Mad Men Finale Mystery: What Is Don's Problem?

Folks, Don Draper has a problem.

That is the sum total of the official AMC synopsis for Mad Men‘s Season 6 finale, airing this Sunday at 10/9c: “Don has a problem.”

Not as provocative (or misleading) as “Joan goes to the beach,” those four words simply will not suffice as we head into the acclaimed drama’s season-ender, so we got to thinking….

What could Don’s problem be?

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We’ve lobbed out some theories in the slideshow below. Give them a gander, then weigh in on what “problem” you think Don will be grappling with as Season 6 draws to a close.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shaun says:

    His problem is that his character has been put into a corner and keeps doing the same thing,lol.BOOOORING.

    • mary says:

      Yep. This season has been very boring. I’ve actually missed a few episodes and finally caught up with what I could see On Demand. The only bright spot for me has been Sally.

    • T Diane says:

      Yep. He’s the poster boy for the Definition of Insanity.

  2. wordsmith says:

    LOL at #17 – The show’s promos are hilariously uninformative. I’m glad that someone else has noticed that.

    • Bender says:

      The promos are uninformative on purpose per Matthew wiener. He didn’t want any promos but and made him have promos. So he made uninformative ones

      • wordsmith says:

        That makes sense. It was clearly being done intentionally. Respect to Matt Weiner for doing things his way.

  3. Steve F. says:

    LOL at #7! Jinkies, indeed!

  4. Totally Unqualified Armchair Shrink says:

    That’s easy. Among other things, Don Draper primarily suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. To that end, he pretty much creates his own problems.

  5. Geo says:

    Considering his drinking and that the agency now represents Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice advertisers, I’m thinking Don’s problem is some kind of bladder issue.

  6. Whatever says:

    Don is a Douche.
    Sometimes the answer is simple

    • mary says:

      Pretty much. There really isn’t very many redeeming qualities about him. The best thing about this season has been Sally getting clued in to that fact.

  7. Bobby 5 says:

    Great. Now Father Abraham is back in my head. Talk about your earworms.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      hahaha. Every time I hear that song, my head fills up with awkward camp memories.

      • Julie says:

        That is so weird. I only know it as a Swedish drinking song. The idea that kids are singing it at camp does not compute!

  8. Nth says:

    What is Don’s problem? As always its women that and getting in his own way.

  9. Cheo says:


  10. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Those are funny. In all seriousness, maybe Megan leaves him? Sylvia tells Megan they slept together? Don gets trapped in some 1968 violence event? I really thought Sally might be getting killed off Sunday, but the other day I saw an interview with Kiernan where she talked about the direction her character was going to go next season, so I really called that wrong.
    I’m impressed this season has managed to cover most of 1968. At my count, as of the last episode we were up to at least the end of October since they mentioned Jackie Kennedy’s second wedding.

  11. bobbie says:

    Maybe Don falls down the elevator shaft and is being pursued by serial killer Bob.

  12. cat says:

    The things I’ve enjoyed this season: Peggy, Pete, Bob and Betty – even though there hasn’t been enough of her.

    Things I’ve hated: Don and Sylvia, Ted – can’t stand his smugness and Megan, who is SO boring.

    I hope Don tries to make amends with his kids in the finale.

  13. Gail says:

    With all his coughing this season, I am guessing cancer.

  14. Lorin says:

    I really liked this season and I was 11 years old in 1968 and it all came back for me. The clothes, decor in the houses, movie/book references were all great. I even have my MOM watching! She watches and will say “I remember that”…..I love my Mad Men and can’t wait for next season.