Showtime Renews Nurse Jackie for Season 6

Episode 504Showtime remains addicted to Nurse Jackie: the cabler has renewed the Edie Falco-headlined dramedy for a sixth season.

Jackie is currently in the homestretch of Season 5, with the finale set to air June 16.

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Nurse Jackie is an essential part of the Showtime brand, and we are thrilled with the series’ growth in its fifth season,” said network prez David Nevins. “Under the new leadership of Clyde Phillips, and with an amazing cast led by Edie Falco, this show is as sharp and compelling and entertaining as ever. I’m excited to get to see the next chapter in Jackie’s life.”

Jackie is currently averaging 3.1 million weekly viewers across various platforms, a 10 percent uptick from Season 4.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Happy dance! Love Nurse Jackie. This and last season have been so strong too so I can’t wait for more.

  2. Sam says:

    Apparently the ending of the fourth season was basically ignored in the beginning of the current one. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Because that’ll be a factor in whether I finish the show.

    • ENAD says:

      There was an obvious disconnect between season four and season five like you said, but I’ve gotten past that I guess.
      Dr. O’Hara is so enamored with her baby, she booked a ticket in the first episode of season five and has sailed off to her homeland, I believe that she and Jackie have attempted Skyping once but they had connection issues. Click and sign off. They have not shown anything relating to one of cable tv’s strongest friendships since. Dr. Cruz came back for two episodes to do his exit interview and to get in some passionate sex time in with Jackie. She was still leaving voicemail’s on his son’s cell phone, but he told her that he’s going to disconnect the phone. Although it’s obvious that they have insane chemistry, the drama of all their past issues is bound to cause her to want to use again, at least that was how the showrunners explained why she decided to date this current guy over Dr. Cruz.

      However, can I express my disappointment that Dr. Prentiss looks like he’s going to hook up with Dr. Roman while ignoring the obvious worth of Zoey?
      And It’s really a shame that we cannot enjoy more of Jackie’s chemistry with Dr. Cruz, but can understand why she needs a more stable partner.

      • Bob says:

        Sorry, but I’m glad they dropped (hopefully for good!) the whole Dr. Cruz nonsense. She’s better off with Sgt. Frank.

  3. K says:

    No, season 5 does not ignore the events that happened at the end of season 4. They do “reset” a few characters occupations but nothing is ignored.

  4. courtland says:

    mehh..still wish they hadnt gotten rid of united states of tara for this.. it’s decent but it got boring real quick mid season 2

    • ENAD says:

      They did not get rid of USoT for Nurse Jackie. They were both in their third seasons when Jackie was renewed for a fourth and Tara wasn’t. Nurse Jackie aired at 10pm on Mondays and Tara at 10:30pm. Nurse Jackie had twice as many viewers than Tara, with the former averaging 762,000 per episode while Tara under 300,000.

      • drhenning says:

        I too liked USOT the first season but at season 3… it was uggh… only thing I miss Brie Larson who was great in her daughter role… I so agree that NJ has gotten pretty good… still have to catch up to last Sunday.. interesting that it got higher numbers than Borgias for obviously far less money than that show required.. easy renew….

  5. chloe says:

    great news! i hope morris chestnut stays around!

  6. Ellen says:

    Yay! Nurse Jackie is one of my favorite shows and I’m glad that the number of viewers is up from last season.

  7. Holly says:

    Good news! Nurse Jsckie is one of my favorite shows!

  8. Pj says:

    Great I love Nurse Jackie. Makes me realize my lifes a peach. Not sure if I really like Jackie’s new love interest. Would love ro see her and Kevin try to give their life another go.

  9. lisa says:

    I love nurse jackie but definitely enjoyed united states of tara more. That was a really special show

  10. Maddie says:

    love this show! so excited! i think its my favorite current show on tv :)

  11. Diane says:

    I have enjoyed this season.

  12. New Girl Junkie says:

    Does this mean we won’t get Merritt Wever back on New Girl? As much as I love her on NJ I love her as Elizabeth even more!

    • cas says:

      I read somewhere that it may be possible for her to appear in both. I like her on New Girl too. I’d rather have her and Schmidt be friends though.

      • New Girl Junkie says:

        :D That would be awesome if she could be on both shows in one form or another! I like the side she brings out in Schmidt by just being around!

    • Bitsy says:

      I agree. I was both happy to hear of Nurse Jackie’s renewal – it has been spectacular this season, but bummed because I really love Elizabeth! Like ridiculously so. She and Schmidt make me so happy!

  13. dq18 says:

    I’m glad for the renewal, I think we need to see Jackie sober a little longer and I’m interested to see how she deals with passing her problems along to Grace. There aren’t enough episodes this season for a proper resolution to that. We’re seeing her evolve from being Charlie to being Mike. I think that means we (hopefully) aren’t seeing the last of him either. I’m liking the relationship with the cop, I think Jackie really needs someone stable in her life with O’Hara gone. I don’t think it will be forever, but he’s making her evaluate things right now and that’s good.

    I miss O’Hara like crazy, but they can’t control the fact that Eve Best wanted to move home and not be a part of the show. I’m certain if she wanted to come back she’d be welcomed with open arms.

    Really hate Dr. Roman. I know they meant it to be that way because she’s supposed to be the pretty face that swoops in and ruins things for Zoey/Prentiss and breaks Coop’s heart, and they’ve done a good job of it. Honestly, though, wouldn’t we all love/hate it a little more if she screwed over the Zoey/Prentiss thing and had SOME redeeming characteristics so we couldn’t quite hate her so much?

  14. KYP says:

    I miss O’Hara but oh how I love Nurse Jackie!! This season was so short, I was angry; I need more episodes. Glad to see Prentiss/Zoey she is a fan favorite, I love her in anything movies or tv. Seeing the dynamic between Zoey and Grace just warms my heart. Definitely don’t want Jackie/Kevin to reunite, not yet anyway. I agree that Frank is an integral part of Jackie’s sober life but the finale blows that theory to pieces. It’s such a long wait for more NJ its ridiculous!! I watched U of Tara, loved it…Showtime has the BEST shows hands down. I’m a House of Lies, Shameless, Californication fan also. I look forward to Ray Donovan. I think our shows get cheated at Emmy time for network tv shows that aren’t nearly as good.

    • Enad says:

      What? Wait a second, I thought the finale was June 16? NJ has been showing ten episodes per season for the last two years so there should be one more episode entitled “Soul”. So does that mean you’ve seen it already? If so please tell me that Coop and Prentiss has kicked Roman to the curb so that she can focus on learning how to be a doctor.

  15. Susan says:

    I absolutely LOVE Nurse Jackie and am so excited that it is renewed!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ellen says:

    I agree this season seemed a bit short, and there definitely was a disconnect between last season. I really like Jackie with Frank, and hopefully he can help her restore some of her self-worth. I absolutely love the direction Zoe’s character has taken. This is one of the best written series on TV. I must admit that I had been madly in love with The Big C, and was sad to see it end. Another great cable series. Alas, as in real life, folks with cancer suffer, and sometimes pass away, so kudos to the writers for not wrapping the series up in a lovely cancer-free bow.

  17. CJS says:

    Recently discovered Nurse Jackie and have really enjoyed the show. Glad to hear it is coming back for a sixth season. Do find it unfortunate that so many shows are doing so few episodes with huge breaks in between–love being able to watch seasons back to back via video streaming.

  18. Alice says:

    I love me some nurse Jackie!!!! I watched all 5 seasons in 1 week and actually watching it all over again! I just watched the one with Dr. Trampy Roman sharing a cab with Dr. Prentiss !!! She truly annoys me ! She is gonna be a used up vagina by the end of this show …I love that Zoe wins!

  19. Alice says:

    I also can’t stomach GRACE God forgive me but how she tried blaming Jackie for the adderall in her bag such an evil brat! Her face and her big mouth makes me want to slap her!

  20. carolgrover says:

    Go girll – I love ya!