Memories From the Set

Memories From the Set: Nashville's Charles Esten Recalls His Stints on Cheers, ER and More

Charles Esten NashvilleA new feature in which we ask your favorite stars to reminisce about past gigs

Who knew all it would take was a five o’clock shadow and a low-slung guitar to take Charles Esten from “Hey, it’s that guy!” to “Ooh, it’s that guy!”?

In his one season as Nashville‘s soulful, sometimes sober Deacon Claybourne, Esten has earned heaps of acclaim and bunches of fans. But the breakout role is hardly his first. Or second. Or 20th.

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In fact, Esten has worked steadily since 1993, often on TV’s biggest hits but almost never for more than a handful of episodes. “[I got] these small roles on great, iconic shows that let me get my feet wet, let me learn so much,” he recalls, laughing. “I was in over my head in every single one of them, but somehow I got the role and didn’t ruin it too badly.”

At TVLine’s request, Esten offered up behind-the-scenes insights on several of his pre-Nashville performances. Click through the gallery below to read what he has to say about being a Klingon and booking some Office hours, among other jobs, then sound off in the comments!