The Veronica Mars Movie: Mac Is Back!

The Veronica Mars Movie Tina MajorinoYou wanted Tina Majorino in the Veronica Mars movie, and now you’ve got her.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress will re-inhabit her role of Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie, creator and executive producer Rob Thomas announced Wednesday evening.

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As he did for cast members Percy Daggs III, Chris Lowell and Francis Capra, Thomas announced Majorino’s involvement via an email to the movie’s Kickstarter contributors.

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“I wrote Mac for Tina, and Tina only,” he wrote. “Veronica needed a female friend, and a Q to her Bond. Tina felt like just the sort of girl that Veronica would like and respect. I couldn’t be more pleased that she’ll be with us for the movie.”

Thoughts? Ecstatic Majorino is officially on board? Is there anyone left on your “must return” list? Hit the comments!