Phineas and Ferb First Look: Wayne Brady Leads Candace on An 'Adventure'

The Unofficial Week of Wayne Brady continues this Friday on Phineas and Ferb (Disney Channel, 9/8c), and we’ve got a first look at his imposing animated self.

In the episode “Where’s Pinky?,” Brady — who already this week has guest-judged So You Think You Can Dance and appeared on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy, all in addition to his Let’s Make a Deal hosting duties — voices an enthusiastic if strangely strict tour guide who detours Candace’s plan to meet Jeremy for lunch by forcing her and others to learn more about City Hall.

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Elsewhere in the episode: As the title suggests, Isabella’s chihuahua goes missing, so Phineas and Ferb create a machine that will amplify Buford’s senses to those of a dog’s — a contraption that winds up working perhaps too well.

Press PLAY below to preview Wayne Brady’s Danville debut. As the saying goes, you can’t fight City Hall…’s guided tour.

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