First Video: Ultimate Spider-Man's 'Tiny' Problem!

Spidey and friends get knocked down to size this Sunday on Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man — and TVLine has an exclusive first Loki… er, look… at their big small problem.

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In the second half of Sunday’s one-hour event (which kicks off 11 am), titled “Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man,” Loki finds a way to shrink Spider-Man, as well as Iron Fist, White Tiger, Nova and Power-Man, into miniature versions of themselves — to the point that when our fave webslinger starts to squawk, the nefarious Norse god pops a paci in his Scooter Piehole.

(Opening Ultimate Spider-Man‘s Sunday hour is the episode “Swarm,” in which Spider-Man and Iron Man — voiced by Heroes‘ Adrian Pasdar — must work together to contain an unstoppable threat.)

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Press PLAY to see a shrunken Spider-Man fail to talk a big game with Loki.

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