            Actually “most” haven’t used that word. Do you know everyone? Generalizations is a weak premise to formulate an argument. The woman is a racist tool. Food Network made a good decision.

        • Louise says:

          I agree. I am 73 years old and I have NEVER used that word. We were brought up to be respectful of everyone.

          • hamburgey says:

            Lisa Jackson’s compliant list assult and battery, sexual harrassment, you name it everything under the sun is in the complaint. But you need to read the deposition It’s unbelievable! She testified that she had never seen Bubba Hiers act in an unappropiate manner and never heard him say anything racist or make any sexual advances. However, she did throw stuff at employees.. This is confusing to me.

        • Laura says:

          I believe that there have been derogatory comments made by most people unfortunately, there was only one perfect living being in my opinion. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I certainly would not enjoy my life and everything I’ve ever said to be publicize and scrutinized by the public. It’s a real shame the beating she’s taking, when murderers, thieves rapists and child molesters, domestic violence, disease, along with international crises are happening. My goodness people get your priorities straight. Live today and make sure we are moving forward instead of CONSTANTLY FOCUSING ON BAD INSTEAD OF GOOD THINGS.

          • Cyndi says:

            The only people that were harmed here are the ones that walk around making excuses for their own oppression. (You are harming yourselves) Guess what all of you, whoever you are, white, black or otherwise, this is AMERICA, land of the free, none of you are being oppressed by anyone other than yourselves, grow up…get over it, get passed it and get on with it…life it is good, if ya just quit making excuses and blaming everyone else for your own problems. Yes, we are all tasked with our own future, no one else has the power to hold you back, except you. Empower yourself and live on. And to Paula, I love you and I know you too will find the way to get up, get going and go on as well. Food Network is just another money hungry industry not really interested in doing good as just looking good.

        • Frank says:

          True, most would not, HOWEVER, had it been an African-American stating something on the lines of “white” people,, in America these days, they ALWAYS get away with racism. It SHOULD ALWAYS be 100% fair to ALL. Racial remarks have been made SEVERAL times in the media from African-Americans, especially regarding abortions and the
          “abort the white babies” remark (How overly piggish of ANYONE , these are babies, REGARDLESS of their race!) and was DEFINATELY brought up on it, HOWEVER, someone ALWAYS covers these statements for the racists. THIS is what I am most angry about. If a white person is held accountable, than an African-American, as well as any other race,should be, as well. This country is so afraid to “correct” any other race or such other than the white race. It’s been proven time and again. Forget races and nationalities, it is the PRINCIPLE that our country holds for some and NOT for all. Simply disgraceful.

      • Percysowner says:

        I’m 60 and the only time I ever used that word was in my childhood, when we were discussing why that word was offensive. I don’t watch Paula Deen, so it doesn’t affect me one way or the other. The Food Network decided not to renew her contract. That happens.

        • Betty says:

          Shame on the food Network how many football players and stars have said or none something that was not right and they are still playing and working and we are still paying to go see them but I watch the food network all the time and mostly Paula Deen but I am done and how many others feel this way she is sorry lets move on

          • Ashley says:

            Look the word is just BAD and VERY HURTFUL it shouldn’t been said…………end of story.

          • Minnie Baird says:

            I’m with you Betty. This is so much BS. This lady has apologized so many times what do they want her blood? I’m not saying that what she said was right however, I think the black card is worn out and should be thrown away. Have you noticed it is the only race that is always making a stink about what someone says or does? I mean really they weren’t the only race that was done wrong in the past but they are the only race that wants to be rewarded for the rest of time for what was done hundreds of years ago. My ancestors were Native American Indians and were treated worse than anyone could imagine but you don’t see us getting any national holidays or getting jobs before a white person or any other compensation for the way our ancestors were treated so why do the blacks feel they are better than any other race and deserve to be treated any better than any one else? The race card as I said needs to be thrown away and everyone earn the respect they get and not be given it to keep from being sued. After all a word only has as much power as we allow it to have. So grow up and stop crying every time someone calls you a name. I mean I’ve been called a cracker a lot by blacks but I didn’t sue or go to the news stations with that so why can’t the blacks be as adult about it? Oh yeah, that’s right they wouldn’t have more rights than us if they did boo who cry me a river. If you are a redneck from the south that wedding theme would sound cool so stone her to death for being born in the south. I mean is what she said any worse than what is being said about her now? What if she decides to sue all of you who thinks because you are black you can go on the web and say what you want about her now? Oh I bet you never thought about what if she turned the tables on you huh? It would serve all of you hypocrites good if she did. My mom always told me don’t dish it out if you can’t take it and practice what you preach. If you don’t want to be spoken badly of then don’t do it yourself. I love Paula Deen and I won’t be watching the Food Network again.

      • gdv says:

        “The wedding sounds pretty cool and very themed”??!?!?!? Are you kidding me? You think black waiters dressing up as pre-civil war era slaves is “cool”? What is wrong with you?

      • Annie says:

        Speak for yourself. And I’m sorry, but thinking a slavery themed wedding sounds “pretty cool” – that DOES make you a racist.

        • I think it makes him historically accurate actually.

          • BabyFirefly says:

            Yes, let’s celebrate the historically accurate time when we enslaved a race of people….. Good times. You must be a hoot.

          • Shoukichi says:

            What utter nonsense. Slavery existed, thinking that immitating the era that it was present in the United States is “cool” has nothing to do with historical accuracy, just hateful celebration of a time when human beings were discriminated against and treated like property. Since we exist currently in an era about 150 years away from slavery as an institution in the US, it isn’t actually accurate.

            Seriously, what is the point of that, to try to sound clever? It comes across as complete gibberish. She got what she deserved, and as others have said, good riddance.

          • M says:

            why not have a nazi themed wedding while you’re at it….

          • b says:


        • noahcocke says:

          Okay. Let’s talk about historical accuracy. Most slaves were treated better than the “free” house employees. They probably lived better than I do. Thomas Jefferson fathered children with his slaves. Some slaves chose to remain slaves rather than have to support themselves. Slavery still exists today in many countries. We are all slaves to debt thanks to the private bank that is the Federal Reserve. Whose chairman Osama Ben Bernanke says his job is to “control the value of money”.

          • noahcocke says:

            People ARE treated as property today. Your social security number makes you “property” of the District of Columbia which the US is the corporation that exists therein. Look it up.

          • Angela says:

            Most slaves were treated better than the “free” house employees. They probably lived better than I do.
            As for the rest of your post…what in the hell are you even talking about?

        • McNight says:

          only if they break out the whips and the chains.

        • Andrea says:

          I agree. What about a plantation themed wedding?

          • Marm says:

            She’d mentioned that she’s had dinner at a restaurant in Memphis. The waiters were so incredibly professional that Paula was deeply impressed, reminding her of the ‘old days’. When it came to the wedding, it was a ‘Plantation Wedding’, which are actually popular in the south. Some of the old plantations have specifically been made over into places specifically to host weddings with a southern flare. And yeah, the vast majority of slaves in the south were treated like family members. It’s the very few bad owners that created this image of slaves being mistreated. The whole idea of being ‘owned’ was the main moral issue of slavery.

          • Bump says:

            Nice try at re-writing history you racist pig…unless of course you were there and saw all of this first hand!

        • Annie2 says:

          I think having a slavery themed wedding is pretty cool if roles were reversed!!!!!

      • Aleksa says:

        Um, no.

      • Kristina says:

        You must be as racist as she is to think that a wedding themed on having black slaves as part of the story line is cool. Maybe you think it would be cool to sponsor a school field trip only for black children to pick cotton for a day?? Paula Deen is a public figure and has a responsibility and duty to ensure that she at least displays higher standards than this (even if it isnt real). She is making a lot of money off of the people she so non-chelantly refers to as the N-word, as a matter of fact it was these same N-words that were supporting her most when mainstream “white” america was bashing her for her extreme use of butter. Her put together apology is not enough, and I think food network is absolutely justified in not renewing her contract, as it would imply that they seek to make money regardless of who they offend. Good Job Food Network!! AS far as Paula Deen goes, she deserves to enjoy her southern lifestyle sitting on her porch, eating her confederate soup, and cracking jokes with Bubba and the rest of the Klan, reminising about the good old days when she had us all fooled!!

        • Garden girl says:

          Why is there so much angered response towards the South. Do you see this as racist,I do. I am a born Southern and proud of my upbringing. I was taught to respect all people. Please know that being a Southern does not automatically mean one is racist.

          Yes, the history is there and it was a shameful time that may never completely go away. A time of ignorance, indeed, but most of us have grown to understand that we are created equally and are entitled to be treated as a human worthy of love and respect

          . One thing I learned many years ago from a wise lady, a nurse, who because of her profession/knowledge understood that some people are limited in different areas,
          Simply due to their circumstances. Her statement to me was ” we only know what we re exposed to”.

          I have tried to live by these words, they allow me to show compassion and understanding towards even those who may seem different or backward to how I live my life. And at times, an opportunity to share my view on how I feel we should treat each other, which by the way, is with kindness and respect.

        • Kristen says:

          First, if everyone could please learn how to spell if you’re going to be posting in a public forum. Your argument about ignorance stands no ground if you can’t even spell half the words you’ve used.
          Second, when expressing your opinion about recent events, and you refer to Paula Deen as a “redneck rascist” b/c she used the “N” word – congratulations, you just placed yourself in the same category. Redneck is no more of an acceptable term than the “N” word is. Both are ignorant terms, as well as the likes of “cracker”. Any derogatory term is unacceptable. Now, while that might be true, and while we might all pride ourselves on trying to live up to these moral standards, I am willing to bet that 95% of those sitting on their high horse, looking down on Paula Deen for her poor choice of words, have used a term such as “nigga”, or “redneck”, or “cracker”, or “spic”. It’s sad, but I guarantee at some point in their lives, they too have had a lapse in judgment and slipped.

      • kate says:

        k, Paula’s son. BTW: no, I haven’t ever had an “oopsie” with that kind of language.

      • Charly Dee says:

        I am going to the library tomorrow and demand the Webster’s and other dictionaries be removed from the shelves. Additionally I want a mixed racial group to read all the books and ban those that have such words as negro, blacks, Afro-Americans and niggars. Our language has become so polluted that we need word police to issue citations to anyone using such foul language. I’v also notice the use of the “N” word on the web. How dare people using such words. Our children might see bad words and become criminals.

        • noahcocke says:

          Yes! And while we are destroying the dictionary let’s put all the Bibles in the fiction section since you can’t talk about factual story of of our Lord God and his Son our Savior Jesus Christ. They banned Bibles in schools in the 60s but you can teach the “theory” of evolution. Public schools teach our children what to think and not how to think.

          • James says:

            Ugh, not that this has anything to do with the article but… the bible is one theory of how the world was created, just as evolution is another. Forcing children to believe in a book written by man is wrong as well. Children should be free to do their own thinking and decide what to believe in.

          • Mary Ann says:

            Evolution is not a theory. It’s a fact.

        • Mary says:

          Yes and see if you can take all the presidents who were not of color out of the library too.. Lol lets be for real. Blacks have had so much hate, prejudice unjust things done to them here in the USA . I don’t even know how to even respond to all this racism still existing. It cuts through my heart.

          • Janis mccaghren says:

            Sad sad. America is a sad place a faithless generation what about the red people? We of color have all been bashed in the past but if we as a country don t stop letting the devil put evil in your mind your going to be whining big time when Jesus returns you better get your souls saved and forgive when a person ask for it. No matter what they have done. You want to disagree? That’s fine but read your bible first. And think about how God forgave the world when Jesus died as a sacrifice for mankind

      • Et al. says:

        Other things October Knight thinks sounds cool: A Nazi themed party with a bunch of skinny Jewish servers.

      • slm says:

        I agree! Wow! Really? We are so backward we have to force someone into some sad apology for something said in a time different than now? Things have changed, Paula would agree. She is a good cook. Wow. Food Network, what a knee jerk reaction to a liberal press.

        • Angela says:

          The stupid ones are crawling out of the woodwork today, I see.

        • syb says:

          That different time was the 1980s. That’s two decades after Martin Luther King. She should know better by then. In addition, the deposition suggests that she still uses the word when telling jokes, and she doesn’t know whether such jokes might offend somebody. Seriously, even if she’s the nicest person in the world at heart and means no harm, if I’m a producer or broadcaster, or employer, I’m not going to take the risk on someone who didn’t know it was wrong to use a racial slur in the 1980s.

      • thurthbetold says:

        Anyone who thinks slavery is cool needs help……..

      • guest says:

        I have never used that word. Even when my (black) roommate used it. It’s not ok, language helps to perpetuate stereotypes and excuse inappropriate (e.g racist) behavior, she should have known better. she probably did but thought it’s ok anyway.

      • Aiden Hawke says:

        What the hell is wrong with you? “most if not all of you have used that word”??? Um…NO, Most of us are mature and not racist like you and have not said that to anyone.What a stupid comment.

      • Sue says:

        I so agree with you. I am outraged that just because you use a word (and who doesn’t, hell, even the blacks use it regularly) it distroys your career. I will not be watching the FoodNetwork again. So where is the line of “Free Speach”? Only if you are of color? Give me a break!
        …Las Vegas resident

        • Pam says:

          “Free Speach” doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. She was free to use the word, which she did, and this is the result of it.

      • Karin says:

        Just because you have used The N word, doesn’t mean everyone has. I am African American woman and we were never allow to used that word or any racial words towards other races. It is offensive and very unprofessional. You can not use it at work or any other professional place so why is it acceptable for her to use it. That word was never intended to encourage people but to destroy. She is probably a great mother and cook but a lousy business woman. Thank you Food Network for standing up for something that was totally to all human race.

      • Jackie d v says:

        Get a grip? Slavery is not a theme for anything. It was an abhorrent time in US history. And I do believe there are millions of use who have never used the N word. It does not matter to me whether they cancelled her show or not. I would never watch it again.

      • syb says:

        Wow, you seriously think a party with a slave owner theme sounds “pretty cool?”

        That’s depressing.

        No, I have never “used that word” even one time. And I’m not as old as Paula Deen, but I’m not that far from her age either. I’m sure Paula Deen has her good qualities, and I suspect she’s not a bad person at heart. But she was a prominent face of the Food Network, Fancying a slaveholder theme party, using a racial epithet in conversation, and not understanding that it is offensive, or that race jokes and the like are offensive is hard to excuse when the perpetrator is a wealthy, well-traveled, business owner and TV personality. This is the risk of being a public figure. Your skeletons may cost you more so than the ordinary private person whose bigotry can be kept just amongst friends.

      • Cherry says:

        I have NEVER used this word.

      • jerry zaleski says:

        Then you live in a bubble. Most have used the word. Except those who live in a bubble or have the name PollyAnna.

      • Michael says:

        I use that word all of the time since I figure I also have a Freedom of Speech right. The trouble with this country is the only one with Freedom of speech tights are minorities. I have been tired of that for years. Minorities are allowed to call me anything they see fit to and when I try filing charges I’m laughed at since I am not in a minority group. So I say what I want when I want and don’t worry at all about the consequences since I have nothing and putting me in jail would give me three meals
        day instead of the one I can afford now. I’m taking back my right to free speech!

        • Bump says:

          I bet you don’t “Use that word all the time .” in front of a big strong Black mans face you wimp! All of these people crying ,”why can’t I use the word if they get to” ;(
          Well I have good newsy for you, You CAN use the word all that you want to! Just walk right up to a Black man and say , You Big Old Black N—-!! Let me know how that works out for y’all.

        • syb says:

          Yeah, sure, you have “freedom of speech.” And Food Network has the freedom to decide with whom they want to associate, as does everyone else. I don’t wish to associate with bigots, so if “you use that word all the time” I’ll exercise my freedom of speech and classify you as a racist.

          Not to surprise that you have “nothing” if you go out of your way to offend people all day.

      • Jj says:

        Wtf are you talking about Octobet Knight? No I have never uttered that slur. Perhaps you are a racist, but I am not. Just because you are comfortable with racism, doesn’t make those of us who don’t into liars. Your guarantees mean nothing. This was the best thing the Food Network could have done. Who needs to learn how to cook from some racist bigot… oh wait, YOU DO! JERKFACE!!

      • Nancy says:

        What I don’t understand is why they are firing her for something she said YEARS ago. Not recently. And it was not on their network. It was in the privacy of her own home for god sakes. What the heck?!

      • get a grip i yotally agree with yu.i am 81 years old living in birmingham al. i can say this in my life time i have used word offensive to a lot of races. the difference is i am nor rich and no one is trying to get my money. poor girl , she should start her own network like oprah winfrey and million s of people her age and mihe would follow. i took great effort to get this off my chest,now its done i love paula . gene c

      • kp131 says:

        Lets think about the big picture big guy. She’s not being sued just for saying the N word. She and her future-fearing family are extremely racist. Not to be confused with a mear ignorant use of a word. They provided a hostile work environment and should be reprimanded … they shoulda got her for pretending not to have diabetes and preaching recipies that contribute to the disease because it made her rich. See ya Paula! Wont miss you.

      • Sara says:

        What the hell are you smoking?! She deserved to get fired. What a purely stupid thing for her to do.

      • Steven Putz says:

        If you haven’t heard the word used, you’re not listening. To go back 30 years and judge someone… what about athletes, celebrities who do a whole lot worse and yet collect millions without ever being even one bit remorseful? Just this week Alec Baldwin goes on yet another tangent without a word being said…. what gives??? Just another bigoted male speaking his million dollar mind for the media.

    • Rhonda says:

      I think. THE FOOD NETWORK is WRONG for n of renewing her contract! It’s their loss!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Fantastic. That was the right thing to do. See ya!

    • the real wendy says:

      This woman is ignorant of humanity both in body and spirit. She thinks high fat and cholesterol are fine until she needs the by-pass and n is ok until someone hears it – she really thinks both are still OK. Crying for the heartland.

    • bova39 says:

      I find it interesting that most people do not understand racism and the political, social, economic, and psychological implications of racism. People engage in racism because they have the power to do so. Within her circle racist practices are common, though the majority of African Americans’ are appalled by her comments, what differentiates Paula from her sophisticated counterparts is application. Whereas, Paula willingly admitted that she harbors certain opinions about Black’s which is that they are slaves and should be reminded of that they are slaves at all times; her counterparts pencil whip Blacks’ by reversing Amendments, building prisons, circumventing legal fiction, stigmatization and maintaining a monotonic relationship through legal fiction. Paula is guilty of lacking tact, thus she’s being punished and rightfully so.

    • bRAD says:

      Food Network is/was turned on 24/7 at my house. I love most of the shows on that channel. (Paula is my favorite) I can say that I now have blocked that channel from ever being viewed in my home. If other people will stop watching Food Network there ratings will go down.

      • guest says:

        reading your comment I might subscribe to the FoodNetwork just to counteract ignorant bigots like you.

        • DOROTY GUESS says:

          Sounds like to me you want to compliment a person – paula deen – for acting in a bigot way as she is sued for. Her brother and she allowed these bigot (harrassment, both sexual and physical) events to occur. Because she fooled the public so well I think she should loose everything she has earned. Paula Deen you did a splendid job fooling all of us!

      • b says:


        • Joanne says:

          Yes, because the food network can’t survive without all you racists watching. Grow the hell up. Her behaviour is NOT excusable.

    • Pro Paula Dean. I miss you already! says:

      Paula Dean has exemplified and paid her dues as being a decent human being! I feel it is safe to assume that most people have let their guard down and made uninteded inappropriate remarks! “He is without sin case the first stone”. Thoughts are as bad as WORDS. Often times comments are said in jest and not malice. We need to be able ot laugh at ourselves. I am an Irish American, third generation. Certain seriotypical remarks are made and are open for ridiciule, such as Irish drink too much. Speaking from experience, It’s true! Brush it off and move on! So, What. Live and Learn! As a society we have taken ourselves too seriously! Why tar and feather? It is so sad that as a socitety we look for an opportunity for our brothers and sisters too fail. We have become such a sad Nation. We need to read between the lines!

      • I agree with what you said those with with out sin cast the first stone. God Bless you for saying it.They will do anything to take down any body. Every day we all make mistakes an everyday God forgives us. Let God judge us not man. Praying for a clam everyday over the USA.

      • syb says:

        Here’s the thing. She’s not “laughing at herself” when making a joke that involves a slur directed to black people. Yes people make mistakes. Yes, nobody’s perfect. She’s a celebrity, a TV personality, she in many ways is the face of Food Network.

        Paula’s not being “tarred and feathered.” But she is being criticized, and rightfully so. It’s not okay to throw a party where you celebrate the subjugation of black people. It’s not okay to make racist jokes or use words that people have known for decades is derogatory and offensive, in jest or otherwise. The perpetuation of stereotypes ingrains them in the psyche of generation after generation, and is one reason why after decades since the civil rights movement we can’t seem to eradicate racism. If you called your kid stupid every day, your kid would at some point think he was stupid, even if you were joking. If you tell an employee she’s inferior every day, she’s not going to perform at her peak level, even if you didn’t mean it. These expressions matter. It’s time to stop pretending that words don’t have impact, and that it’s not that serious.

        I give Paula credit for being honest. I give her credit for apologizing. But I’d have made the same decision as the network in not renewing her contract. While a lot of this happened some time ago, I think most people knew by the 1980s that it was wrong. You certainly didn’t hear her say such things on her television shows, and that’s because she knows better.

    • mike says:

      first of all rappers use the n word all the time in their rap songs whats up with that? they say it about it themselves

    • tracey says:

      I say good riddance to paula dean!!!

    • anne r brown says:

      I will never watch Food Network again you people are flipping ignorant I want to ask all your other chefs how many of them ever used the N word and if they say never they are lying and how many of your staffers used the word please cut me a break How many Black people have called us crackers white trash and other names how come they can say that Im sick of this BS Black people seem to have all the power and us white people have to sit back and take this crap well I for one will not I will say what I want when I want slur my butt you call yourselves that all the time is that okay please cut me a break friggin bleeding heart liberals Paula I love you and will never watch Food Network again and I know a lot of other people feel the same way

    • Sherry says:

      Good grief! It’s a word, she said she’s sorry, so get over it. When those “of color” stop using “the word” we can all take note. Big enough to get fired over? If so, someone has no back bone. But I can only speculate, some kind of contract negotiation? In short, what’s the deal with throwing Paula under the bus for every little thing…other than that she works really hard, has money (from working really hard), and she’s a woman.

    • Keri says:

      Im sorry, I am a white female, I cringe when I here the N word, I have even banned both my nephews from my face book page because they use it all the time. They were raised in Kanas City, In there world it seems to be ok, being raised in that melting pot. I am not sure how their friends of any color feel about it, but I have never seen any complaints, they all seem to use it as if it were the word THE. I do not think its ok for one group to use it and another not. I have a friend who is 58, and would have her mouth sewn shut before he would every say a slur of any kind. So keep all the slurs in your own head and talk nice about everybody, no matter the situation. And forgive the ignorance of others

    • guest says:


    • Meghan says:

      As a women I always say don’t call yourself anything you wouldn’t want anybody else to address you as. Everyday I turn on the radio and hear black peopl calling other black people that word and white people doing the very same thing. If we want racism to stop we will stop giving power to silly names and not accept that word from anybody black or white. Why should she be persecuted for the very same thing black people say to other black people . We as a people should really learn from each other instead of blaming/persecuting each other, and holding grudges.

    • DETER says:

      Celeb’s have to be held to the highest standards,there are many people viewing. Sorry Paula your greedy money trane is over. Unless you open up lots of restrants in the south.The repub teabaggers will run to your resque like they went to CHIC FL A AND PAY 10 BUCKS FOR A MUSTARD CHICKEN BISKET.

    • John says:

      I thought everyone was entitled to their own opinion. I guess only if it doesn’t offend anyone . This is wrong of food network. Is this what the world is coming to? Not everyone on this planet is going to get along and NOT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT

    • janice says:

      what ever happen to freedom of speech. If this was African american busting on a white person, nothing would be said. cant we all be grown ups. havent everyone in their lives said something they souldnt of. food network made a big mistake. I love watching that channel. Might have to quit watching it for a while and cancel my subscription to the magazine. Shame on you people for taking away her right of freedom of speech. right or wrong she should be able to say what she wants.

      • syb says:

        In addition to “freedom of speech” in the first amendment, there is also “freedom of association.” Food Network is a private company. They’ve chosen to disassociate with Paula Deen, thereby exercising their freedom. Paula isn’t going to jail. She’s learning that some people don’t want to associate with people who speak like bigots. Speak freely all you want and accept the consequences that some won’t like what you say, and if you’re dependent on the good will of those who don’t like what you say, you may be on the wrong side of their exercise of a freedom.

    • czarina says:

      I can’t agree more. In 2013 I can’t believe how many people responding to this article think this was acceptable behavior. Good riddance indeed.

    • Susan says:

      From reading the details on the lawsuit, it is a much deeper issue than just the comments she is accused of making. To be treated as an equal human being, you should only have to be human. That’s it, end of discussion. I do object to “you can take the girl out of Georgia, but not the Georgia out of the girl”. I am southern (not from Georgia) and I am a person. I make my own decisions financially and morally. It has nothing to do with where I am from. Using where you are from is an excuse or using it to belittle someone is just as ignorant. So you grew up in a different era, fact is you grew up. Once you grow up, how you act is up to you, not how you were raised or where. Again, to treat someone with the same respect and rights that you deserve, all that should be required is they are human, just like you.

      • jo says:

        Susan…i appreciate your comments!! Please everyone read the ACTUAL DEPOSITIONS!! I still love the food paula prepared but it will be a faint memory. In a 2010 episode she had plantation grits on her all this time still??? Not cheesy or buttery?
        This world is made up of a whole lot of people….when someone finds the person who is perfect..send them to this sight for comment. It is always easier to slam someone else instead of concentrating on OURSELVES…WE HAVE ALL AS HUMANS BEEN HYPOCRITES AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES…we are supposed to learn and grow, thus passing our history down with the struggles and the pain…so we can all do better!

        • Bump says:

          “when someone finds the person who is perfect..send them to this sight for comment. ”

          My friend said you wanted me (a perfect person) to comment on Paula Deen.

          Okay well here ya go….She is a racist sack of sh.! How was that? Satisfied now?

    • real one says:

      I’ve been called a cracker dozens of times & never dropped the N bomb & I’m from the deep south. Racism go’s both ways.

      • Bump says:

        What the heck is “Cracker”. I am 62 and I have never heard the word “Cracker” but the whole world has heard the “N-Word”. Get it Boy?

    • Claudia says:

      This whole Paula Deen mess is taken way out of proportion. I really enjoyed her show, and think you guys are making too much of this, and bringing this mistake to everyone’s attention. The Foodnetwork has really made a mistake with this one and should rethink the situation!

    • marjorie bentley says:

      Are we thus going to cancel all historical re-enactments? Every group in the US has been abused, insulted, and treated with prejudice by every other group..Every group has AND USES a derogatory term or terms for every other group. You cannot tell me that most people have not heard and.or used at least one of these terms to refert o another person. Are we going to consider Italian or Mexican themed restaurants to be racially prejudiced events? Are quncineras racially prejudiced events? Italian weddings? I am so tired of the “everybody’s picking on me because I am black” line. I admit to being prejudiced. I am prejudiced against anyone who thinks the world owes them a living, ignorance, generational welfare, and those who sit on their lazy butts and expect those of us (of ANY color) who actually work for a living to see that they have housing, food, cellphone, medical care and support for their umpteen children they can’t and won’t raise properly. This prejudice has nothing to do with color.

      • jo says:


    • Frank says:

      Good I’m glad this evil troll is gone..she is an old pig and got what she deserves she and her family are all narcissist….bye y’all. Lmao

    • MIKE mCmAHAN says:


    • Laura says:

      Interesting, one of the comments the writer refers to someone as a BITCH, I guess that’s ok. Hmmm.

    • Treboy12323 says:

      Wow…Just wow. Not only have you hurt many African American families by using the N-word, you have hurt yourself.Paula, I admired you, loved you, cherished you.I thought of you as a grandmother.I never pictured you would have said something so despicable, so mean, so arrogant. I always loved how you used to make your cakes and sweets on television, but now that’s a thing of the past…obviously.Basically, what I’m trying to say is, what you have said cannot be forgotten.And frankly to be honest may not even be forgiven, just because our society is built up upon racism did not mean you had to incorporate it in a wedding. Paula, I honestly have no hope for you anymore. You broke my heart….you will indeed be remembered and honestly, if you don’t care about what you have said, then you, yourself is a terrible person and I hope you GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!

      @Et al.: I left this reply under you because I couldn’t figure out how to type my own….

    • Terry Clothe says:

      the knee grow is a parasite

  2. lariet50 says:

    Just to go ahead and throw this out there: Please don’t assume that everyone from the South is racist and cooks everything with a stick of butter. Y’all. :)

    • Sara says:

      But what about the sketti sauce? ;)

    • the real wendy says:

      That’s what she did for you – say thanks.

    • JFC says:

      Then Southerners who don’t feel that way and are against it need to be more vocal. I mean, that’s what you’ve demanded out of folks of middle eastern descent…

      • lariet50 says:

        Okay. Hold up. Don’t tarnish me and all of the South by the brush of history. And don’t say “it’s what you’ve demanded out of folks of middle eastern descent…” You have never met me, and have no idea what I believe. Slavery was an issue throughout the states. Yes, the South was against abolishing it, but that was hundreds of years ago, and no one I know today believes slavery was a good thing, or that black people are less than us in any way, or that they deserve less. Nor do I believe all middle easterners are terrorists based on the actions of some of them. I feel calling an entire group of people something because a few of them choose to be labeled that way is ridiculous. If you lived near a child molester, I don’t automatically assume you are a child molester. That’s how ignorant is your assumption that Southerners all feel the same way about certain issues.

        • Bump says:

          Get yur head out of yur………
          I’m sure you would have no problem waking up tomorrow morning a black person, what a hoot that would be huh!

          There would be no difference in your life whatsoever afterall, “, but that was hundreds of years ago, and no one I know today believes slavery was a good thing, or that black people are less than us in any way, or that they deserve less.”

          God bless you lariet50

  3. Lime says:

    Good. There should be no rewards for bad (horrible, offensive, racist) behavior.

  4. valeeng says:

    Thank God! Not that it will affect my viewing, because I don’t watch Food Network too often anyway, but nice to know that Food Network did not wimp out on this situation. lariet50, I hope people don’t stereotype all southern people to be like her, but there probably are those who will. Sad, she could have been a good role model (if not for her use of a pound of butter in every dish) or at least a good example.

  5. Lily says:

    Food Network made the right and only decision. There is no excuse for racial slurs whether it be now or in the past. There is no excuse for bigoted slur of any kind, whether it be race, religion, physical appearance etc., especially when one is in the publlc eye.

    • Amanda says:

      So everyone should be punished for their past mistakes?? You’re not allowed to grow and change? I think food network acted too quickly on this. Michael Vick and Chris Brown still have their ridiculous jobs!

      • lariet50 says:

        Amanda, I cannot give you enough props for that! You are SOOO right about Vick and Brown! Such a double standard. And they committed or perpetrated violent acts, yet somehow that’s not as bad as shameful language. I’m not excusing her, but let’s get some perspective, people.

        • Krystan says:

          I do not condone racism in anyway. That being said: comparing Vick and Brown with Paula Deen is ridiculous. I do not like Paula Deen, Never have and I think her outdated beliefs should not be tolerated. But saying that her and men who commit violent acts are different. Vick tortured, murdered, and fought dogs for fun. He pulled out their teeth and strapped them in rape stands. He killed them with his bare hands in unbelievably cruel ways. The two are not the same. Brown is a disgusting vile creatures who thinks it is fun to beat up women. Our society is of the belief that if someone has a skill, whether it is football or music, they should be forgiven for any and all sins. When in reality that should not be able to be in a position where they could be considered role models. What Paula did/said was gross and awful, but it is not on par with the violence of those two men.

          • lariet50 says:

            I completely agree with you. I think the original point being made is that her crime is comparatively not as heinous as those of Vick and Brown, yet she’s facing more severe repercussions.

          • Danielle says:

            lariet50- She absolutely is not facing more severe repercussions. Brown has a criminal record from his assault on Rhianna and Vick went to prison for nearly two years for his role in the dog fights. Neither sentence is good enough IMO, Brown should have spent time in prison and Vick should have been there longer, but they have criminal records and one did time. Sure both have come back into their jobs because there are twisted people out there that see past their unforgivable crimes, but in no way is Deen losing one job more severe than prison time. She lost her job at Food Network. That’s it. She deserves it. If you or anyone else made these comments in the work place and were overheard by a coworker, you’d likely be facing the same thing. Even still, she will still sell cookbooks and candles and diabetes drugs and butter for years to come. Just like Brown and Vick, she has too many stupidly loyal fans who will forget about this and support her anyway.

          • Krystan says:

            Vick served time for tax evasion, not dog fighting. But I agree with you that the punishments were not harsh enough. I don’t think convicted felons should be handed multi million contracts. As a break rule we shouldn’t reward criminals because they are good at something.

          • lariet50 says:

            Danielle – I absolutely think she is facing more severe repercussions than they did. Let’s be real – a criminal record and a short stint in prison aren’t what’s going to hurt people like Vick and Brown – it’s true financial disincentive. Neither of them ever faced that – both continue to enjoy successful careers. This punishment for Paula Deen is a serious financial disincentive. Not that I think she’ll be hurting for money, and Food Network is within their rights as a company to fire an employee if they’re dissatisfied with that employee’s performance. What I do have a problem with is the commentary surrounding the whole escapade. When did this country turn into one big group of thought police? Do I agree with her statement? Definitely not. Do I believe that, as an American citizen, she has the right to say it? I do. Workplace laws permit an employee to take action if they were offended by these statements, and that is what has happened. It will play out as it will. But people seem to think they’re entitled to dictate what others should and shouldn’t be allowed to say and think. I disagree with things that a lot of people say. But I still know that they have the right to say is, whether it revolts me or not.

          • Danielle says:

            Tax evasion based on what he earned from dog fighting. He should have been punished for all crimes, but if this was the only one they could make stick, so be it. Either way, he served jail time which isn’t anywhere near to the same as losing her job, as it should be. These men did terribly, violent crimes and they deserve criminal records and jail time. Paula said numerous vile, offensive things and deserves to lose one of her jobs and hopefully a large chunk of her fan base. I think the punishments for each three are as close to fitting the crimes as we can get with their celebrity status, our society, and our overpopulated prisons, but Deen’s so far is as close to how it would be for an average citizen. I do think your original comment of how our society forgives someone made popular based on a skill is accurate, but I think it can go beyond football and music to include cooking. Martha Stewart is back on top and rolling in the dough, Deen will be too, just give her a few years. Pity.

          • Danielle says:

            Vick filed for bankruptcy shortly after he was convicted so I’d say he faced financial issues based on his actions. He came back though because our society sucks when it comes to celebrities, just like Paula will. Again, this is ONE of her many, many income streams. She’ll have absolutely no problems with money.

          • me says:

            Just like there are ppl on here saying Paula Dean is fine and should be forgiven there are ppl who feel the same way for Vicki and Brown. But not all. These men still make money because ppl still watch football and have bad taste in music. It is not a race thing or job thing at all. I do not have respect for either man. It is sad when any person of any race shows no regard of life and lacks integrity to the point of violence and/or stupidity.

            I absolutely love the Food Network but always found Paula to be annoying. I never would’ve guessed that she was a brainless bigot now or in the past but these days, about one out of every five ppl is. America is becoming more racist than Europe where it all began. It is really sad.

      • sarah says:

        If there are no consequences for our choices of behavior what forces us to grow and change.The truth is she did not lose her career, she just lost her job. Lots of people lose their job for less. In fact there are a lot of Americans out of work right now and they have done nothing wrong. Not sure about Brown but Vick (whom I dispise) went to prison and when he got out he lost his job with Atlanta. He then just got another one (with Philly). Paula will do the same. We as Americans are very quick to forgive the famous for their crimes or shameful behaviors. Funny, because a lot of people jump on the band wagon and will quickly throw a stone at a neighbor or even a friend without a second thought. Seems forgiveness comes a lot harder to people who actually care about how you feel about them.

      • Angela says:

        I think all three of them are idiots who should lose their jobs and go away.

      • Mary says:

        Michael Vick and Chris Brown did not make racist statements. But they were punished a different way. She needs to be punished . She is blatantly racist.. No doubt about it.

      • DOROTY GUESS says:

        Paula Deen made millions riding on the back of Blacks who received nothing but horrible working conditions. Read the depositon and you’ll see what I’m referencing to. The deposition is on line. My heart goes out the Lisa Jackson for what she had to put up with during her 5 years with the company. She and all the others who experienced the hostile work environment should be suing paula deen. She is disguting to pretend to be something she is not. The Tramp fooled us all with her sweet pleasant southern charm and treated people worst than humans. I’m very happy for Lisa Jackson and her fortitude to report her as she and her family is! GO LISA GO!!!

      • Margaret says:

        Amen !!! She should have just said “I don’t recall” like so many of our currrent administration’s leaders under oath in Congress . . . this would not have happened.

    • kate says:

      not true. people used that sort of language all the time for most of the last century. she doesn’t deserve to be fired for something she might have said in 1952. any time in the last decade, however, yes, she deserves to be fired.

  6. anne says:

    I don’t think Paula Deen is a bad person. Hopefully this will spark some good conversations about racism. It probably won’t though.

    • yeah ok says:

      You’re right about that. I’m sick and tired of people trying to brush this under the rug and downplaying it. If “some” people weren’t so scared of the truth, we’d all be a lot more informed over the topic of “race”.

    • kate says:

      She’s probably not a bad person, but Food Network can’t have that kind of bad press and not do something about it. That kind of language – said maliciously or not – can’t be tolerated. It’s bad for business.

    • Lena says:

      So right. A good person loves to thumb their nose at a painful, horrible time in history like slavery and have a “slave themed” party. Of course, good people also like to throw around offensive, hurtful words for fun.

  7. Gilded Lady says:

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised that Food Network actually fired her, especially given her long history with the station.

    Honestly, I wonder if they were planning on parting ways anyway over cost of contract or something.

    Either way, good on FN for parting ways.

  8. is this who Futurama based Mom on? You can just imagine her changing into the hateful Mom after the camera stops rolling.

  9. Drew says:

    Is there actual footage or a transcript of her comments? Not that there are many situations where this should be allowed to slide, but I’m a stickler for context. Third hand summaries don’t really sit right with me.

    That said, I’ve thought that Deen was a b-word ever since she was diagnosed with diabetes, hid it, and continued to push the unhealthy foods that caused the disease in the first place. She pushed people toward that disease so that she could make more money if she didn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t criminal, perhaps, but it was disgraceful.

    I’m no fan of hers by any stretch of the imagination. I just prefer actual comments in context, rather than “this is along the lines of what she said”.

    • Lauren says:

      Google “Paula Deen deposition.” it’s there in black and white.

      • Drew says:

        My point being that if they’re going to write about it in this article, they should post what she actually said in context. I would like to see the comment that actually got her fired if they’re going to mention it.

        • Danielle says:

          The problem is that it wasn’t just one comment that TVLine could easy drop in to the article. She’s on record, on film and in a written transcript, saying a whole slew of terribly awful things and it seems clear from the transcript that she doesn’t even understand why she’s getting in trouble. This isn’t as cut and dry as ‘she used this word once and is now getting fired for it” she makes it pretty clear that she’s said plenty of offensive things over the years and that’s not okay. Not because she’s a public feature, but because she’s a member of society and that behavior simply isn’t acceptable.

        • mike says:

          because google is SO difficult to use…

          • Drew says:

            You do realize that it is a journalist’s job to include pertinent facts in their articles, right? It has nothing to do with Google being hard to use, it has to do with me having read more than one article on the same topic and both articles neglecting to include more than a vague idea of what she said. You may call me lazy for wanting facts in my news stories, but I call it journalistic laziness.

          • Ash says:

            Uh drew you do realize this is tvline not cnn? lol

        • guest says:

          this is entertainment, not journalism. this article is not about what she did but that she was let go.

    • Nancy says:

      Honey she didn’t MAKE people cook her food.She didn’t PUSH anything on anyone. People make their own choices. How is she any worse then any of the other food network chefs? Alton Brown for years did a show where he made unhealthy food. Nobody crucified him. Emeril used lard and butter. Hell what’s next. You going to blame Sandra Lee for making people alcoholics? Come on. People have brains. if they CHOOSE to make a chef’s unhealthy food that is on them. Not the chef!

  10. Val says:

    So everyone is pissed at what Paula said yet you have said a racist slurr before. It’s sad people can’t forgive Paula but forgive Chris Brown?!

    • Paul says:

      Hang on. I’d venture to guess that most people haven’t forgiven Chris Brown. Only his dumba** twitter minions.

      • Brody says:

        No. No, I haven’t used a slur, because slurs are hurtful, ignorant, and unnecessary. Nor am I supportive of Chris Brown, although I’m not entirely sure that’s relevant.

    • kate says:

      Nobody’s forgiven Chris Brown except the army of stupid teenage girls who deserve to be beaten by their parents for their own stupidity.

    • misha says:

      I think its sad to assume that most people use racial slurs, honestly that has more to say about the company you surround yourself with than the rest of society

    • Ash says:

      Uh no I assure you not everyone has forgiven chris brown I was a big fan of his before what happened with rihanna and now I can’t even listen to his music the way people have accepted him is horrible to me

  11. rmr says:

    ….”the harder they fall..”

  12. Ophelia says:

    I really don’t understand why people are still using the N word AT ALL. I am from south GA…it was one thing for my 90 year old grandparents to say it (stuck in their ways)…but I have NEVER heard my parents say it and they are only a few years younger than Paula. Sorry Paula but you needed to learn a real lesson from this.

  13. Mike R. says:

    Good decision from the Food Network, they did the right thing. With that said, I don’t think Paula Deen is a horrible person, but what she did was unacceptable.

    • Just sayin says:

      Agreed. Decent people say ignorant stuff too. I think losing her show is punishment enough so I won’t be joining in the public beating she’s getting. I guess you can try to reason that she’s 60+ and from the South but my moms 66, we’re from TX and I have never heard that word leave her mouth. I did hear it from grandparents and other relatives from time to time growing up and I always cringed at the word personally. I just don’t see why it’s a word you would ever need to use. A$$hole or jerk works just as well if you need to denigrate someone. I also was never a subscriber to the theory that rappers use the word so why can’t white people…again I can’t think of a situation where that word is called for. There are many more colorful profane ways to Insult someone!

  14. badpenny says:

    Paula makes money. She’ll probably end up working for Oprah on OWN. :)

  15. TW says:

    The Food Network is a business. Regardless of whether they are appalled at her behavior (which is appalling BTW) they don’t need the headache that she brings them. First the whole Diabetes thing and now this. I’m sure she was on thin ice with them to begin with and this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • the girl says:

      Right, this is not the first scandal that she’s been a part of this year. Besides, admitting that you use racial slurs is a big deal. Even if you think you are playing or using them lightly, it is still inappropriate because of the controversial history of this country.

      • Rudy says:

        But she didn’t use them RECENTLY. This is what people don’t seem to get. They asked her if she ever used the word. EVER. In her whole 66 years. And she said she’s did at some point but could not recall a definitive moment where she had. I would not want people to judge me by things I said or did decades ago. We all grow and change.

        • Sheila says:

          I believe the staff at her restaurant claimed she used the term to refer to waiters and possible hires.

        • Danielle says:

          Check the transcript, she admits that she’s used and laughed at jokes using this slur and several others for various ethnic and sexual groups and she doesn’t make it seem like it’s been decades since she’s used the jokes. She says something along the lines of “that’s the point of the joke, to target groups” because as long as it’s in the form of a joke, it’s okay to offend everyone. And her brother admitted to calling Pres. Obama the n-word, so it isn’t hard to imagine that she’s still using it frequently since they seem pretty close. Sorry, I don’t think any of this is trumped up and she definitely deserves to be fired.

          Next up, Guy Fieri. I think it’s fairly common knowledge that he uses homophobic and racial slurs in “safe” groups.

          • syb says:

            “next up Guy Fieri.”
            God I hope so. For whatever reason… Yikes that guy is annoying, and so ubiquitous.

  16. Greg says:

    Great decision on the network’s part. This should have been done when she only revealed she had diabetes when she scored an endorsement deal. She’s a horrible person.

  17. dq18 says:

    I’m so glad that NOBODY else on this thread has EVER done anything wrong, or that they regret. I was beginning to think I was the only perfect person on the planet. Now, somebody hand me a stone to throw at her…

    • kate says:

      Nope. Never let the N word slip or had thought a pre-Civil War era party where I could dress black people up and pretend they were slaves was a good idea.

      • lariet50 says:

        I believe the original poster was suggesting that many people here are acting as though they’ve never done anything wrong. Not specifically that they’ve never done the same thing as her. Just being a stickler for accuracy, here.

    • SANDY RABURN says:


  18. Peggy says:

    Paula, I am sorry this is happening to you! Must be terrible to be in the public eye and every word you say can be twisted. As a fan of yours, I know you are not racist. I love your show and I love Down Home with the Neelys too. Why don’t some famous people take up for you! Maybe Oprah will. Better yet, be on Own! or Cooking Network with Bobby. I am a Southern girl and I know you are not racist!. love you Paula

    • kate says:

      “I’m not racist. I have black friends.” … said every post-Civil Rights era racist, ever. You know Paula would have Oprah waiting tables without pay in her pre-Civil War fantasy party, right?

  19. Rudy says:

    I remember seeing her on ‘Who do you think you are” and I remember how upset she was when she found out one of her ancestors was a slave owner. She cried and seemed truly upset by it. I highly doubt she is racist and should not be judged by something she may or may not have said decades ago.

  20. Cheo says:

    Good. Ignorance SHOULD hurt.

  21. JR says:

    The high-horse righteous indignation posted to this board is disgusting. None of you jackals have made mistakes? Most of you are probably too young to remember a time when the n word was innocently tossed around until years later when it was deemed unacceptable by polite society. How did these remarks surface and by whom? To me, the FoodNetwork , in its unforgiving firing, is the loser here.

  22. KR says:

    That poor cracker is so racist she doesn’t even understand what she did wrong.

  23. erin says:

    She used those racial slurs literally three decades ago and it was not in PUBLIC .

    So those who are without sin cast the first stone … (crickets) … thought so. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a negro use the “n” word. No one ever says a thing about it.

    To begin with the first amendment guarantees our free speech, right wrong or politically incorrect,that is for every U.S. citizen.

    I would guess that this officially makes racist humor verboten now right?
    Well unfortunately that’s going to put about 90% of black “entertainers” out of a job too. (Eddie Murphy etc…Black comedians can spout racial slurs at white folks & other ethnic groups yet they do not get banned form the comedy channel. Major hypocrisy & double standard in the media today.

    Making a mistake & uttering a racial slur does not define the whole person. Lighten up people.


    • noahcocke says:

      Exactly Erin. Comedienne Lisa Lampinella is the most “racist” in history. But its OK because she says she has had more black d*ck in her than a urinal at the Apollo. But people laugh at that. Watch the chappelle show. The blind black white supremicist Clayton bigsby who doesn’t know he is really black. But he is allowed to say the n word. I believe the chappelle actually tried to set a record for saying the most times if u remember.

      • jane says:

        Satire is a way to expose truths in a comical way. If Paula Dean used the N-word in a comedy sketch she wouldn’t be in this situation. Chappelle’s black white supremacist is so over the top for a reason. It’s a way for him to talk about race and offensive stereotypes and words. I’m not a fan of Lampinella and never seen her stand up, but Chappelle is a comedy genius.

    • James says:

      Actually the dinner party conversation was said to take place in 2007 so it’s not all from decades ago…

    • Lucy says:

      You are absolutely right. For all these high and mighty people on here most of you are liars. You have offended someone with some kind of slur. Pronably not to their face. But definitely behind someone’s back. I think they should look into anyone’s background who is in the public eye and fire anyone who has said something derogatory towards any race. Let’s be fair and make an example of all of them. Especially from people’s past. A good example is Al Sharpton. Why does he still have a show? Check out his past. Being politically correct only applies to white republicans. Everyone else van say whatever they want with no repercussions. Example-Just watch MSNBC

  24. april-ann says:

    I’ve always liked Paula Deen. I despise the word, and the suggested “theme” for the wedding. While I despise that horrible word, I also think that maybe sometimes it’s the intent that matters as well. I’m not saying the word should ever be used. I’m saying that by all accounts of those speaking up for her, and the giving of glowing examples which have proven to be true, she’s not a racist. Apparently far from it. I agree with commenter erin above that it should not define the whole person. I believe in forgiveness if someone is truly sorry and the intent was not there. Who doesn’t make mistakes?

  25. KR says:

    Black people use the word, some of them, because they own it. They took it back and claimed it and it’s theirs to use. If you’re not black you don’t get to use it, not in any context. And the idea of having your black wait staff dress up as pre-civil war era slaves is so outrageously racist she might as well burn a cross on her wedding party lawn and hang a few nooses from the trees. And yes she has freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean her boss has to re-up her contract. She can say whatever she wants, but they don’t have to pay her for it. Slavery existed, sure, so did the Holocaust… that doesn’t mean it’s ok to have an Auschwitz themed wedding.

    • Drew says:

      Black people can use it and white people can’t. So… verbal segregation?

      All people are equal. If the word is ugly, it is in poor taste for anyone to use it. “Owning” it keeps it in use.

    • april-ann says:

      Well maybe black people shouldn’t use the word. No one group owns a word. No one owns a word. In my opinion no one “gets to use it”. Why would anyone want to “take back and claim” such a horrible word and make it “theirs to use”? Why would they even wish to use a word that has such hateful connotation attached to it? It’s high time that word is no longer used by ANYONE and maybe then ALL people will finally get it, that it is not acceptable to use by anyone in any context or under any circumstance.

    • noahcocke says:

      Oh so black people were the only people to ever get hanged? Lynching i am sure hurt way worse. Dragged around and beaten till hanging was a release. The following is a joke btw…The black Jew had it the worst at Auschwitz for sure….the probably had to sit at the back of the oven. My name is Noah and I don’t get offended when people tell me to build an ark. Words are just words and stories like this just give them more power. And as for “owning” a word. That is ridiculous. Doing something while telling others not to is hypocritical.

    • Lena says:

      Yep. That’s a great reason why Paula should use the word, right? Pathetic.

  26. Kevin in CT says:

    “According to the Uniform Crime Report for 2009, among people 18 or younger (18 & younger blacks make up less than 3% of the U.S. population), blacks were charged with 58 percent of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, 67 percent of robberies, 42 percent of aggravated assaults and 43 percent of auto thefts.”

    This about says it all

    • jen says:

      i’m not sure what you’re trying to imply or how your statistic makes paula deen’s racist comments ok….

  27. Dee says:

    I’m personally not a fan of Paula Deen. As for using the “N” word and the “Civil War slave theme” for a wedding I think it is outrageous that she would even consider such a theme. It sounds to me that she wishes those hateful days were back again. As for her apologizing, forget it. No one wants to hear your fake apology just to keep your name, network, pots and pans going. I can honestly say I was brought up in a household that would not tolerate that kind of behavior. Me and my siblings never used that word and to this day never have.

  28. Caregiver says:

    Others like Martha Stewart actually gained in popularity from doing prison time & so can Paula – publicity is extremely expensive & time consuming with planning – this is unplanned but she’ll gain by it & go on to new heights – it’s not going to affect her cooking & that’s what people loved was her great home cooking – this might be a publicity stunt but it’s got the world’s attention – people who never even heard of her will know who she is now

  29. jc says:

    For the person who mentioned Chris Brown and Micheal Vick getting a second chance.
    Remeber this Chris Brown was persona nongrata for ayear and Micheal Vick went to prison and served time.
    So which punishment should she have until she is given a second chance.
    Lastly I am a fan of hers and a person of color, but in mentioning this to my family my nine year old said Daddy is this the lady who taught us to make a cake from scratch. I said yes..and her statement was i dont like her anymore if she can say those bad things.
    Second Chance huh???? Should my daughter ride the back of the bus also.???

  30. breezy360 says:

    I applaud all the dramatic people. So funny. As a multi racial woman I am not at all as upset as some of you. People say stupid, hateful and sometimes derogatory statements at home all the time. Not suprised in the least. However as a public figure and employer you can not do that. Kudos to food network for nipping it in the bud. PS Vick didn’t kill or fight any dogs the dumb people he allow in his life did he just happens to be the ” name”. And Chris B probably did what he did cause he was being attacked himself by miss crazy. Opinions are like buttholes…everyone has one

  31. Barbie says:

    Why is it alright for blacks to use the word but not a white person?

    • Violet says:

      Why would you want to use the N-word anyway? It is such a hateful word. I wish that it would disappear completely. The food network wanted an excuse to get rid of her after the whole diabetes revelation. Maybe now public figures will think before they speak.

    • Bump says:

      Because white people are not black you big dumbie-dummy!

  32. breezy360 says:

    Lots of reason Barbie…..

  33. Sue says:

    I’m 70 yrs old & cannot tell you all the words used to describe African Americans in my childhood. My parents were from the South. They did learn the words wrong when I was in college but I doubt their employers would have fired them for using words in their youth. What bothers me more is the hateful comments you all make to those who disagrees w/ your view . We’ve really come a long way. NOT!! Look in the mirror you sad people.

  34. noahcocke says:

    Why is it that you can say just about every word but the F word on TV nowadays? That offends me a lil but like my daddy always said “if you don’t like it, change the channel”. You can call a black guy a c*cks*ck*r on tv, which could offend a gay man, but don’t you dare call him an N word. Get real…society is so messed up. Like a friend of mine who married a sex offender who has two CSC charges in the second degree (that’s criminal sexual conduct of children under 13). He had audicity to accuse of not liking him because he is black. No, I don’t like him because he is a pedophile and I have two daughters. That’s called reverse racism I believe.

  35. Midori says:

    The ni**er part isn’t an issue.

    This is…

    She said she wanted “a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days”.

    Screw her.

    But who would have thought the old white woman from the south would be a racist? Shocking.

  36. Tony says:

    Is there nobody on this site that hasn’t said something they wish they hadn’t?!?!? She admitted to 1986 – how old were you idiots when she said that? Give me a break. That’s weak ^*^# food network

    • James says:

      The wedding comments were from 2007- not sure if she admitted saying it or not but that’s what is being referenced here. It’s also not about making a mistake- it’s about a business getting rid of someone who continues to bring them bad publicity.

  37. Bonita says:

    I have watched Food Network for years now but will not be watching from now on. If this network falls for this ridiculous crap about Paula Deen then I’m done!! People move into the the present and leave the past in the past! Words cannot hurt you! No matter what race you are and what people call you.. There just words!! Get over it and move on!! Food Nework.. BIG MISTAKE!!

    • Fran says:

      This isn’t about this word in particular- but while words shouldn’t hurt, the fact is that they can and do. Words can pack a bigger punch than something physical. It’s why emotional abuse is so damaging. Hurtful words can stay with us long after any physical abuse fades. Like I said, I’m not referring specially to this situation but just in general.

  38. Jill says:

    I can’t speak for everyone but Food Network did the right thing here. I don’t believe that Paula is a bad person. She’s human and she’s allowed to make mistakes. I don’t think she should be condemned for life. But at the end of the day the Food Network channel is a business. Paula is bringing them bad publicity. Whether you agree with it or not, the channel would face a lot of backlash if they continued to keep Paula on. It’s not about whether they personally believe Paula is a good person, it’s about doing what is right for their channel. I am confused by those saying that she said these words decades ago though- didn’t the lawsuit state that things were said in 2007? Or did I miss something?

  39. Don't give a FCK says:

    I THINK ALL OF YOU PPL NEED TO GROW THE F$&K UP!!!! NIGGA! NIGGA! NIGGA! So what it’s just a word …. There are just as many WHITE NIGGAS out there as it is black. All of you all STFU !!!! DAMN!!!

    • JCK says:

      I agree in principal, but the evolution of language is the culprit here. In the languages based on latin, the word simply means black. It’s become a derogatory term in modern usage. Just as the word bastard no longer means someone whose parents weren’t married.

  40. Pam Sturgeon says:

    Why do we always hear from this race of people…..I am so tiered of every time you turn around if someone doesn’t get their way…..they start in on this race card deal! You never hear from any other race of people except for the black….I love Paula Deen and she meant no ill feelings by what she says….just that some want to make a DEAL out of nothing….
    I am short and getting older….so the other day when someone called me a little old short lady….I laughed!….should I sue this person …. Call CNN to report it….Get Mad….!!!
    Enough….nobody cares anymore about the topic. They have run it into the ground … When some don!t get their way. Anymore people just roll their eyes and think Here We Go Again…I think if people would just ignore this kind of situation …they would shut up and quit trying to get something for free………………..
    Oh and since the Food Network is keeping this stupid RaceCard thing alive….I will be one less that will ever watch their channel….

    • James says:

      No offense but you must live under a rock if you don’t hear the stories of ignorance against other races… or you conveniently ignore it, not sure. And just to ask- exactly how do you know she meant no ill feelings? You don’t right? Your comparison of being called a little old lady is laughable as well. Its not even close to being the same.

    • Ash says:

      Oh i hadn’t realized that being called a little old short lady was as offensive as being called the n word okay….. those are the exact same thing…. no its not

    • Bump says:

      Are you kidding? We hear from the Jews 100 times more then we do the Blacks!

      My Dog NEVER says, hey I am a Chineese Sharpei she just bites yur butt if you mess with her.

      We need to be more like dogs since the human evolution thing has failed!

  41. Pamela Crowe says:

    What is wrong with people these days? Black people call each other the N word all the time, just about every video you see has it in there and nobody gets NAD. Is there a double standard we live by? I think it’s absolutely stupid the way Food Network is handling this! If Paula goes I will no longer watch. I bet Lisa Jackson has used the word herself, but again it’s OK for blacks to use it all day long and nobody gets mad.

  42. Shane Walsh says:

    I had no idea who Paula Deen was until now. Without convicting or defending her, she made a mistake and has apologized for it. Whether it was sincere or for mere publicity…that’s for one to decide. I give it no second thought.

    I’m white, non-racist and not a fan of the N-word. However, many of us (myself included) are guilty of using slurs, of any race, in jokes or during angry moments (I’m now ready for others to point out hypocrisy). I believe it’s human nature, in hindsight and without warrant, to feel minimal discomfort around different people. The attitudes and actions of young gangs and street moochers feed into this further. If we all had our feathers shaken, everyone could recognize each another as one alike and develop mutual respect. Perhaps then world peace would be possible. May be a long shot, but it’s worth aiming for.

  43. DOROTY GUESS says:

    If paula deen is truly apologitic, paula take my advice. Go to the very people you did it to and not national tv and apologize to them and compensate them with your 17 million $ empire by respecting them in the way they need to be respected. How do you compensate? Ask them what they want and respect their comments, responses and you need to to to God for your sins committed on the hard labor of other whom made you a millionaire.

  44. Stan says:

    I for one am tired of hearing the “black people use the word” argument. Yes, some do. But that does NOT make it right either. As a black man myself, I cannot stand hearing or using that word from anyone. The majority of us do not use the word. Hip hop may give you that impression but its not very true in the real world. Furthermore this is not about the one word in particular that Paula used. If you read into it a little more, you can clearly see the woman has issues. I wish her the best in her endeavor to be a better person overall. I wish that for all of us.

  45. Tyronicia Miller says:

    I don’t like the fact that paula lost her job! These times are different and sometimes your character will take you places you don’t want to go.this is really hard because you have so many aspects of this sensitive situation. Im sure paula is a very nice person. To relive slavery because you like the look. Thats too much! If the waiters was white with bow ties.I wouldnt have mixed emotions and I definitely won’t feel offended but I cant lie about it.Im offended by that.I hope we all can get over this especially paula.I cant be mad at her but now im curious to know what kind of person she really is.

    • JCK says:

      I find it strange that no one in all of these blogs has pointed out the fact that the domestic staff at the White House has always been almost entirely black. That’s just a classy version of racism.

  46. jenny says:

    Burn her – or poor water on her and watch her melt – it’s obvious to anyone with ears that PD is a witch.- a real one, so firing her just isn’t enough. Or……calm down and understand that the use of an inappropriate and hateful word is not the worst crime one can commit. Also note that if dressing black wait staff in white dinner jackets and black ties is now considered racist, many of you might want to avoid many of the fine restaurants in cities like New Orleans.

  47. Estée says:

    Personally I do my best not to offend people but I’m also not stupid enough to try to claim I’ve NEVER said anything offensive ever. I’m 36 years old I’d be a fool & a liar if I claimed I NEVER used or made an ethnically stereotyped or even sexist comment. I’m not saying it is or was ok I’m just saying that all of you on here claiming to be so upstanding & righteous to have NEVER said something like that are full of it! You may not have used “the N word” but if you’ve EVER called ANYONE something based on their ethnic background or their sex (or sexual identity for that matter) you aren’t any better. So do be a hypocrite & call yourself out too. I know I’m not perfect & those of you here that claim you are need to stop lying to yourselves.

  48. Biggin says:

    If this was one of the neely’s calling white people crackers the media nor anyone else be talking about this.

  49. Bump says:

    I am soooooooo White.
    Yet everytime something like this happens the oh so ever still prevalent racist comments from my brethern never fail to floor me. Forget all the idiotic justifications that they come up with, forget how they try to turn the blame on whatever minority is at hand. “THEY get to say it why can’t we?”

    Forget all of that for a moment but it is the ROAR of outrage that they spew. It is palpable. It changes my pulse rate, my blood pressure, my appetite. We have sooooo much further to go!

  50. Robin says:

    I hope she’ll be just fine…and this will eventually blow over. I mean Paula…look at Martha Stewart – she spent time in jail…and her “empire” is doing just fine. Totally different situation I know – but even so. I am not a Food Network viewer, nor am I a subscriber of a her magazine…or reader of cookbooks. But I have no problems with Paula Dean. From what I have seen – she has always seemed like a pretty nice lady. I do not know the whole story but I feel like these comments were probably not originally made to be public comments. They were only made public because of that deposition. I imagine there are things we all say that we would not want to be public knowledge.