First Full Newsroom Trailer: 'Chips Are Falling'

TheNewsroom_Season2_trailerThis Just In: Will McAvoy is in deep doo doo.

When The Newsroom‘s nine-episode second season bows on July 14, Jeff Daniels’ lightning rod of an anchor is dealing with the fallout from an on-air comment he made comparing the Tea Party to the (gulp) Taliban.

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“When he said it I thought, ‘Let the chips fall where they may,'” his boss (played by Jane Fonda) says in the first full-length Season 2 trailer below. “You know what I’m thinking now? Chips are falling.”

The following sneak peek also features a glimpse of Newsroom newbies Hamish Linklater and Marcia Gay Harden in action, and hints at new challenges for several of the show’s super couples.