Twisted: Did the Killer Thriller Hook You?

Twisted Premiere RecapABC Family on Tuesday unveiled Twisted, the latest (and darkest) addition to its ever-expanding slate of original series — but was the killer teen drama’s debut enough to keep you coming back for more?

First, a brief refresher: Twisted revolves around a high schooler named Danny (played by Avan Jogia), who returns home after being sent away five years prior for murdering his aunt. Danny’s estranged childhood friends, quirky Jo and mean girl Lacey (Madelaine Hasson and Kylie Bunbury, respectively), are brought back together in light of his controversial homecoming. And despite their best efforts, the girls quickly find themselves palling around with the killer once more.

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Following a fun night out at a local party, however, Danny finds himself a suspect yet again, when a young girl — Lacey’s best friend, in fact — is found murdered. Danny, his mother (Denise Richards) and, rather surprisingly, Jo, are determined to clear his name, but his unwillingness to reveal the true reason he killed his aunt could spell his demise.

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